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The Georgia Guidestones have been a source of debate for decades. Our research links the controversial granite monument with the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, confirming the suspicions of some that the Stonehenge-like structure declares the planning of a global government and the culling of the world’s human population to a mere 500,000,000.

While the monument has provoked heated arguments for many years, it was only with our recent articles that it has become widely known that a book was written by the architect of the Georgia Guidestones expounding upon the foreboding ten commandments etched into the eight faces of the edifice in eight different languages. This book, Common Sense Renewed, was delivered upon initial publication to every member of the United States Congress, but has become almost impossible to obtain after our disclosure of the existence of a small inventory of the tome in Elberton.

However, reader J. Leonkoro posted a comment today to our brief article Obtaining ‘Common Sense Renewed’ that contains a link to a scanned PDF of the book. That link is here:!CQg0CQ7a!UrAopa1nb3uFDsTfYApiDR5-crhRI_MNAnpQVIEL8jU

I have downloaded the PDF and it appears to be complete. The file also contains additional material relevant to understanding the book as well as photographs of the leather, hardbound copy used for the PDF file.

Interestingly, the book is hand enumerated as copy 96 of 100 and is signed “Robert Christian.” Handwriting experts might find it fruitful to compare the signature with Ted Turner’s.

More information about the sinister Georgia Guidestones can be found here, here and here.

  8 Responses to “Georgia Guidestones tome ‘Common Sense Renewed’ available for download”

  1. Hi Van Smith,

    Why didn’t you buy the leather bound copy? Did they refuse to sell it to you?

    It sounds like the books were originally intended to be bought for people that were going to help add on to the Guidestones.

    Do you know what made them decide to start selling the leather bound copies?

    (They still had them in stock 24 years after they were made.)

  2. I spoke with the granite company a while back, and the lady explained to me that they simply ran out of copies and were not going to print anymore.

  3. Hello Van. You GGs research is leading the edge. I have learnt more here than in any other web site about this hairy topic. Just wanted to comment that a guy in a well known forum that specializes on this kind of “conspiracy” issues is trying to convince people that the identity of RC Christian is a person named Robert Carter Cook who was a genetic researcher and vocal Eugenics advocate, with multiple books on the issue of population regulation. What dou you think?

    • Thanks for the kind words. I don’t have time at the moment to give this issue a good response.

      Robert Carter Cook does not match the description of R.C. Christian.

      Evidence points to Iowa as R.C. Christian’s home state.

      There are several people besides Wyatt Martin who know his identity. Ted Turner likely knows who he is or even encouraged/financed him.

  4. Thanks for posting the link. I tried it and it says the content was taken down. Can you email me the PDF of R.C. Christian’s book? Thank you.

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