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Alongside the Elberton Civic Center and just a few feet away from a large Masonic plaque inset into its corner is a strange granite bust.  Originally completed in 1941, the bust bore the semblance of U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, commonly called by his initials FDR.  However, years later in the dark of the night the good people of Elberton destroyed the statue.  When it was restored in 1995, the figure looked nothing like FDR.  Moreover, the new bust wears a tie embellished with peculiar symbols.

Could this figure be the mysterious Robert C. Christian, the man who designed and funded the sinister Georgia Guidestones monument only about 7.5 miles north of the statue and completed on March 22, 1980?

Franklin D. Roosevelt bust in Elberton

A bust purported to be Franklin D. Roosevelt in Elberton, Georgia.

Our own investigation suggests that media mogul Ted Turner was involved in the erection of the diabolical stone edifice explicitly intended for a post-Apocalyptic world and encoded with numerological links to the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building ever constructed. Given the obvious occult beliefs of the designer of the Georgia Guidestones monument, the Burj Khalifa, completed only three months ago, almost certainly symbolizes a modern Tower of Babel.

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  1. This is not FDR. It does seem to resemble L. Ron Hubbard somewhat. I will look online for other pictures for comparison.

  2. Thanks, Reb. Please keep me updated because I think this might be a very important clue.


  3. Van, I have looked at many pictures of Hubbard online and there is some resemblance but not enough to say yea or nay. Maybe the bust is a composite of more than one person but it most surely is not FDR, even though he was a crook in his own right. I will keep looking at pictures of people who might qualify. The chin cleft is at least one thing to go on. I live about 70 miles from those repulsive monuments and you would be shocked at how many Georgians are ignorant of their presence.

    That first commandment goes a long way explaining why there are hundreds of thousands of plastic FEMA grave liners/coffins down the road from the Stones in Madison Ga. You can see them from the road. Georgia is also home to the CDC whom I wouldn’t trust as far as I could throw them. The Atlanta airport is also reported to be the ‘sister’ to the new Denver airport and is reported to have vast underground facilities.

    Doesn’t it make your blood run cold knowing all this was planned so long ago by the same bloodlines that have ruled from the get-go. That also explains the incestuous marriages among the biblical ‘elite’ when it was forbidden among the simple masses. It is all about the bloodlines and the secret societies. Even our ‘elite’ intermarry with their own, beginning with our first President on up the line. The few that managed to get elected that were not of the bloodline or refused to obey were murdered.

    J. Edgar Hoover

    The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a Conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst.

    • Denver Colorado is the western headquarters of the New world Order and Atlanta is the Eastern Headquarters. America has fallen asleep but there is a plan in place. The structures between Canada and the United States have been expanded and reinforced to handle massive weight (Heavy military equipment). The MJTS (cooperative military units) are training for riot control and the United Nations has produced railcarts with shackles that can transport 15 million people. Beware but its coming. They want to control you and the population

      • Why would both headquarters of the New World Order be in the United States?

        • Because the New World Order sees America as the “New Atlantis”, a place to build a eutopia. Francis Bacon wrote a book about it.

          • Thomas More wrote Utopia.

          • so francis bacon wrote a book about utopian society called “new Atlantis” and k please learn how to spell utopia… there is no “e” in it anywhere… unless maybe you are brittish or canadian…

  4. Look at the double chin and soft rounded neck. I have never seen a neck like that on a man. That was the first thing that caught my eye and if you cover the face and just look at the neck area you would think it is a plump female. Strange.

    • See his eyes? There is only black iris. Weird! I know only one being from our Tiamate Universe who have iris without anything in eye- and that humanoid being is Fair-haired man. They are harmed ones and they lived with us. They have many of colours in their eyes, without black dot/pupil.
      BUT ‘double chin’ and ‘soft rounded neck’ indicated to at Royal Reptile (Chitauli) lived in Dulce underground facility in New Mexico, etc. In other way- Underground every bigest city!

    • actually i am convinced that it is a statue of Kevin Spacey…just sayin

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  6. The so-called elite has been errecting monuments to their schemes for milennia. Piles of rocks show me nothing. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

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  8. Unveiled on the spring equinox. Just a coincidence 😉

  9. I still think that R.C. Christian was Joseph Newton Chandler. Maybe this is a bust of him?

    • That’s an interesting theory, but no one knows Chandler’s true identity. It would be extremely disturbing if you are right and Chandler = R.C. Christian = The Zodiac Killer.

      However, the evidence that I obtained linking Ted Turner to the Guidestones is strong. When I interviewed Wyatt C. Martin, he freely admitted that he knew Ted Turner. He shared an Atlanta Braves box seat area with him for years at a time when Ted Turner owned the Braves. It sounded like a payoff to me for a job well done with the Guidestones. However, Martin vociferously denies my conclusions, and in fact suffered a stroke soon after my first two articles were published.

      • I originally thought it might be Chandler when I researched the boy’s identity and found out that his family came from Banks County, Georgia and moved to Weatherford, Texas. R.C.C. said that his Great-Grandmother was a native Georgian, his Grandmother being born in Texas. If it was Chandler he did his research (maybe he grew up with the boy?) because it would be a bold statement to make to Martin when he knew he would be checking out his identity and he could have check out this fact easily.

        Another weird story about Chandler is that he traveled to Freeport, Maine to visit their main L.L. Bean store and returned the next day and told everyone that they didn’t have a parking space, so he just drove straight back! Well, we know there is a book in Elbert County Library by R.C.C., some say he deposited the book himself. If you look at a map, the mileage from Eastlake, Ohio to Freeport, Maine is 766 miles and from Eastlake to Elberton is 681. There is Canada to the North of Eastlake and farmland to the West, so Chandler could have just went to a library, got a map, and looked in a directory from Freeport to find something as an excuse for his excursion down to Elberton. Since the Georgia trip is about an hour less travel, that gives him two hours or so to visit the site and the library and head back home!

        As for the Zodiac, that may be a stretch. But there may be more info on that in the future..

        • Thanks for the information. Regarding the man who directly interfaced with Martin, there is evidence suggesting that he lived in Iowa (Fort Dodge, I believe). I’ve been told that he was a surgeon and his son became a state senator.

  10. You know how we are always told “this is a National Security issue” for anything the powers that be do that we object to???

    Spell Illuminati backwards then type this into your browser, and I lie not, this will take you to the NSA website! So when they use the phrase ‘this is a national security issue’ or national security safety, what they are saying is this is to protect the Illuminati and it is none of your business!

    This is in your face and they are probably laughing like hell at what fools we are.

    Soory to use this page but didn’t know where else to post it. I think people should know as this is no accident.

    • Interesting, but it could simply be someone pointing their URL to the NSA website as a joke or to seek attention/free publicity. John Fenley from Provo, Utah, bought the URL in 2002 through GoDaddy. The “whois” information follows:

      John Fenley
      1985N 360E
      Provo, Utah 84604-1803
      United States

      Registered through:, Inc. (
      Domain Name: ITANIMULLI.COM
      Created on: 20-Nov-02
      Expires on: 20-Nov-10
      Last Updated on: 25-Nov-09

      Administrative Contact:
      Fenley, John
      1985N 360E
      Provo, Utah 84604-1803
      United States
      8014273274 Fax —

      Technical Contact:
      Fenley, John
      1985N 360E
      Provo, Utah 84604-1803
      United States
      8014273274 Fax —

      Domain servers in listed order:

      • All I can say is ‘fool me once, etc.’ I didn’t even know you could do such things or if it is even legal. I learned something new anyway. Sorry! I don’t think I would want to be one to mess around with any government website.

  11. Very interesting stuff guys.
    I believe Van Smith is correct about Ted Turner being the culprit, good job.

  12. Well Turner does control several news stations.

  13. Zbigniew Brzezinski…tell the world…S.O.S.

  14. Merry Christmas to all of you. I have been interested in the illumanit for several years now and I am very impressed at Van Smith and Marks information and information.Thank you all for your investigation and research. I only learned of the Georgia monument this year and for lack of a better word,it frightened me. How does a structure get erected without correct permit information, pictures of the build, publicity,etc. I find that quite interesting alone.
    Take care
    Big Daddy from California

    • The Guidestones were erected with the help of the most powerful figure in Elbert County: B.F. Coggins. Coggins counts Jimmy Carter and Ted Turner as friends. Of course, he also has a great deal of influence over local government. In fact, he claims that “nothing ever happened in Elbert County without my approval.”

      Coggins directly oversaw and blessed the construction of the Guidestones. He picked out the land for the monument and “approved everything written on it.”

      Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  15. Maybe it’s D.B Cooper

  16. lol looks exactly like d.b.’s sketches

  17. Look at the lines that go from the nose around the side of the mouth.. Compare side by side to FDR.. The hair as well.. Its clearly FDR.. Ted Turner looks absolutely nothing like this. Its just not there!


  18. Looks a little like Vice President Joe Biden.

  19. Maybe it is Erik Prince’s father, Edgar Prince.

  20. Should we ignore what the guidestones say and keep living life the way we always have? Are the stones and what they say evil?

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  22. NOPE . . . . According to the man who dealt with RC Christian personally when he came to buy the granite, RC Christian was relatively young at the time (possibly late 30’s or early to mid 40’s), he was bold, wore glasses and was about 6ft 4 in height.

  23. I am a N.A.S.A cooprative responder. They’re is a massive catastrophic magnetic partical solar flare coming in the shotgun poin right at Earth in 2012-2013. It comes about roughly every 11,000 years, this is different. It is going to be the 33 flare, but the strongest. The population will be reduced to roughly 5,000,000. It will be the end of humanity.

    • . They’re is a massive catastrophic magnetic partical solar flare coming in the shotgun poin right at Earth in 2012-2013. It comes about roughly every 11,000 years, this is different. It is going to be the 33 flare, but the strongest. The population will be reduced to roughly 5,000,000.

      2013 is over in a week.

  24. Seeking fins this is actually FDR without glasses, and definitely without his wheelchair at a younger age. It has FDR’s dimple right in the middle of his chin perfectly. It has his hair not done very well. The nose is right. The shapes are all correct. What you all are not seeing is that you expect to see his bow(temple)-less glasses.
    At one time Eyeglasses were those which had no bows, and those which did were known as spectacles. From further searching, I found:
    1. It is not easy to put eyeglasses on a bust made of stone. 2. FDR was always very aware of how he was perceived and never wanted to be seen in his wheelchair, thus he would probably have preferred to not have them on this monument. 3. Whoever commissioned it certainly understood him well enough to know these things. 4. A photo which was not publicly prominent may have been used, if this was commissioned by relatives. I conclude, anything else is somewhat paranoid concerning a simple stone monument. Check the link. And DB Cooper does have a dimpled chin, neither does Ted Turner, or whoever. Think people-Think. WHY? A statue would make a difference of some kind? **********NO

  25. There may be a clue if u look up the era of history where the worlds population was around 500,000,000 and what events where going on ?!?!

  26. Has any one else seen the Guide Stone in Australia???

  27. Does anyone believe that the guidestones may be linked to the The Bildeberg Group?

  28. Sorry. I just noticed my e-mail address was incorrect.

    • My comment did not post. Do any of you believe that R. C. Christian was a member of the Bildeburg Group?

      • It appears that the man who identified himself as R.C. Christian was a doctor or dentist from Iowa who may have lived near Mason City, where his book was published. His son is apparently a successful politician.

        The Bilderberg Group is a very small circle of the ultra wealthy and powerful. I have no evidence that this man was a part of that organization. However, I believe that Ted Turner, who has Bilderberg connections, knows who R.C. Christian is and Turner might have been directly involved with the Guidestones project. Through our interview with him, Wyatt C. Martin, the banker who worked with R.C. Christian on the Georgia Guidestones, revealed that he knew Ted Turner and sat behind him in box seats at the Atlanta Braves when Turner owned that baseball club.

        Given the monument’s connection with the Burj Khalifa, the architect possessed knowledge shared with only a few very rich and very powerful people. This group is possibly even more exclusive than the Bilderbergers.

      • They are all Bilderburg/United Nations

  29. Looks like Kevin Spacey to me

  30. Lol, its FDR. You people are great!

  31. R. C. Parker

  32. Looks like Orrin Hatch to me!

  33. Orrin Hatch?

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