Apr 022010

Poem written by Flora Smith, age 12.

Is This What Easter Be?

Out of the stores come garlands and elves,
So chocolate bunnies can fill the shelves.
Egg and peeps, you now can see,
Is this what Easter be?

Games and egg-hunts are now afoot.
Parents hide goodies in every nook.
Little children cry with glee.
But, is this what Easter be?

The stores try to get you to buy lots of things,
Candy and gum and cute little rings.
They see this as a money-making spree.
This cannot Easter be!

No, Easter is not about treats and eggs,
It’s about Jesus nailed up with pegs.
On a cross for you and me,
Oh, this is what Easter be!

Jesus, oh, yes! He was God’s Son,
He fought the battle and it is won.
After He died, He rose on day three,
So remember, this is what Easter be!

Flora Smith

Apr 022010

Easter poem written by Evelyn Smith, age 11.

This is Jesus’s Day

Easter is a time for joy and praise,
For Jesus rose from the dead that day.
Easter is not for bunnies galore,
But for people to know from shore to shore
This is Jesus’ day!

The day of His death brought sorrow and gloom.
And three days later Mary wept at the tomb.
But do not worry, Mary, so dear,
Jesus has risen. His day is here!
This is Jesus’ day!

Jesus died on the cross for us all.
We are forgiven, great and small.
He rose three days later, so do not fear
That day is Easter and it is here!
This is Jesus’ day!

Evelyn Smith