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Update 2: This article has been followed by a flurry of bizarre hacks, spoofed emails and spoofed message comments. I believe the article and the activity surrounding it — much of which I have not discussed publicly — is being directed by a very determined individual who possesses at least moderate levels of hacking skills. However, I have been cooperating with a second targeted party who believes that a team of people are involved. I do not endorse the content of the anonymous email presented in this article. In fact, some of its claims conflict with the best information I have on hand. Although it makes a few interesting points, the email may very well be nothing but the conjecture of a very motivated, attention seeking individual.

UPDATE: I have received information that the author of the anonymous email is now dead. Clearly, this might be a hoax, but there are a number of unusual circumstances surrounding these events that warrant this brief update.

I received the following message from someone who wishes to remain anonymous and who states that his life could be endangered if his identity were revealed. This person claims to have inside information about the Georgia Guidestones including the identity of R.C. Christian and the meaning of the cube recently added to the monument. The cube was soon removed and destroyed by someone who appears to be Mart Clamp, as shown in the video below.

Additionally, the author claims that the cube was inscribed with a date for “Judgment Day,” presumably the time he calls the “great culling.”

I have preserved the author’s anonymity and added a few comments in his message below. Besides a few edits that I made for formatting purposes, the message is otherwise unchanged.

Sorry about the last enigmatic email. I had to do a traceroute to figure out the best way to email you, so I couldn’t put anything in it that meant squat. With that out of the way, here’s the real deal. I voluntarily am trusting this information only to you and one other agent of truth. Both of you agents have the capacity and audience to make public what I am going to tell you in an effective manner. I hope at least one of you do. Do not cite my name, I am an anonymous source. If my name is ever brought up by you publicly I will disavow knowing you. Publicly disclosing me as your source could literally lead to my death so please do not do it. All other information I give you however feel free to disseminate.

Here is the truth as I know it to be:

The “Georgia Guidestones” were built by Freemasons. This should come as no surprise. Let me tell you why they were built WHERE they were built first. The guidestones were built in Elbert county for a few reasons. One reason, vast quantities of Pyramid Blue granite, truly good for monument building. (The granite continues this day as a mecca attracting many Freemason tradesmen.) Another reason, Elberton the town was founded by Freemasons, as a matter of fact, it was named after Samuel Elbert, a very famous historical Freemason you can read plenty about. (Even in his day Elbert’s life was spared by a British mason officer’s bayonette [sic] due to recognizing him as a mason during battle {Elbert’s mason coded cry of distress}.) Lastly, Elbert county sits on an Eastern most edge of the continent. This is very meaningful to masons because the sun rises in the East. It is common knowledge that masons consider the sun and its rising to be metaphorically divine. This is why for over twenty years Elberton’s sister city was Mure, Kagawa, Japan… the land of the rising sun.

So who masterminded the guidestones specifically? Lore points to R. C. Christian. Much debate has been made about who this man was. And some people have guessed correctly, yet not correctly. The big secret? R.C. Christian was actually TWO men. Robert Carter Cook was the mastermind. Robert Edward “Ted” Turner III was the talking face that Joe Fendley and Wyatt Martin actually interacted with [Van: We have maintained that Ted Turner’s relationship with Wyatt C. Martin suggests his involvement with the Georgia Guidestones, but his role is not clear]. Fendley and Martin both described Christian as a tall middle aged man with white hair in a three piece suit and tie, and that’s how Ted looked back then (here’s a TT pic circa 1982:

http://i.imgur.com/qmapcsW.jpg )

Robert Carter Cook looked nothing like that. He was short with dark hair and loved bow ties.

Ted Turner has been a eugenics supporter for years, it takes little research to find interviews with him pushing the subject. Robert Carter Cook headed eugenics organizations such as Planned Parenthood League, American Eugenics Society, and the Association for Research in Human Heredity, and many other groups too numerous to recall. (Robert C. Carter had ties with Josef Mengele to give you a degree of seriousness.) Robert Carter Cook was a big fan of Thomas Paine (who was also a Freemason hence his famous essay in support of them). Thomas Paine as you know wrote “The Age Of Reason” and it is this essay referred to by the guidestones’ own “age of reason”. Ted Turner knew Robert Carter Cook and worked with him on the guidestone project. I wouldn’t say they were friends but they had a mutual interest. Ted Turner financed the project, but Robert Cook masterminded it. Robert Carter Cook also wrote the book “Common Sense Renewed” that serves as a companion piece to the guidestones. If you contrast the writing styles and ideas in R. C. Christian’s “Common Sense Renewed” with Robert Carter Cook’s earlier book “Human Fertility: The Modern Dilemma” ( ISBN-13: 978-0837161280 ISBN-10: 0837161282 ) you will have no doubt of this.

The Freemason connection… Robert Cook and Ted Turner; both of these men are/were Freemasons. Ted Turner is of the Order of Malta. I am not sure what order Robert C. Carter was involved in, only that he was a mason. He is listed as such in the Denslow record (http://www.phoenixmasonry.org/10,000_famous_freemasons/Volume_1_A_to_D.htm). Joe Fendley the granite mogul and Wyatt Martin the banker are both Freemasons [Van: Wyatt Martin denied being a Freemason when I interviewed him.], as were the majority of men who helped to construct the guidestones, including the sandblaster Charlie Clamp [Van: This is probably an understatement — I was told by Mart Clamp, caretaker of the monument and son of Charlie Clamp, that virtually every hand that touched the Georgia Guidestones during its construction belonged to a Freemason].

I don’t want to denigrate every Freemason involved in this project though, because one stood up for what was right and paid for it. I want to vouch for the credibility of one Freemason during the 1979 guidestone project. “John Kirk Nicholson, Jr.” This man was the grand master of the Georgia Freemasons during 1979. He was expelled in 1979 (http://www.glofga.org/pgms.html) because he disagreed with the guidestone project. Too bad for him that Scottish Freemasons above his rank did not agree and had him expelled. John Kirk Nicholson, Jr. was the first grand master Freemason of GA to be expelled in the nearly 200 years of grand masters that proceeded him. It was not until 2008 that another grand master was expelled, Carl W. Dohn [Van: This appears to be largely correct, although Dohn was not a Grand Master in 2008; see: http://www.glofga.org/pgms.html]. Carl W. Dohn knew in 2008 that the “cube” would be removed in 2009, and he knew why, and he did not agree with it. Because of this, Carl W. Dohn was expelled just as John Kirk Nicholson, Jr. was.

Before I tell you about the cube, a quick note about the time capsule. The time capsule has no date because this date will not be filled in until the day before the world’s population is massively reduced. If it were filled in before then, then vandals would surely dig it up. The date is to be filled in shortly before the great culling, the time capsule will THEN be placed, along with another date set to be opened after 100 years. Now let’s talk about the cube of recent note. There are a lot of lies and assumptions going on about this thing and I will now set the record straight.

First off, the 1st cube was always meant to be removed and replaced by the 2nd cube. You can see in these pre 2009 pics that the 1st cube was already precut for removal:




You can see in those old pictures that the same detritus and grime that had worked its way into the lettering, had also worked its way into the slits cut for the cube. The cuts had always been there since the beginning. The 2nd cube, the “message” cube, was always meant to go here eventually.

In 2009, the 1st cube was removed. It was removed by Freemasons. ( It wasn’t replaced for a few years due to internal debate within the masons.) However, authorities claimed it was removed by vandals on September 11th, 2009. Then they said it was recovered circa August 6th 2013. This was first claimed via a cover story on WSGC radio. (http://www.wsgcradio.com/piece-of-ga-guidestones-recovered-after-nearly-four-years/). WSGC is a Freemason owned radio station and website. This cover story is shockingly badly written, full of so many inconsistencies as to be laughable. I will list a few of them for you.

Notice that the article has no author, so no accountability. Notice the mugshot of William Jeremy Ellis is computer generated, an artificial collage photo made from a construct of layered faces. If you search for William Jeremy Ellis you will find he never existed in Anniston, Alabama. The article says deputies saw the “vandals” on cameras and were tipped off like that [Van: As we reported in our first Georgia Guidestones article, the cameras were inoperable at that time so it was impossible for the deputies to see the vandals on the cameras at the monument site]. But then the article immediately says deputies got a call to go out there. Did the deputies call themselves? The fabricator of the article is so lazy as to not even bother making up information about the other two supposed vandals. The detective Scarborough claims to have talked to the “gentleman in charge of the guidestones”, but it is common knowledge that the county of Elberton owns the guidestones, not one particular person [Van: This is true; in fact we were the first to report that fact]. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georgia_Guidestones#Ownership) Never mind the fact it makes zero sense that thieves would drive hundreds of miles to return years later what they had stolen for no apparent reason. And Scarborough says the police weren’t sure what to do with the returned cube. Would a police officer say this? No. It’d be bagged as evidence, and after the trial, it would be returned to the guidestone it was taken from. This snow article was written by a clueless faker.

The returned “stolen” cube was fake as well. If you take a close look at the supposedly returned cube you will see it is a piece of mostly uneven concrete with only one polished granite face:


This is NOT the cube that was removed in 2009, it’s a fake. It doesn’t even have the peggings. By peggings I mean the pegs that jutted out from the original 1st cube. They were used to guide the original 1st cube into place and help hold it while the adhesive dried. Look at this picture:


You can see the peg holes and the remnants of the adhesive. The whole sat open like this from 2009 until 2014.

In 2014 the infamous 2nd cube appeared. Elberton authorities claim they don’t know how it got there. Were the deputies not watching the cameras? They can supposedly catch three men trying to replace a cube in 2013, but not someone else doing it again in 2014? Hard to believe, because it’s a lie. Anyway, the 2nd cube was removed and destroyed on 9/25/14. This was a few weeks after it was first “discovered” and shown on various social media outlets, enough time to be sure its appearance would be known. That way its disappearance would cause a stir. Again, social media, to get the information on the cube out to those who know how to read it worldwide. Now, I am sure you’ve seen the video. Like the WSGC article, the destruction video is a fraud. Pertinent questions quickly came to mind.

How did all those people know that the 2nd cube was going to be removed that day, and yet not a single actual news crew showed up? No reporters, no official cameras. Instead we are treated to a single video recorded off what appears to be a young woman’s smartphone. The man who climbed the ladder and removed the cube. How did he know that he wouldn’t need tools to remove it when he climbed the ladder? Why did the girl have all the time she needed to record all sides of the cube, without the officer making her step away from the evidence? And why did the ladder man bring the tools he needed to destroy the cube ahead of time? All of these questions are answered easily and obviously. This was a planned extraction for the purpose of information dispersion and
cover up. Those who needed to see the sides of the cube (Freemasons) were able to do so through social media. The rest of us were lead to believe the 2014 cube was unwanted by Elberton county and was thus destroyed. Destroyed evidence with no culprits even mentioned as targets of investigation? Sounds fishy because it’s a red herring. I’m sure it’s of no surprise to you that most of the people involved in this recorded scene were masons.

Now let’s talk about what the 2nd cube means:


So the cube says: 8 16 20 14 MM JAM

People first assume this is a date of 8/16/2014. That’s because they read the cube in the wrong direction. They are reading the cube spun clockwise. This is wrong. Remember the guidestones make a big deal out of Polaris. And viewed from Polaris the Earth turns counter-clockwise. The cube date read in this direction becomes: 8/14/2016

This is important for two reasons. The obvious being that unlike 8/16/2014, 8/14/2016 hasn’t happened yet. But more importantly, August 14th is a day that means a lot to Freemasons. They HATE that day and for good reason. The first true public enemy the Freemasons had was William Morgan. Long story short, this man had access to secret Freemason rituals and materials and planned to make them public. He planned to expose the Freemasons via a book called “Illustrations of Masonry, By One of the Fraternity Who Has Devoted Thirty Years to the Subject”. He obtained a copyright for this particular book on August 14th, 1826. Shortly afterwards he was murdered by Freemasons. This led to the Morgan affair which led to the Antimasonic Party. To this very day, Freemasons loathe the date August 14th. They see it as the point at which society at large turned against them. What better day then, for the Freemasons to enact their revenge? To turn against society? And thus we have the date of the 2nd cube being: 8/14/2016.

But what of the letters MM and JAM?

MM stands for Master Mason. No surprise. Lots of people figured that one out.

Nobody figured out JAM. I guess no one studies Latin anymore?

JAM stands for Judicie Anno Mundi. “In the judgment of the world.”
Judgement day.

The 2nd cube tells those who can read it that the Master Mason will bring Judgement Day on 8/14/2016.

This is the extent of information that I can tell you. Research the things I’ve said, you will find all of it true. I leave this upon you and one other soul to decide what to do with all this information. Good luck and bless you as an agent of truth.

From here on out, I do not exist. We will never speak again.

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  1. This is not a “Hoax”,
    There is some Hoaxing going on after this authors release of this important information. Someone is trying to prevent this information from being seen. This is just sour milk.
    We need for as many people as possible to see this information to prevent it from happening.
    I am very much alive,

    • This is scary. Whomever involved with this project, it shows si†gns of megalomaniasm. And why were they allowed to erect this “monument”? And why has no destroyed this message from Satan? Is our government turning a blind eye to the implied threats of this horror? Something must be done about this immediately. Or we will lose the little bit of freedom we have!

    • Freedom is what got us into this problem. The human race will destroy this planet if someone doesn’t step up and say “enough is enough” the poorest, fatest, slowest, dumbest people on Earth are having the most babies, do the math.

    • Might want look into a company NAMED JAM MM jn nyc 3 blocks away from un…btw snowden worked their for actime. Not hard to verify was in the 10000 docs he leaked

  2. man this is the biggest load of bull i’ve ever read. why wuld you even post this crap.

    • It might be — all or in part or none of it at all. I don’t know what to think of it yet. However, the various things going on behind the scenes are unusual, so I am going to let the drama play out. There’s a lot going on that I have not reported. The original message is interesting, although some aspects conflict with information I know.

      • It appears there is another date encoded within the message of the cube: 10-3-2014. The Eve of Yom Kippur, or day of Atonement. This is the most sacred day in the Judaic faith, for on this day and this day only the ineffable name of God is spoken by the High Priest within the Holy of Holys. I am uncertain if this is just some Grand coincidence, but I believe there are multi-dimensional messages embedded upon the Kube.

  3. If Mason will bring Judgement Day on 8/14/2016. It could mean just one thing maintain people under 500 million. Creation of Ebola, Isis, More Wars, Spreading Chemical on air, Vaccine, poisoning in food. All this things is killing the population God know what more they have prepared,

  4. what do you mean ‘hacking attempts’?

    • For instance, the second targeted party — a well known person — has an expert working for him who believes that a member of their group had their PC hacked so that it could be remotely controlled to post comments on this website.

      • Spooky shit all around!

        • Indeed. Take this email for example (and this is not the worst):

          Subject — 124014401576013394 14019344145750148 140418309516419857 14034715101374175 41074561039847341 4710394343447

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          • Wow. From what I understand, you’re saying that someone sent you a hoax story to get it posted here. But now they are trying to hack your site? That does not make much sense to me. It seems they would have been happy once the story was posted. Why would they then try to cause hacking havoc or send you crazy emails after that? Well it just seems like conflicting agendas. I wonder if the subject line in that crazy email is a code or something. Why in the world are there all those random symbols in the email body too? All of this is just too weird! But it’s been entertaining 😆

          • What appears to be happening is that the author of the note has attempted to build up a false controversy around it in order to generate the appearance that nefarious forces are trying to silence him and suppress the information in the note. In actuality, the content of the note appears to be the author’s speculation and he does not appear to be privy to any inside information.

            Whoever is orchestrating the false controversy around the note would be wise to reassess his actions since he has already crossed the line legally, not with just me, but with a second party too. There have been many pairs of eyes looking over all of his activity.

  5. .

    If the satanic freemasons and their evil nwo plan to cull the world on 8-14-2016…
    God will cull the freemasons before that date arrives.


  6. There is someone claiming to have done this now, Personally something about this “New Story” does not sit right with me. You be the judge….

  7. The maker of the 2014 block has come forward. Or so he says. The town’s cover story seems to be right. A couple from Florida got married there. Pics of Isis graffiti and the wedding can be found here. https://www.facebook.com/GeorgiaGuidestonesNewPurpose I am attempting to put a timeline together. Please contact me through this facebook page.

  8. I am Paul, one of the Administrators on ProjectAvalon.net. I am known elsewhere on the Web as ThePythonicCow.

    We (Project Avalon) are the other site to which Van was referring when he wrote above “I have been cooperating with a second targeted party who believes that a team of people are involved.

    We, Project Avalon, did not choose to publish these reports when we received them, as they did not seem credible to us, and we lacked the expertise that Van has to analyze them properly.

    I would like to thank “Jesse Ames” (whomever he is) for re-introducing me to Van. I most likely knew of Van years ago, when I also was heavily involved in computer development, and I am now enjoying his research into and reporting on the Georgia Guidestones … it’s the best … thanks, Van!

  9. I’m the one that figured out that Robert Carter Cook was the mastermind behind the guidestones and I messaged you twice about it on one of your other pages and you didn’t respond. Thanks for the credit….

  10. You know I have been intrigued by these stones since I first saw them on H2 a few months ago so I decided to research them today. I have read many sites and honestly I am shocked that everyone finds a need to make this all about Free Masonry.

    I am a Master Mason and I can assure everyone that I have no intention nor do my brothers of controlling the worlds population or establishing a one world government, hell I am heavily against the UN and any foreign intervention on sovereign nations. Now I know whats going to be said “You must not be in the top 5% of Masonry so you do not know the real motives”. Again this is just nuts, I know what my organization does, there are no secrets among brothers. Next comment “But Mike Masonry is a secret society so you cannot be trusted”. Ha if you want to know the secrets of masonry google it and you will find everything or better yet ask a Mason! The big secret of Masonry is that you have to ask to join to learn there is no secrets. Enough about that though all I am doing is feeding the conspiracy nuts out there.

    Now besides Mason topics I am someone who believes that there is much we do not know going on around us. Whether its aliens, the devil, REAL secret organizations, or simple government lies I am interested in finding out the truth. When I see this monument I want to believe it means something but I fear it is just a hoax. It could very easily be that this town was in desperate need of tourism and created this to get some attention. I hope thats not the case and I hope we find the truth but so far everything seems way to fishy to have a devious intent.

  11. “Ted Turner is of the Order of Malta.”
    Well, there it is. The stupidest fucking thing I’ll read all day. That was clearly written by someone who not only clearly has no idea what they’re talking about, but also clearly has nothing better to do with their life than sit around making up stories and trying to trick people into believing them. He couldn’t even be bothered to TRY to make credible claims or back ANYTHING he said up with verifiable evidence. Also I doubt it could have been Ted Turner, considering they didn’t say it was a guy with white hair, they said that R.C. Christian was BALD, in his 70’s, and at least 6 ft tall. That COULD NOT HAVE BEEN TED TURNER. It’s more likely to be Captain Planet than it is to be that elitist hypocrite.

    Oh, and all the conspiracy theorizing about the Order of Malta is naive, uninformed, and in my opinion largely the result of certain individuals anti-Catholic agenda.
    Seriously you have to be Catholic to be a member of the SMOM, and Ted Turner is an outspoken anti-Christian.

    All that attention for the SMOM Knights but nobody bothers to look at all the rich, powerful members of the OBE Knighthood.
    And seriously why put all that attention into a harmless group like the SMOM, which basically only exists this point as a way for the Papacy to give out honors to notable Catholics, for obvious reasons, when there are real problematic groups out there that are literal elitist cabals, like the Bilderberg Group, Bohemian Club, Club of Rome, Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House, Council of 300, Council of Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, ect.

    As for the alleged Masonic connection to the Guidestones, I think that allegation may very well be a legitimate one.
    Long has it been theorized that the Georgia Guidestones was masterminded by the Rosicrucians, this theory has been put forth for various different reasons however the most repeated and accepted is the pseudonym R.C. Christian is short for “Rosy Cross Christian” or “Rosicrucian Christian.” (One man claimed it to be short for Roman Catholic Christian, however that was an isolated idea that currently has nothing to back up the claim, and was thrown in with a large amount of anti-Catholic ramblings) The Rosicrucians are almost entirely, at least 90% or more of them in the United States, affiliated with Freemasonry. The only official Rosicrucian Order that is active in the United States of America is the “Societas Rosicruciana Civitatibus Foederatis,” which is an officially Masonic group, made up entirely of 32nd Degree Freemasons. Freemasonry has historically been associated with esoteric organizations such as this, the O.T.O, (whose very roots were planted in European Freemasonry, until Aleister Crowley joined and moved the organization away from Masonry and towards Thelema) and countless others.

    This is where and why throwing the Order of Malta into the theory makes no real sense. The SMOM is a Catholic organization, and the Catholic Church has an official ban on membership in the Freemasons. While it could be argued that this hasn’t stopped people in the past from joining the Masons while in the Chuch, a good example would be the Masonic infiltration of the Knights of Columbus, I would still say any theory lumping the Church and Freemasons together in any kind of conspiracy is just nonsense.

    • HI. I am not here to debate anything. However, I felt it was appropriate to clarify something; there are at least two “official Rosicrucian groups” operating in, not only the United States, but, also throughout the world. One, which may be the largest and most well known, is A.M.O.R.C who’s head office is in California. It is massive and rather showy (in my humble opinion) Another group, which I am a member of, is The Confraternity of the Rose + Cross (not a he same as the “Rosy Cross”) I did A LOT of research before deciding which organization to join 🙂 just wanted to clear that up. Peace

    • JP2 removed the ban on catholics being masons shortly after P5 killed the Vatican banker for him

  12. 6 sets of numbers in the subject

  13. nothing to worry. if you have a pure soul of human, and clean from “lizard-blood” and evil, you will survive. please tell me is there any person who will support Gog Magog? so let them die.

  14. nothing to worry. if you have a pure soul of human, and clean from “lizard-blood” and evil, you will survive. please tell me is there anyone who will support Gog Magog? so let them die.

    V for Vuck ya

  15. JAM = ” Judgment All Mankind “

  16. Nice website!

  17. Nothing happened in august and ted turner is trash talking piece of garbage. I thought the loud mouth would be dead by now, oh well. The Freemasons don’t control man’s destiny any more than minnie mouse. PS the guidestones should be bulldozed they are dumber than ted ‘golly gee’ turner.

    • Are you from the future? It’s not August yet. Bulldozed? Because it says something you don’t believe? You must be religious.

  18. […] to re-examine the Georgia Guidestones.  During my research, I stumbled upon a popular site called Van’s Hardware Journal.   It posted an anonymous message with some fascinating insights into the now famous cube that […]

  19. Thanks for your post, I was researching for my latest book when this came to my attention – very helpful! Check my post http://nimrodtwiceborn.com/?p=1997 for the real reason for the date inscribed on the cube. Your anonymous source was sowing the usual misinformation among the facts.

  20. Just pointing out….Carl W Dohn had previously been Grand Master in 1986

  21. The guide stones are not about eugenics. It is intended for the future. It has space for a time capsule. The population number is intended only for the North American content. Last I checcked the present population is less than 500,000,000, so it calls for a small increase in population. But it should level off at 500M.
    The stones were paid for by my father R H Henson. A business man and shriner. The space for a time capsule was built at my request. Now that technology has caught up. The time capsule should contain: a stand alone version of Wikipedia, an electronic copy of all patents, and a copy of the Rosetta stone program/language learning tool, and the means to use the aforementioned. And/or the aforementioned in durable human readable form. That can be read without technology. Your welcome to contact me (please dont make my email or name public.) My father’s name can be public. He passed away in the mid 1990s

    • It says ‘maintain population at 500,000,000’ and does so in 8 languages.
      It omits state, national or continental population in this guide.
      Then there are ideas put forth in commonsense renewed that call for global controls on population.

  22. Thank god! I was so upset when the world did not end in 2012. The worst part was I didn’t know of any other end predictions. Now we have something to look forward to!

    • It is now April 17, 2017. The end of the world obviously didn’t happen in August. I want to state something that every Christian knows. No one on this earth, I don’t care what group he belongs to or how much money he has to spend on Granite stones knows when judgement day will be. The only being that knows that answer is GOD!

  23. In January of 2015 John Doe mentioned one Rosicrucian order. I know of at least two that not only operate in the US, but world wide. One, which is possibly the most recognizable is the A.M.O.R.C located in California. It is a bit ‘showy’ in my opinion 🙂 The other, which I am a student of, is The Confraternity of the Rose + Cross (not to be confused with the Rosy Cross). I am learning much about many things! I did A LOT of research before making my choice. I just wanted to clear that up. Peace /_\

  24. Just my opinion: R. C. Christian – Roman Catholic Christian.The superior general of the Jesuits, the black pope Adolfo Nicolas is the most powerful man in the world and it’d take the ‘military wing’ to wipe out large masses of people. He plans on resigning late 2016, will it be after ‘job done’ i wonder.

    • The stones were placed there by the Rosicrucian an ancient secret society. RCChristian equals Rosicrucian such as in the story Angel Heart, where the character Louis cypher is actually Lucifer carrying out his evil clever plan to fool his victim. That’s how evil works it doesn’t come right at you it comes from behind you sneaks up on you like a coward.

  25. Rc Christian means Roman Catholic Christian.The rulers of the world are Jesuits.

  26. The stones were placed there by the Rosicrucian an ancient secret society. RCChristian equals Rosicrucian such as in the story Angel Heart, where the character Louis cypher is actually Lucifer carrying out his evil clever plan to fool his victim. That’s how evil works it doesn’t come right at you it comes from behind you sneaks up on you like a coward.

  27. I’ve been researching as many websites As I possibly could find for 3 days STRAIGHT about the guide stones and R. C Christian, and I’m coming down to a few conclusions. One of them is what if we are all thinking way to big. The first rule or “commandment” or whatever the hell you wanna call it says keep humanity under 500 million right? What if it means humanity in America??? What if all of the problems outside of the US are a distraction to what is really happening here, so they could continue their plans low key and unbothered? Another conclusion I had was what if all of this was just some big hoax to make everyone focus on the guide stones instead of some other secret monument in our homeland that is gonna create a bigger deduction of humanity? I don’t really have evidence to support my claims, but these are just questions I have pertaining to the inquisitive guide stones.

    Thanks for the eye opener too about the stupid a** guide stones, this made me laugh actually because no matter what I put my life in gods hands. one point I’d like to make about the end of the world though is that don’t forget GOD MADE A COVENANT WITH US SAYING HE WOULDNT DESTROY HUMANITY AGAIN UNTIL THE END OF TIME. THE ONLY WAY THE END OF TIME WILL COME IS IF WE END IT OURSLEVES WITH A WW3.

    Those are just some simple questions and points I had in my brain lol.

  28. Wait, so Freemasons actually partake in masonry …. quite intriguing.

  29. The Rio olimpics start 5/8/2016 to 21/8/2016. Got a 70 year old virus that went from aches and pains to deformed kids in Rio only, though this virus is throughout the world and first isolated in africa.(Zika) luckly the WHO had the forsight and prempted this and released thousands of genetically modified mozies that were designed to cause mutations in the mozie lava, this was of course an absolute failure, so as you do with a failure you repeat it.
    It would pay people to look at the members of the club of Rome and their off chutes, club of Madrid and club of Budapest. The head of the club of Budapest, Australia is professor Ervin Laszlo and as their web page states ” an expert in the New World Order”. Look at the wealth these individuals have and their own private Panama’s, they call foundations. These people stand at the forfront of greed and tell us we are the greedy and must pay more of what little we get. The COR in their own words (ABC interview) state the rich 20% have 86% of the worlds wealth and consume 50% of the worlds resources and yet they want us to believe its the poor 80% that are the problem and that group must be drastically reduced.
    Remove the 80% with 16% of the worlds wealth leaves 20% with 100% of the wealth and resources.
    My view is 80% – 20% is a better outcome.
    Look at the COR members and their ties to the UN. Maurice Strong (agenda 21,IPCC) now dead, the inventor (amongst many others) of global warming, read his reasoning for the need for a world emergency, Rothchilds, Rockafellas, Gates.
    Remember the Rawanda holocaust, the UN yarded them up and did not fire a shot when the opposition slaughtered them, same with Serbia and the central african republic (CAR), who is the UN working for to provide a better world, certainly not those people.
    We need to get educated and question those who tell us they are here to help. There are to many coincidence’s to be a coincidence.


  30. […] Organized Crime Syndicate that is dedicated to engulfing the whole Earth in chaos, war, mass death (90% of all humans) and […]

  31. Did you know that Mart Clamp helped build the Guidestones and his birthday is 8/16?
    The Cube was in place 40 days and removed on the evening of Elul 29…the Shemitah?
    MM is 13 13…4 4 and JAM is 1 1 4 (11×4)

    Do you know that Robert Christian (the person behind the Guidestones) has the same birthday as the JAM 40 years apart?
    Do you know that 8/16/2016 is also the 9th of AV…the “Jewish 9/11 x2”?
    Do you know that MM and JAM knew each other exactly 3 years 2 month 2 days before getting married at the 3/22 monument?
    …From the last Blood Moon on 9/27/2015 to 8/14/2016 is exactly 322 days?
    …Corey Griffin, the founder of the ICE BUCKET CHALLENGED died jumping from building 44…11×4? He was born 11/4/1986; 1+9+8+6=24 and since 2 & II are synonymous 114 +114 = 228 and 8/16 is the 228th day of the year?

    Two “44’s” got married on 8/16/2014….4X4…x & + are the same symbol and X is letter 24….2+4=6
    So, 4+4=8 4×4=16 4+6+4=14.
    8+1+6+2+0+1+4=22…IIII….11×2 and 2+2=4….making 22 an 11/4.
    There are only 4 days in within a 10,114 AD year span that 8/16/14 could equal 22, 8/16/214, 8/16/1114, 8/16/2014 and 8/16/10114.

  32. JAM could also stand for “Justified Agents of MuMu” which is a secret society based on the Babylonian diets MuMu.

  33. Take the latters JAM, flip and reverse them and see what you have. JAM= WAɾ

  34. Well I guess we are going to find out today which conspiracy is false

  35. i’m not dead yet

  36. l what happened? It is 08-19-2016 and we are all still here………………..Such bullshit.

  37. Keep decoding. 8/14/16 has passed

  38. Still alive and well, friends. 8/14 has come and gone. Hopefully nothing terrible will ensue as we approach the upcoming election. Stay safe out there folks.

  39. Revelations 20:14. Look it up.

  40. WE’RE GONNA DIE! Ahhahahahah!

  41. Fuckin retards

  42. Bunch of vultures! That land and the monument belong to the City of Elbert, GA and I see nowhere that the removers had a permit to remove the block. This monument is historically interesting whether it is thought to be evil, strange good or whatever. Defacing it is a blatant denial of others’ First Amendment Rights to observe it and see what it is. If this is the standard attitude of the people of Georgia’s respect -or lack thereof- of American rights i think I’ll just avoid the state altogether and I suppose many will be relieved by that. Yes! As a war veteran who put his ass on the line to protect American Citizens’ rights I’m pretty roasted about it.

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