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This is the second installment of a series of informal blog posts about these eminently important topics. You can read the first post here.

From all available scientific information, Comet Elenin is nothing special. In fact, it looks to be a boring, barely observable fizzy little conglomeration of rock and ice hurtling quickly through the inner solar system before vanishing beyond Pluto for another 11,800 years.

Certainly, Comet Elenin has not demonstrated any qualities that warrant the gushing torrent of panic that has flooded the Internet since the little comet’s official discovery last December 10th.

But one strange bit of evidence on the flip side of a bill of cash is so unambiguous that I have to admit that Comet Elenin might be worth an ocean of anxiety after all.

Towards the end of the last century, Switzerland distributed a peculiar ten Franc bill that honored the celebrated physicist, mathematician and defender of Christianity, Leonard Euler. The front of the bill looks typical of European denominations of the time, with Euler’s grinning mug offset to the right and a variety of esoteric, presumably anti-counterfeiting markings sprinkled elsewhere. Here’s an image of the front side of the note courtesy of Wikipedia.

10 Franc Swiss note honoring Leonard Euler

10 Franc Swiss note honoring Leonard Euler

However, like the rapidly shrinking U.S. One Dollar slip of fiat currency, the obverse side is odd and contains much more information than first meets the eye. The back of the Euler note is dominated by a diagram of the Solar System with a comet streaking through it. That alone is not really peculiar because Euler drew a chart quite similar to it. However, the positions of the planets are very interesting. Take a look at this image that came from the University of Princeton.

The back of the Euler note

The back of the Euler note

A small part of the Comet Elenin hysteria was discussion about how the planets in the diagram seem to conform with the date September 26, 2011, the very day that Elenin passes between the Earth and the Sun (although a little above the ecliptic). Given how totally wrong the vast majority of insane Comet Elenin jabber has been, I didn’t expect to find much correspondence with reality until I overlaid the September 26 orbital projections of the planets from the JPL Solar System simulator onto the Swiss bill. Take a look:

JPL Solar System projection over the Euler note

JPL Solar System projection over the Euler note

The alignments for Mercury through Mars are spot on. While it looks like Saturn and Jupiter are out of place, the orbits on the bill are drawn close to scale and the two outer orbits align closely to the asteroid belt and Jupiter. Assuming the outer planet is actually Jupiter instead of Saturn, the alignment is only a degree or two off.  (Oddly, the moon is roughly 180 degrees out of place, though.)

I knew immediately that such alignments were very rare, but I wanted to quantify the period between such alignments so I wrote an orbital simulation. To my amazement, it takes about 1,696,039 years for the planets to reach the depicted positions within a margin of error of +-10% for each planet! However, the planets on the back of the Euler note are far more precisely oriented than that.

What this means is that the back of the Euler banknote is an intentional encoding for the date September 26, 2011. Stranger still, it means that the comet depicted on this Swiss note designed decades ago is none other than Elenin, which officially was discovered only last December!

So innocuous, almost invisible Comet Elenin is apparently the return of a celestial body known about from at least the time that the Swiss Euler bill was designed. However, tiny little Comet Elenin would have been far outside the orbit of Pluto even during the late 20th Century where it would be well beyond the ability of any instrument to detect.

This suggests that Elenin was charted long, long ago. Current orbital estimates for Comet Elenin are around 11,800 years meaning that the last time it passed by earth, the eerie, staggeringly ancient Turkish civilization of Göbekli Tepe may have witnessed it. But few ancient civilizations were advanced enough to be able to predict a comet’s return. The Maya produced highly accurate eclipse prediction and planetary orbital projection data, but their civilization came about 10,000 years too late for puny little Elenin.

Frankly, this is both astounding and unsettling. What pushes this information to the alarming level is the synchronicity of Comet Elenin with the Georgia Guidestones-Burj Khalifa-Mahdi-World War III evidence pointing to a global conflagration erupting within weeks and orchestrated by a small cabal of super-rich occultist lunatics.

While wimpy Comet Elenin appears to pose no direct threat to earth, it just might be the occult starting gun for Armageddon.


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  1. I’ve just overlaid the same image on the JPL orbit diagram for Sep 26 2011, and just can only get Mercury, the Earth and Sun into alignment. The other planetary bodies are way off. For example if orient the JPL diagram so that the Earth is at the top, Mercury at the bottom, you will see that Mars is on the right-hand side. On the bank note it’s on the opposite side. Also, Jupiter and Satrun are in completely different places.

  2. Hi Van,

    Can’t help feeling your post is bordering on Islamophobia, but I guess that is not unusual amongst certain mindsets at this time. Try to look for the good out there, it’s the only way forward!

    Since you raise the subject of Euler I thought I would mention that:

    The mathematical constant, named Euler’s number, is e = 2.71 828 1 828..

    Some other locations for that 828:

    Square root of 2 = 1.414.. x 2 = 2.828
    Sqrt 8 = 2.828 – therefore the number naturally turns up in octagons. = ~2.72 feet = 0.829056 (828 metres = 2717 feet)

    828 decimal into hexadecimal base-16 = 33C (33 degrees in the Masonic progression, 33 is also the number of ‘the Christ consciousness’)

    In Strong’s Biblical Greek concordance, there are 101 numbers missing from the sequence – a block of 100, and the number: G2717

    • I understand your sentiments. There are other people who discuss the Iranian documentary The Coming is Upon Us, which is important to the series of articles that I am writing, who are clearly “Islamophobic.”

      I am not. Indeed, I have sympathy for the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen and other Muslim countries that have suffered injustices. I have had close Muslim friends and they were people of good character.

      However, the trail — albeit a lengthy trail — of evidence leads straightforwardly to the conclusions that I am reporting. The Georgia Guidestones point to the Burj Khalifa, a modern Tower of Babel erected to harken in the global Caliphate headed by the Mahdi.

      Order / Thesis: Islam
      Chaos / Antithesis: Freemasonry and the forces of the West

      The synthesis in the case appears to be Mahdi himself. The end game is global population reduction and the establishment of a totalitarian global government as described in Robert Christian’s Common Sense Renewed.

  3. 1st time poster found your insights very near my thought process. I am wondering your thoughts on usa military tactics compared to nazi and roman occupancy it seems usa has “stationed bases” 737 as of 2007 all over the world it blows my mind to think how many dont see this as a problem. I do to me it significantly shows a push towards nwo lead by usa. again just my thoughts. any input? thanks and keep up good work

  4. When I think about the ‘New world order’ and look at the guide stones, I cant help but think it would be a better world. but is it worth sacrificing all our liberty and free thinking for? the facts are the world is over populated and increasing. If something doesnt change then we all starve,

  5. In according to the Georgia Guidestones i have found a match about R.C. Christian. The site Open Library suggest that he was born in 1919. In this time would he be a age of 92 year….So i’m wondering how they now that?. And who now where can i buy his book?.

    • Here is a link to the material that you seem to be referring to:

      In Common Sense Renewed, Robert Christian mentions being in his early sixties at the time he wrote the book, but there is no birth year given. The book was released several years after the Georgia Guidestones monument was completed. 1919 is a plausible but early date.

      However, evidence strongly suggests that R.C. Christian was not a single man. Furthermore, I believe that Ted Turner either took a direct role in the monument, perhaps through an emissary, or he at least knows R.C. Christian’s identity.

      The last few available copies of the book are in the possession of Joe Fendley’s son (Joe “Ace” Fendley, Jr.) and are available through the Elberton chamber of commerce, if they have not sold out yet.

      • Thank for your answer. I have contacted with EGA and they tell me that they have not sold out this book by R.C.Cristian. The paperback version of the book is $10.00 and $ 5.00 for shipping. But there is the problem. I lived in Europe and can not buy this book, they not accepted Paypal. So i hope that you can help me…

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