May 272010

There are a series of photos circulating email groups these days. They source from this excellent website on the illegal alien problem in Arizona. Ironically, this website looks to have not been updated for the past two years. Hmm, think the problem just “went away”.

Heading north to Washington state we find: Illegal alien rapist had been deported nine times.

And, finally a road trip, due east to Boston, Poetic Justice: Massachusetts State Rep. Mike Moran Rear-Ended by Drunk Driving Illegal Alien… is an excellent, concise glimpse as to how the creep above is allowed to break our laws to get into this country and then violate our laws over and over again.

May 272010

France and Belgium governments already have bans in motion to restrict Muslim women’s attire.  Switzerland, the Netherlands and Germany have discussions in their own countries to follow suit.

The burqa and the niqab are muslim coverings for women.

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from Women wearing niqabs.

The moves in France and Belgium are estimated to affect 1900 women in France and fewer than  500 in Belgium.

France and Belgium both list security as a concern.

In France the idea of banning the veil has won support from across the political spectrum.
“I’ve always been convinced that we can forbid covering your face in public in general,” said Communist lawmaker Andre Gerin, welcoming a decision he said would help “engage a dialogue with all Muslims”.

It’s not only the veil which is being discussed as a security threat. The full flowing burqa is also in question.

These moves are frightening precedences. Who wears full face masks in those countries, now? The bad guys and then those military police types in France, Belgium, Germany….

Anyone have pictures of those unidentified good guys?

Will trench coats, cowboy hats, baseball hats, back packs, Amish full dresses, long gathered skirts, natty little ladies’ hats with veils, large brimmed straw hats, wedding dresses, evening gowns, wedding veils be next?