Jun 292010

According to Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro, the United States and Israel will trigger a nuclear war before Friday that will cause the word’s richest countries to “suddenly disappear.”

Writing in his regular op-ed column “Reflections,” the former Cuban President states that missiles will fly as soon American and Israeli naval forces attempt to inspect Iranian merchant vessels.

I have absolutely no doubt that as soon as the American and Israeli warships are deployed –alongside the rest of the American military vessels positioned off the Iranian coasts– and they try to inspect the first merchant ship from that country, there will be a massive launching of missiles in both directions. At that moment exactly the terrible war will begin. It’s not possible to estimate how many vessels will be sunk or from what country.

The iconic Communist believes this conflagration will occur on or before July 2.

Obama has committed to attend the quarterfinals match on July 2, if his country’s team makes it to that stage. He supposedly knows better than anyone that the quarterfinals will not be contested because very serious developments will take place before that; or at least he should know.

Castro writes that the ensuing nuclear war might escalate to include Russia.

Nevertheless, there are still some uncertainties. Will the two mightiest nuclear powers, the United States and Russia, be able to refrain from using their nuclear weapons against each other?

There is no doubt, however, that from Europe the nuclear weapons of Great Britain and France, allied with the United States and Israel, –the same that enthusiastically imposed the resolution that will inevitably unleash the war, which for the abovementioned [sic] reasons will immediately become nuclear– are threatening the Russian territory even though this country and China have done everything within their capabilities to prevent the conflict.

Castro, the current First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba, describes a grim post-war world that seems to involve a global government similar to the one written about by R.C. Christian as we discussed in our Georgia Guidestones research.

It is possible to predict what will happen in the rest of the Portuguese and Spanish speaking Americas during the nuclear post crisis.

Under such circumstances, it will not be possible to talk of capitalism or socialism. A stage will open that will see the management of the available goods and services in this part of the continent.

Certainly, every country will continue being ruled by those who head the governments today, some very close to socialism and others euphoric over the opening of the world market to fuels, uranium, copper, lithium, aluminum, iron and other metals being sent to the developed and rich countries today that will suddenly disappear.

An abundance of food exported now to that world market will also disappear abruptly.

In these circumstances, the most basic products needed for life: food, water, fuels, and the resources found in the hemisphere south of the United States will suffice to preserve some of the civilization whose unbridled advance has led humanity into such a disaster.

America’s fate is perhaps most grave according to Castro.

The economy of the superpower will fall to pieces like a house of cards. The American society is the least prepared to endure a catastrophe like the one the empire has created in the same territory where it started.

Fidel Castro’s predictions are made more unsettling in light of the discoveries from our Georgia Guidestones research which strongly suggest 2010 will be a pivotal year for the cult behind that monument. Our research shows that this cult successfully completed their modern Tower of Babel, the Burj Khalifa, early this year. For this sinister cabal, the completion of the Burj Khalifa hearkened in their New Age where they believe man can now undergo apotheosis — for this small collection of powerful lunatics, they believe their elect can now become like God.

Their immediate plans appear to be:

  • Dramatically reduce the world’s population.
  • Introduce their messiah.
  • Establish a totalitarian global government, an abominable political creation they call a “New Rational World Order.”

Let’s pray Castro is wrong.  But if he is right, we know who is pulling the strings to Armageddon.

Jun 272010

A sure sign that a company is on its way out is when it starts needlessly defeaturing its products to create artificial market segments rather than innovating new features to add value.  Windows 7 Starter is a good example of this sad phenomena.

Microsoft originally planned to impose a three application limit to Windows 7 Starter so that no more than three applications could be run at once.  Of course, this outrageous, artificial and completely unjustified limitation would have actually cost Microsoft time and money to implement.  With the exception of a handful of confused apologists, the three app limitation earned the Redmond software giant widespread derision.  Eventually, public scorn caused Microsoft to drop this bone-headed idea before releasing Windows 7 Starter edition last fall.

However, there are other stupid and disingenuous ways Microsoft castrated Windows 7 Starter.  Not only is there an artificially imposed 2GB memory limit and the fantabulous new snipping tool is gone, but Microsoft stripped Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) from Win7 Starter.  Of course, there are absolutely no technical reasons for killing ICS, a feature that for many years has enabled users to easily set up Windows systems to serve the Internet to home networks.

The Redmond software beast wants you to fork over your hard earned dough through “Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade” to buy back ICS, a particularly vital feature for netbooks that come with integrated broadband cellular modems.  Worse still, netbooks are particularly well-suited for home servers since they use very little power and have a built-in UPS.  So killing ICS from Win7 Starter was a particularly ungreen move for the spawn of Bill Gates.

Well, it’s very easy to overcome all of the limitations your Microsoft overlord imposes.  You’ll need to download Jolicould Linux here.  A good application to burn the Jolicloud installation image to disk is ISO Recorder which you can download here.   If you don’t have a USB CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive, you can create a bootable USB key drive by following the instructions here.  You can even install Jolicloud from within Windows if you download Jolicloud Express from here.  Once you’ve created your boot disk/USB key, boot from it.  You can install Jolicloud so that you can chose between Win7 Starter and Jolicloud at boot time, or you can completely expunge Win7 and replace it with Jolicloud.

Boot into Jolicloud and connect your netbook to the Internet.  An added benefit Jolicould brings are preinstalled broadband cellular modem drivers along with proper settings for many carriers.  When Jolicloud detects a new broadband cellular modem, the Network Manager menu, activated by clicking on the appropriate Gnome Panel icon in the top of the screen, will list a new broadband device.  Clicking on that menu entry will bring up a simple wizard so that you can select your carrier and ensure that the correct number is dialed.  It literally takes about ten seconds to to set up a new cellular modem connection in Jolicloud Linux.

To share your Internet connection, whether cellular or otherwise, right-click on the same Network Manager icon and select “Edit Connections…”.  Click the “Add” button no either the Wired or Wireless tab, depending on which way you plan to share your Internet connection.  Give the new connection a descriptive name like “Shared Internet Connection”.  On the IPv4 tab, select “Shared to other computers” as the Method.  Click “Apply”.

Reboot your netbook.  After you sign in, activate the Internet connection in the Network Manager menu if it is not automatically activated.  It might also be necessary to manually activate your “Shared Internet Connection” by clicking on the corresponding Network Manager menu entry.

You should now be actively sharing your Internet connection with your home network.

It’s humorous to note that Microsoft did a predictably sloppy job disabling ICS in Windows 7 Starter.  In fact, it is still available, but only if you want to share your active Internet connection over an ad-hoc wireless network.  In other words, other computers will have to connect to your netbook wirelessly to see the Internet.  To set up this type of Internet connection sharing configuration, simply type “adhoc” in the Windows 7 Start menu search box.  This will filter down to wizard that enables you to set up an ad hoc ICS network.

Jun 242010

Mint Linux has one of the best main menus of any Linux distribution.  Microsoft Vista and Windows 7 both have Start menus that appear to have been influenced by MintMenu, the package name for the Mint main menu.  MintMenu itself is a fork of Slab, the SUSE main menu for Gnome.

Mint is based upon Ubuntu and Web Upd8 has made it is very easy to add MintMenu to that popular distro (versions 9.10 and newer).  From a terminal, first add the new repository:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/mintmenu && sudo apt-get update

Then install the package:

sudo apt-get install mintmenu

To activate the menu, right-click on a Gnome Panel, choose “Add to Panel…” and select “MintMenu”.

Jun 192010

A most beloved aunt passed away today. The daughter of Italian immigrants, she worked as a bookkeeper for 3 generations of owners at the local car dealership. She has two daughters, 3 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. She is preceded in death by her husband, Eugene Anderson.

This pray summarizes her beauty.

Dear Lord, Let my life be a reflection of Your mercy and goodness. Allow a lovely and gentle spirit to shine forth from me. Make my countenance properly express your holiness. Keep me from attempting to glorify myself and help me to instead glorify You in all that I do, wear, and proclaim. Take my life, Lord, do with it what You will, and make me content and joyful always and in everything, Amen

from Raising Maidens of Virtue, Stacy MacDonald

She made those she touched feel special. May she rejoice and laugh in the presence of God.

I’ll miss you, Aunt Anne. Love, Kathy

Jun 112010

At least 16 people perished during extraordinary flash floods at the Albert Pike Recreational Area campgrounds about 25 miles from our home.  Television station KTHV reported that the Little Missouri River rapidly rose from 3 feet to 23 feet from about 1AM to 5AM this morning.

We frequently visit Albert Pike because it is beautiful, so I am very familiar with the area.  At 23 feet, most of the campgrounds and roads would be covered by around 15-feet of water.  It would have been nearly impossible to flee.

Reports that there could have been up to 300 people at the campgrounds are hard to believe, although the park does get busy during holidays.  I would estimate that there might have been at the most 100-150 people  in the area last night.  Nearly all of the campgrounds would have been under water at one point.  If there is any cell phone coverage in the campground, I have not encountered it.  The cabins in the area are located significantly higher above the river than the campgrounds.  The main campgrounds are located next to the river with both sides of the valley very steep and rocky.  The only real option is to travel in either direction of the river.

As regular readers of this site already know, Albert Pike is one of the most important figures in the history of Freemasonry.  The recreational area is named after Pike because he had a mansion nearby that was eventually burned to the ground, purportedly by people who where trying to rob him.  In a macabre coincidence, a packed Masonic lodge in nearby Mena was leveled by a tornado a little over a year ago, killing at least one and wounding many more.

Jun 102010

Dear Kathy,

Thanks for putting up with my shenanigans for fifteen years and keeping your faith in me.  And thank you for being such a wonderful mother to our five beautiful children.

Happy 15th Anniversary, Sweetheart!  I hope I’ve brought you at least a small fraction of the happiness that you have given me.

I love you and I need you,


Jun 072010

A 26-foot statue of Anubis, the half human, half jackal Egyptian god, is on display at the Denver airport. He is the god of death and embalming. The statue is to be on display through the summer.

The Denver airport is known for it’s peculiar and disturbing art. This new installation will rival the blue Mustang.

I wonder how many people wave at the statue on departure?

Jun 032010

Political turmoil sees the resignation of prime ministers in Nepal, Germany and Japan.

Nepalese prime minister Madhav Kumar Nepal was to step down on May 29, one day after parliament’s term expired. He will not step down immediately.

German President Horst Koehler abruptly resigned May 30 allegedly under pressure from opposition parties to explain his comments on Germany military actions abroad. The comments made on May 22 can be read here. His comments linked the need for military action abroad to support economic interests at home, as well as the need to prevent regional instabilities.

Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama resigned June 1. He said that he had not kept his campaign promise to move a U.S. Marine base off the southern island of Okinawa. Hatoyama was a veteran politician. His career started in 1986 with an election to the House of Representatives.