Jul 242010

In what some are calling an act of war, a report from Diggers Realm claims that the notorious Mexican drug syndicate, Los Zetas, has captured at least two American ranches near Laredo, Texas, and have entered into a standoff with local law enforcement and the Border Patrol.

I can personally vouch that this info came in late last night from a reliable police source inside the Laredo PD. There is currently a standoff between the unknown size Zeta forces and U.S. Border Patrol and local law enforcement on two ranches on our side of the Rio Grande. The source tells us he considers this an “act of war” and that the military is needed on the border now!

The Zetas are heavily armed with grenades, rocket launchers, .50 caliber machine guns, surface to air missiles and helicopters and have been in direct conflict with the Mexican Military for years.

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