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For several months I have needed to write an important article following up on my Georgia Guidestones research. A good introduction to that research is here.

However, my business is keeping me very busy and has made it impossible for me to spare enough time to write a proper article.

Since so little time is left, I will update this site over the next few days with bits and pieces of information that I have meant to share. Please excuse any sloppy editing.

Since the time of my last report on the Georgia Guidestones along with my appearance on the History Channel, I have discovered that the monument’s true purpose is to welcome the arrival of the Mahdi, the great Islamic conqueror prophesied to deliver justice across an unjust world. The Burj Khalifa, which I have irrefutably linked to the Georgia Guidestones, alludes to the global caliphate which the Mahdi is foretold to establish (the word “Khalifa” means “caliphate”). The Caliphate is intended to be a global government ruled by the Mahdi under Islamic law.

However, for the occult puppet-masters pulling his strings, World War III must be waged in order for the Mahdi to ascend to his global throne, with the ultimate resolution being the destruction of the West: the United States, Great Britain, Israel and their closest allies must be toppled, with billions of human lives extinguished.

According to Shiite beliefs, the Mahdi will do battle with the “One-Eyed Antichrist,” a description of the “Eye of Providence,” that familiar emblem on the back of the U.S. One Dollar bill which is widely recognized as a Masonic trademark. In fact, many Muslims believe that the West has been under the control of Freemasonry for centuries. Furthermore, some Shiite leaders have recently been equating the Daǧǧāl, the Islamic Antichrist, with that secret society.

Ironically, the bizarre, controversial Georgia Guidestones monument was built by Freemasons and protected by them over decades when little do the Masons know that the monument celebrates the man who will purportedly destroy them.

So the Freemasons of Elbert County, Georgia, constructed and tirelessly defend an edifice that not only mocks them, but celebrates their planned catastrophic and total decimation. As such, the Georgia Guidestones monument, a gigantic granite cuckoo’s egg laid in the nest of Freemasonry, stands as one of the boldest and most brilliant acts of subterfuge in the history of mankind.

Iran produced a documentary earlier this year claiming that World War III would erupt in the fall, only a few weeks from now. With the ongoing “Arab Spring” setting the stage for the apocalyptic conflagration, there is also another piece of evidence suggesting that Iran might be correct.

On 12/10/2010, the modest comet C/2010 X1 was discovered by the Russian amateur astronomer Leonid Elenin. Strangely, this seemingly innocuous body, better known as Comet Elenin (named after its discoverer), soon triggered rampant hysteria across many Internet websites and message boards.

While much of the Comet Elenin fear mongering is lunacy — and perhaps intentionally fomented lunacy — I have written a computer simulation that very strongly suggests that Comet Elenin is probably much more than meets the eye. In fact, it appears certain that Comet Elenin is the return of a celestial body expected for many years and might be the astrological harbinger of orchestrated global doom.

I will try to expound upon this body of information in the coming days. For now, be alert for important global and perhaps celestial events on September 26.


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  1. Your information is so very interesting and hopefully a wakeup call for the world. In the book “The Israel Omen” by David Brennan talks about when the “Quartet” gets together to change Israel’s land around, a natural disaster seems to strike. Also, with Gary Stearman has a lot to say about current events and end times. I personally feel that Comet Elenin is a sign from the Lord for those that are Watchers. The first alignment was during the Chile Earthquake, the second was New Zealand, the third was Japan, and now I feel on Sept. 26th there will probably be a large quake on the West Coast of America. The further we distance ourselves from Israel, the more our country has been cursed! Thank you for your time devoted to help those that will listen and good luck to you and your family. God Bless America and the Christians that will listen during these very critical times.

  2. Regarding Tim Furnish’s blog here:

    The author made several disturbingly inaccurate observations.

    1. Smith does not claim that the Mahdi is a Shiite-only idea.

    2. Smith did not claim that “The Coming Is Upon Us” set a specific date for the emergence of the Mahdi. He did maintain that the documentary claimed that World War III would erupt this year. However, the Iranian movie most certainly equates Ahmadinejad’s 72 months in office with “Shoeib-Ebne Saleh starts his move 72 months prior to ‘The Coming'”. Although Furnish mentions this time period in his article on the video, he simply ignores the point, rather than address it.

    3. “The Coming Is Upon Us” infers the connection between the “One-Eyed Antichrist” and the Eye of Providence and explicitly identifies the Freemasons as the Dajaal. Furnish even mentions this in his article on the documentary, yet infers that Smith is the origin of these ideas in this commentary, when Smith is clearly restating the Shiite beliefs expressed in the Iranian propaganda piece.

    4. Being around for only decades certainly qualifies as “recently” when considering a time frame of thousands of years of Islamic beliefs.

    Overall, Furnish’s commentary is condescending, smug, petty, a little angry and offers no insight of any value on the topic.

  3. Van Smith do you have any other information linking The Burj Khalifa to the Mahdi other than the name of the building?

    I’m sure you know Burj means tower. The full name of the building “Burj Khalifa” is “Burj Khalifa Bin Zayed”.

    The name of the building was renamed “Burj Khalifa Bin Zayed” to honour the UAE President Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan for his support of the building.

    It would be very interesting if the Georgia Guidestones were for the Madi but to you have any other evidence for this or any showing that they lied for the reason they named the Burj Khalifa?

  4. Oh oh. The comet Elenin has joined the choir invisible. It is an ex-comet. Unless “they” are hiding something….

  5. The modern state of Israel you are referring to is Judah-Edom, not Israel. Do your research…

  6. There’s still people who see distant, non-NEO comets are harbingers of doom?


    I mean, wow.

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