Mar 272010

You can help solve the 30-year mystery of the true identity of Robert C. Christian, the pseudonym for a man who claims responsibility for the sinister Georgia Guidestones monument.  You can read about that diabolical structure here.

I will be very busy over the foreseeable future trying to earn money through my business and will not be able to spend much time on advancing my Georgia Guidestones research over that period.

For several months I have intended to call the publisher of Common Sense Renewed, the book Robert C. Christian penned in 1986 that expands upon the ten commandments he commissioned Joe Fendley’s company carve into the eight faces of the Guidestones.  The publisher is Stoyles Graphics Services and it was located in Lake Mills, Iowa, at the time of the printing of the third edition in 1990.  That company appears to still exist and copies of that book might be obtainable directly through them as is claimed on the inside cover of the copy I own.  In any case, here is the current contact information for that establishment:

19 8th St. SE • Mason City, IA 50401
Phone: 641.424.4341 • Toll Free: 800.247.5986
Fax: 641.424.9687 • E-mail:

Here is a suggestion for a dialog with that company:

Introduction: Hi, I’m an investigative reporter researching a book called “Common Sense Renewed” written by Robert C. Christian and last published in 1990 by your company.  The first edition dates to 1986.

1. Does anyone there recall this book?

2. Who paid for the publication costs and what was his address?

3. Can you please describe him? Are there any pictures of him available on-line that you know of?

4. Is there anything unusual you recall about the transaction?

5. Do you know this man personally? If so, can you please tell us a little about him?

6. Has the same man published other books? If so, can you name them please?

7. Is the man still alive? If he is alive, how can we get in touch with him?

8. Do you have any records of the transaction? If so, can we obtain copies?

9. Do you know if this man belonged to any organizations like Freemasonry, the Rosicrucians or the Lucis Trust?

Please be very courteous.  Feel free to expand upon these suggestions.  You might find it necessary to make them aware that “Robert Christian” was not the man’s real name. If you live near Stoyles Graphics Services, it is usually more effective to go there and ask them these questions face-to-face.

If you have the opportunity, please ask them if the following bust resembles the man:

Please send me your findings here:, or you can post your findings as a comment to this post.  In either case, I will publish every response.  Of course, we don’t want to bug this company too much, so I will be sure to call off this search after we receive enough corroborating responses.

If you do not understand the urgency of this mission, please read my research here.

  10 Responses to “Help solve the R.C. Christian Georgia Guidestones mystery”

  1. Why do you call this monument ‘sinister’ and ‘diabolical’? it is Benevolent if anything. I think it’s going to be a very valuable tool for those who manage to survive the…’Event’. I am unsure of exactly how they will get to America to see it and heed it’s warnings, but if I make it I’ll try to make sure that happens. Anyhow, I hope you are ready for the greatest “Survival of the Fittest” test of all time; or your going to get left in the dust. The time draws near… Are you prepared?

  2. “I hope you are ready for the greatest “Survival of the Fittest” test of all time; or your going to get left in the dust.”

    Lucifer can’t spell “you’re”. golly.

  3. The georgia guide stones truly are a puzzle, any ideas who built them and when? there is a capsule under them and im trying to find out whats is in it, any ideas? visit my blog for more conspiracy theories

    • The capsule contains Richard Simmon’s sweating to the oldies. We hope the survivors have a sense of humor and irony.

  4. Hi. I really enjoy your blogs……… but why is there no date stamp on them? I like to know when an article is written so I know if I need to pay more attention to it. For instance the article about Elenin. Well, that comet has come and gone. Not much of a threat anymore?!?!

    • Thanks for your comment.

      The date the article was posted is in the red box to the left of the article title. The author of the post is at the bottom of the article.

  5. Van,
    I believe you and others speculating about the monument are chasing will-o’-the-wisps though I appreciate YOUR endeavor. I am presently writing a book about the Guidestones in which I will explain my interest and work/research on them. Using an approach from a different perspective I will show how almost all of the writings in reference to the “mysteries of the GGS” are not well founded. I interviewed many of the persons that are mentioned in the articles on the internet and others not mentioned and made certain original observations about them.. Thereare mysteries there, but noone else has even touched on then.

  6. Someone should knock um over and wait to see who stacks them back up. Has there been a history of vandalism and if so who doctored the site back. As well as, who or what agency keeps the place up. Only one with a stake in the game would care to spend money to tend the bazar set of stones. Their passion for the stones may shed a link or open a research path to the understanding of the stones. Might just be the last rambings of a dieing rich guy who wanted to spout his bar room philosophy for eternity.

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