May 142010

Wow! Thanks to CJ and Tallulah for a fascinating conversation Thursday about the UN, Barak Obama, the Georgia Guidestones, Kenya and Maurice Strong. CJ and Tallulah are radio hosts for Patriot’s Heart Network.

So how are the UN, Obama, the Guidestones, Maurice Stong and Kenya connected?

Glen Beck’s call to gather information about Maurice Strong on May 12, 2010, led Tallulah on an internet search. She found an unusually high number of hits about Maurice Strong coming from New York, New Jersey, Georgia and Seattle Washington. These hits seem to center around Strong’s push to develop the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Strong was elected head of the UNEP in December, 1972. This UN agency was the first to be headquartered in a third world, specifically Nairobi, Kenya.

Many, many years later, Raila Odinga, current Prime Minister of Kenya, claims that President Obama’s father was his maternal uncle. President Obama and Prime Minister Odinga first appear together in 2006 when Senator Obama, campaigned with Odinga, who was running for president in Kenya.

So, how does Elberton, Georgia and the Georgia Guidestones fit in? One of the puzzles of the Guidestones for me has been the inclusion of Swahili as a language on the Guidestones: Arabic, Chinese, English, Hebrew, Hindi, Russian, Spanish and Swahili. Swahili is not the most widely spoken language in Africa, but, interestingly, happens to be with English the official languages of Kenya and Tanzania.

Is this the face of R.C. Christian? was posted on March 17 by Van. The unusual monument near the Elberton Civic Center in Elberton, GA is supposed to be FDR. However, after talking with Tallulah and CJ, the resemblance of this bust to pictures of Maurice Strong are remarkable. See CJ’s blurb here for photos.

Maurice Strong moves the UNEP to Kenya in the early 1970’s. Swahili is unveiled as a language of the Guidestones in 1980, a remarkably unflattering bust of FDR appears in Elberton in 1995. Senator Obama tours Kenya in 2006 with Odinga. Odinga beomes prime minister in 2008. Obama takes office in 2009. Glenn Beck asks, “Who is Maurice Strong?” in 2010.

And, mainstream media implies that you are crazy for looking into Mr. Maurice Strong.

To sum things up, an oldie but goodie from the Kingston Trio.

Lyrics – Sheldon Harnick
They’re rioting in Africa. They’re starving in Spain. There’s hurricanes in Florida and Texas needs rain.
The whole world is festering with unhappy souls. The French hate the Germans. The Germans hate the Poles.
Italians hate Yugoslavs. South Africans hate the Dutch and I don’t like anybody very much!
But we can be tranquil and thankful and proud for man’s been endowed with a mushroom shaped cloud.
And we know for certain that some lovely day someone will set the spark off and we will all be blown away.
They’re rioting in Africa. There’s strife in Iran. What nature doesn’t do to us will be done by our fellow man.