Dec 302010

Last spring, a Polish military plane crashed in western Russia effectively decapitating the Polish government.  A serious documentary film questioning the official story surrounding the tragic crash is now available for free viewing on the Internet.  Several parts of the film are embedded below in this article.

The documentary, which includes interviews with top government officials like Ukraine’s former President Victor Yushenko, lays the blame for the horrific crash at the feet of the Russian government. The Polish crash is depicted as a covert coup d’etat to undermine the independent nature and growing strength of Poland.

President Yushechenko was the target of an assassination attempt in 2004 that left him disfigured. He believes that Russia sponsored his would-be assassins. Like deceased Polish President Lech Kaczynski who was killed in the crash, Yushechenko was a democratizing force in a former Soviet controller area of Eastern Europe.

However, the filmmakers also criticize the effectual boycott of the Polish funerals by leaders of the Western World as signal of their solidarity with Russia’s actions.

The European Union is also viewed as complicit in the murder of Poland’s top governmental officials. The head of Poland’s Central Bank rejected overtures from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) only days before he too was killed alongside 96 others in the Polish plane crash last April.

Coincidentally, Nigel Farage, an outspoken British critic of the European Union, was injured in a plane crash last month after delivering the scathing attack on the full-time European Council President, Herman Van Rompuy, seen below. Farage claimed that Van Rompuy’s “intention is to be the quiet assassin of European democracy and of European nation states.”

Apr 222010

After a recent plane crash decapitated Poland’s government, military and central bank, Poles have taken to the Internet to express disbelief about the official crash story.  Fueling their skepticism has been recent revelations debunking original media accounts about the number of landing attempts made before the tragic crash.  Additionally, critical evidence gathered from the plane’s black boxes reveal that the aircraft, a recently overhauled Tupelov-154, was in full working order and that the pilot was not being interfered with by anyone on the plane immediately prior to the crash.

The video below touches upon the sentiments currently broiling in that grieving country.

The video also maintains that the Polish government is now investigating crash scene footage that appears to contain evidence of gunfire. We reported about that footage a few days ago.

Apr 202010

One week after the tragic crash of a Tupelov-154 military aircraft near Smolensk in western Russia killed key leaders of Poland’s government, military and central bank, a video was released allegedly showing the systematic assassination of the crash survivors. The purported evidence in the shaky video is difficult to make out even with the assistance of visual aids. An English language version of the video can be seen below.

Adding another layer of intrigue, a comment on a Polish website claims that the person who filmed this scene, Adrij Mendierej, was assaulted and stabbed multiple times after posting this video to the Internet. While at the hospital for treatment of the resulting severe wounds, two unknown assailants again attacked Mendierej, stabbing him repeatedly and removing him from life support resulting in his death on April 16th.  A crude translation can be read here.  An active discussion thread can be viewed here.

Although this evidence appears to be marginal at the moment, it must be stated that mainstream media recently retracted earlier stories claiming the Polish plane crashed on its fourth attempt to land. Instead, the official story now admits that the plane crashed on its first landing attempt.