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The History Channel is currently running commercials for the season finale of Brad Meltzer’s Decoded.  The initial voiceover in the commercial is mine before they cut briefly to my image.  The finale, which investigates the Georgia Guidestones, will play next Thursday, February 3rd, at 10PM Eastern, 9PM Central.

The three investigators, Buddy, Mac and Scott, a Major in the U.S. Army Reserves, interviewed me for a very long time as did the show’s producers.  I do not know how they or Brad Meltzer are going to characterize the information that I gave them, but know that I did my best.  Within the several hours of conversations, I told them as much as possible about the Georgia Guidestones and that monument’s diabolical connections to the Burj Khalifa.

Those of you who know me understand that I am a very private man.  I don’t relish appearing on camera and the testimony I gave Decoded has the potential to harm my credibility within the computer industry and hurt my growing business.  However, the Georgia Guidestones information is that important.

I solemnly prayed for guidance before agreeing to the interview.  Whatever happens, I acted out of Faith and if any consequences from those actions fall upon me, I will bear them with God’s help.

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  1. Van, have you considered that you could be correct about the relationship between the Guidestones and the burj Khalifa? The date, height etc. But could also be wrong about the spooky Masonic overlord theory that has you so worked up? Have you looked at the Masons on youtube? They look fairly docile to me. Our own governments, the corporations and the bloated industrial military concept is *way* more dangerous than a bunch of old symbolists. Where is your panic stricken interview about the state of these things? How are we going to fix those things?

    828 is a cypher number used throughout kabalist, hermetic, pythagorean etc style ‘thought cults’. It’s nothing spooky, it’s mostly quite mathy with a metaphysical edge. 828 can mean infinity-to-infinity, or 828 is the gematria value of the Hebrew words BN ALMNH – The Widow’s Son. Who is the Widow’s Son? Well, it’s Jesus Christ.. Yes this is sort of Masonic, but it’s in no way exclusive to Masons and Rosicrucians. This type of symbolism has been used throughout history by many different societies.

    The whole area around the burj Khalifa is covered in Sacred Geometry, they use it (in stone) on the benches all around the mall. The structure of the tower is ~based in on the Golden Mean/Phi spiral etc. There is also a large building across the fountains which looks just like a ‘vesica piscis’ to me (look on google satellite) There’s nothing hidden about it – they are deliberately showing off these patterns – they’re pretty! And remind us of bigger things in the world?

    Have a look at some of these videos concerning sacred geometry – I think it’s fascinating! This golden mean ratio was proven for the first time in solid state matter in 2010 – very cool experiment. Fundamental laws of the universe, man. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZvGbjeUymo

    Calm down 🙂 Stop worrying about Masons, worry about how we’re going to fix our own society first?

    • Thank you for your thoughtful reply.

      The connections between the Georgia Guidestones and the Burj Khalifa are far beyond coincidence, although I welcome any attempts to disprove them.

      Most Freemasons are decent men. I’ve liked all of the Freemasons I have knowingly met. However, none of those Freemasons I met had any knowledge of the occult underpinnings of their Craft.

      I do not enjoy studying occult teachings; however, it was necessary to understand the meaning of the Georgia Guidestones.

      The people behind the Guidestones and the Burj Khalifa follow the same beliefs as the instigators of the French and Communist Revolutions. The Nazi Party was their baby.

      And their plans are explicitly described in the pages of Common Sense Renewed and on the faces of the Georgia Guidestones. And those plans are sinister.

  2. Van,

    I have personally spoken to people who have been involved in masonry. The very nature of the entirety of its existence runs contrary to any teaching of Christ, which is to say secret societies, closed societies, closed doors, by invitation only, secret handshakes and wordspeak to let those around you know that you are a mason, etc.

    It is definitely evil. You are on the right path.

    – Rick C. Hodgin

  3. Van, I promise you, the ancient knowledge is not particularly sinister. Realistically, as a scientific person, what do you think they could be? There are no magic words, no super duper dark technologies. I think I’ve seen the general themes: it’s mostly teachings in sacred geometry, speculative numerology and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Art_of_memory

    The occult texts are mostly a hammed up symbolic narrative (Solomon’s Temple, for Masons) suggesting the individual, though self guided acquisition of knowledge, profound meditation of the laws of the universe, on the laws of communication, laws of nature etc – that one can reach a mental state called the ‘Christ consciousness’. This is no different from the Dharmic tradition of spiritual enlightenment – it suggests paths to a complete conscious awareness of the world ‘as it is’. It’s actually quite nice, and very much in the Christian tradition. Also, almost all of these systems worship the sun/stars in some way – this might not be surprising given our biological ties to the sun via: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pineal_gland

    I bought a new book recently called ‘REMEMBERING THE PARABLES Using the Art of Memory to remember Jesus’ parables’. The ‘art of memory’ is one of the secret dark occult techniques that the Masons are not supposed to talk about.. It’s all theatre, man. That book is cool – I know little about the bible, but I can now remember the titles and story of 30 parables. Then in a couple of hours, I worked out how to say the alphabet backwards, and easily give the numerical value of any letter – it sticks, too.

    The book http://pinyon-publishing.com/remembering%20the%20parables.html

    You can see why this type of technique has often been hidden – fascist and dictatorial systems don’t like the population to have good memories. This can be seen by Hitler’s & Franco’s psychopathic hatred for these ‘memory cults’ – many tens/hundreds of thousands of these types were deliberately killed during the second world war. I think this overlaps with the hatred of the Jews too – Kabbalists are big on assisted memory, geometry and numerology too.

    Rick – evil by what scale? Evil like influencing some architects and some Saudi Sheiks that they should make their building geometrically/religiously symbolic? Evil like putting up a monument in a field which actually gives some fairly conservative suggestions about how to run a world? (ok, the 500mil population thing is a bit crazy, but everyone was panicking about that in the 70s, remember?).

    The current rulers of our world, the corporations, the modern imperialists, oppressive governments worldwide are killing and hurting real people, today, now. The USA spends 0.5 TRILLION dollars of your money a year on arms. And you waste your time pointing the finger at ghosts? If you apply powerful agency to things in the background, and ignore real things in the foreground – that is the path to madness, my friends.


  4. Van, dude, The Nazis were the Rosicrucian’s baby? The Nazis slaughtered these people, the Nazis had a pre emptive plan drawn up for the invasion of Britain where they were going to round up these people and I assume, kill them.


    This is how sinister the Rosicrucians are: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmbMfzRwtMI

    By all means keep exploring this, but be realistic. Going on radio and freaking out about it will not be looked on kindly by this society :/

    • By all means, please study the issue. You can start with Common Sense Renewed.


      “Van, quit shouting at the puppeteers and go back to playing with the other puppets!”

  5. Ok, I just read it. It’s pretty much the same as the Elberton guidebook. I don’t get it, where is the sinister part? It’s quite nice. Talks about truth and justice and humanity. It asks for an age of reason, the end of war, lasting prosperity for all nations. Lofty goals maybe, but these are humane ideas, no? (yes, the population thing still looks creepy to the Western eye).

    Those texts were written long before contemporary conspiracy theorists made up romantic definitions of a ‘New World Order’.

    I just don’t see how you could have gone through this occult material and come out with your conclusion. All ideology in these cults is based on the holy books, it’s narratively identical to christianity/judaism/zoroastrianism etc . The numerologists just add esoteric meaning to the bible, mess around with cyphers using geometry and memory techniques. It’s a game.

    We don’t need to look elsewhere in our society for reasons to explain why bad things keep happening to good people – namely, we’re ruled by governments and power players who treat us like serfs and subjects, sell us the illusion of democracy, while they protect themselves and their own cabals. A ‘new world order’ based on justice and truth, to get rid of this situation, is a bad thing?

  6. Im looking forward to how your stories will be told next Thursday!

  7. Thank you for this website and your discussions Van, I find this all quite fascinating and it’s refreshing to find someone with your curiosity and tenacity.


  8. I watched the show last night and found that it was entirely skewed in favor or Rosicrucian teaching. It was clearly designed to mock those who recognize the evil in Rosicrucian teaching. It was astounding to hear the rosicrucian (RC) minister tell us that Jesus was a man who became God and that we should learn from him rather than worship Him. She cited Revelation saying that we are saved by our deed, but Revelation speaks of having our names written in the Lambs book of life this comes through beliieving the truth about Christ and then being changed so that our actions reflect the light of Christ in us. Faith changes us but no one will be saved by their works. The RC minister pooh poohed faith and worship of Jesus but Revelations is very clear that those who do not worship the true God of heaven and earth and the Lamb (Jesus) worship the earth, false gods, demons and ultimately the Beast who is Satans earthly ruler. (Rev. 9:20,21, Rev. 14:6-12, etc) The evil in these secretive masonic groups is not that they necessarily plot massacres of people but they use manipulation and distortion of the truth. Most often they imasquerade as work to benefit the human race and how we can create a better world, and there is great pride in all the work and the “progress”, but there is evil mixed in. The utopian nature of their goals become the justification for deception to those outside. ultimately they are seeking and serving the glorification of humanity and being led by Lucifer who is known as the light bearer, the angel of light trying to liberate humanity from the “oppression” of the God of the Bible. The system gives preferential treatment to those who are higher on their ladder of evolution – those who are initiated are deceived into thinking that they are joining a Christian type social service organization when in fact at every level of advancement gradually the member is bound deeper and deeper to occult oaths and rituals that honor pagan Gods and at the highest levels Lucifer or Satan himself. But before you even find out what your oath is you must swear to keep the oath at the price of your life, if you do not keep the secrets of your brothers or sisters. if you do not swear to keep the oath you will not find out what it is. Watch out for the deception of such groups is huge and many end up drifting far from the true God in such groups. About Hitler – he was clearly into the occult and that is well documented. The occult lies at the heart of all secret societies including Rosicrucians.

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