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In 2009 when my girls and I originally visited the Georgia Guidestones for what turned out to be my initial article on the subject, I discovered a large notch cut out of the top-right corner of the English language Guidestone. Given the considerable amount of vandalism committed over the year prior to our visit, I assumed that the notch was an attempt to topple the monument by freeing the English language Guidestone from the large stainless steel pin securing it to the capstone.

Mart Clamp, whose father sandblasted all of the letters and hieroglyphics onto the granite slabs 30 years previously from that visit, was chiseling away two-part epoxy that had been thrown onto the controversial monument in a recent act of vandalism. I asked Mart about the notch, but he said that he did not know anything about it.

Mart Clamp chisels away at vandalism in 2009.

I could find no previous photographs of the notch even though I found photographs taken by other visitors to the site earlier in 2009. Additionally, I found the following video from December, 2008, posted by an anonymous vandal. The notch is not visible on the English language Guidestone at the time of the video.

Promise to The New World Order at The Georgia… by neverknwo

Elberton Star publisher Gary Jones is a local expert on the granite edifice. While interviewing him in 2009 about the Georgia Guidestones, I mentioned the notch. Gary was not aware of the notch at that time and he told me that he would report my information about it to the local authorities.

A view of the recently cut notch in November, 2009.
A second view of the notch.

On September 11, 2014, I was contacted by a reader, Brian, who had recently visited the Georgia Guidestones. He said that the notch had now been filled with a granite cube etched with the numbers “20” and “14” on the two exposed sides of the cube. Brian sent me the two photos below.



I contacted Gary Jones about the newly added cube and he passed along the information to the Elbert County Sheriff’s Department. Whoever placed the cube into the notch did not do it as part of any officially sanctioned activity. It will be interesting to see if the block is removed in the next few days.

The cube appears to be professionally created out of a type of granite similar to the Pyramid Blue granite used to construct the Georgia Guidestones.

Mart Clamp, owner of Clamp Memorials, has the tools, materials and expertise necessary to manufacture the block. When I first met him five years ago, he was chipping away at the monument with a hammer and chisel almost directly underneath the newly created notch, as you can see from the first photo in this blurb. I have tried to contact Mart about the block, but to no avail yet.

“My long-term goal is to build some sort of festival around it, something that would be a weeklong thing that could be held in two or three different spots around Elberton that could really draw in crowds and help the local economy,” Mart said in a New York Times piece published about a year ago.

Given the overt and explicitly apocalyptic nature of the Georgia Guidestones, it is understandable that many people have already expressed alarm over the recent addition to the monument of new component bearing what certainly appears to be the current year. War, social unrest, ebola and global chaos have many people on edge.

Interestingly, the word “Isis” was scribbled all over the monument at about the same time that the “20 14” cube appeared inserted into the Guidestones’ notch, a notch that had been vacant for five years. The mention of “Isis” alarmed local authorities enough for them to contact the FBI, according to a local news report.

Our initial analysis of the monument five years ago demonstrated a link between it and the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. In fact, our analysis introduced the words “caliphate” and “Mahdi” long before they became mainstream with the emergence of ISIS. ISIS declared a caliphate early this summer. And the occult overtones of “ISIS” are obvious.

You can see all of our Georgia Guidestones research here.

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  1. The “ISIS” graffiti was in reference to the Egyptian god Isis, not the self proclaimed Islamic state.

  2. Is there a connection between these stones and Ted Turner and ISIS?

  3. I am almost positive Robert C. Christian is Robert Carter Cook. Here is a link to some of my research:

  4. A little more insight into this situation: The official story is that some guy stopped by on 9/11/09 and somehow removed the cube from the top of the stone.

    Then he showed up early in the morning 5 years later. The police were called. He admitted he had stolen the stone years ago, gave the cube to the arresting officer, and was promptly arrested and charged with two felonies.

    Here is the story:

    I thought that was pretty strange, so I called Elbert county. I was told that the “2014” cube was considered to be vandalism, and will be replaced with the actual missing piece. No date has been decided upon.

    I’m not too sure about the conclusion of this video, but the rest of it is pretty amazing. I think it’s the best thing you’ll find on the subject so far:


    • Excellent news! Thanks!

      We need to find out the motive for the notch maker and whether or not he or his buddies added the “20 14” cube. Is he associated with the Rosicrucians? Does he know R.C. Christian?

    • The video link you shared from YouTube is considered as ‘private’, can you please give me the ability to have a look into it? (since you hadn’t minded sharing it in this comment section).

      Thanks in advance.


  5. Robert C. Christian is Robert C. Cook:

    Check this out:

  6. Hi Van,

    Do you have any opinion on the article, “The Georgia Guidestones Guides the Stone”.

    It was written by another mystery man that visited the Elberton Star in 1997.

  7. …..aaaaaand…’s gone. I just saw a video of the new cube being removed… Any theories?

    • We can’t overlook the possibility that the cube was placed by or for a couple (MM and JAM?) who got married on 8/16/2014, perhaps at the monument. In fact, a lady told me that she got married in the shadow of the edifice many years ago.

      Additionally, occult rituals are conducted at the Georgia Guidestones. I was told that sometimes groups of people will secretly come to the site at night, throw ropes over the capstone, climb on top of the monument and sacrifice animals, burn candles, etc. It could be that the cube was placed to commemorate one of these rituals or for some other personal reason.

      The man who cut the notch in 2009 was caught and arrested a couple of years ago. The removed section was recovered. I have been trying to find out more about that man including:

      * What was the ruling in his case?
      * Did he serve jail time? Is he still in jail?
      * Was he a member of a cult?
      * Did he claim to know R.C. Christian?
      * Why did he cut the slot?
      * Who were his accomplices and why were they not charged?
      * What kind of tools did he use and how long did it take him to cut out the section?
      * Is he a stonemason?
      * There are several photos in 2009 that appear to show that cuts for the notch were made into the Guidestone, but the section was still in place. Why was the section left there for months?
      * Is it possible that the man who cut out the notch was behind placing the cube?

      • Check out professor doom 1 on you tube. He interviews his on the phone and asks several of your questions. His main channel will have the videos where he debunked this guy’s claims and his back up channel (link in his description) on his last video

      • I am on the fence if this man is a fraud or not. Check out Professor doom 1’s channel on youtube, debunking his claims. Also, Michael Massenelli answered some of your questions via a Skype call with professor doom 1. I hope it helps with your research.

  8. The cube was removed

    We now know what were engraved on each side of the cube: 8, 16, 20, 14, MM, JAM

  9. Hi Van,

    Did you read the article “The Georgia Guidestones Guides The Stone”?

    • I saw a Youtube video where the article was supposedly read aloud.

      The Georgia Guidestones has attracted several diverse groups of people who had nothing to do with the monument and who have attributed their own specific meanings to the site. The man who contributed money for the rose bushes does not write like Robert C. Christian, who is more direct and pragmatic, at least in his book. However, I would have to study the article to form a more definite opinion.

      R.C. Christian did want the original monument to be a seed that would grow through the addition of many more Guidestones, but that did not come to pass.

  10. The article makes clear that he is probably one of the Americans involved with R. C. Christian. From pages 89 to 96 they talk extensively about you in their book “The Georgia Guidstones America’s Most Mysterious Monument.

    Here is the article exactly as it was written…

    The Master of the Rose

    In February of 1997, another mysterious stranger found his way to Elberton, Georgia on a mission. But this man did not go to the Elberton Granite Finishing Company, nor to the Granite City Bank, instead he went straight into the office of Carolyn Cann. At that time, Cann was the weekly editor of the local newspaper, The Elberton Star, and had followed the events surrounding the Georgia Guidestones mystery very closely.

    The man, who never revealed his identity, went to Cann to persuade her to become the caretaker of a trust that he wanted to set up to beautify the property that the Guidestones stood upon. The man insisted that the monument should present itself as more of a “Christian-oriented prayer site.” She consented, though she was confused as to why she had been singled out for this task, and the man donated a quantity of money sufficient to allow for the planting of rose bushes around the monument. He then submitted an article to her describing in detail his motivations for donating his money and promised to return soon to furnish the funds required to place benches at the site.

    Cann never heard from him again, but a copy of the article that the mystery man wrote is still on file at the Elberton Public Library, and it provides further insight into his own theories as to the true meaning behind the Georgia Guidestones. Describing itself as “Article One of a Series,” the text is titled “The Georgia Guidestones Guides the Stone,” and it is here reproduced in its entirety:

    What is the mystery? Does it point the way to a new age or to an old age returning? What is “THE COMING AGE OF REASON? Why did the benefactor call himself R. C. Christian? Why was he anonymous? What did he know about what or WHO was to come? Why is the use of Granite Rock important? Is there a technical reason the Guidestones are constructed from granite? If so, what are the reasons? Why Blue Granite?

    Why did Master Jesus say he would build his church “On The Solid Rock.” Was it literal? Is that “solid rock” the solid granite of The Piedmont Region and the granite outcropping? Where is the center point of the outcropping and does it extend outward like a pebble in a pond or like radio waves?

    We are told that “in the beginning was the word.” Could it be that at the turn of the century is a new beginning and that the Georgia Guidestones are like a great key that turns the wheels of a clock to reset time. Could it be that there are clues in the word to point or guide a way to a new understanding that is contained within the word?

    Word and sound go together like guidestones and guides the tone.

    Word and sound go together like stone mountain and tone mountains Was it not sound that brought the wall of Jericho down?

    Will not sound and frequency shatter a kidney stone and heal disease?

    Cannot a beautiful soprano voice shatter glass with the purity of her tone or tender the woundings [sic] of a suffering soul with the same tone?

    What is the relationship between the Georgia Guidestones, Stone Mountain, and the Piedmont Granite Shelf? Does it truly Guide the tone, and tone the Mountain? Are they not all “The Solid rock.” Is solid granite rock not also crystalline formation? Is not crystalline formation required in the transmission of sound waves and tone in the transmission of frequency and radio waves?

    Is it coincidence that the Georgia Guidestones can be accessed by traveling through Hart (Heart) Count? Did not Master Jesus give his Heart to the Earth? And is not Heart and Earth the same word when the first (H) becomes the last Hear/earth?


    The Georgia Guidestones must become a sacred place. It is placed there for a very specific technical, religious, and geometric and astronomical reason. A great garden of life life, life more abundant, life must be planted there with evergreens and roses roses roses, roses red, roses white for the blue rose to come.

    “IF YOU BUILD IT! HE WILL COME!” A beautification and care fund has been set up by an anonymous benefactor into which all Christians are invited to contribute in the name of Jesus The Christ, The Savior of Mankind, The Greatest Master of Time itself. The endowment fund will be solely dedicated to the care of the garden that is to be built for the Great Master.

    Many will begin to meet the Miraculous at the Stones That Guide and Miracles will Meet those who come to the Garden To Pray for Guidance like the Great Master once prayed at Gethsemane before the Great Resurrection and Ascension. Miracles will com upon the wind. Miracles will come upon the Sun that Rises. Miracles will come in the song of the bird. Great healings will begin to occur there.


    I will continue to unfold the mystery in articles presented to and through The Elberton Star. It is the Star in the East and I am simply a friend of THE MASTER OF THE ROSE.

    You may send your non profit donations or endowments to Carolyn Cann at the Elberton Star who has been asked to manage the beautification project to bring the Garden into Being and make the Stones that Guide a Sacred and far less mysterious place.

    (End of Article.)

    To date, no other donors, Christian or otherwise, have come forward to add to the beautification fund, and a single, bedraggled rose vine is all that remains of the roses that were planted “for the blue rose to come”. But that rose and the mimeographed copy of the anonymous man’s article remain as reminders of the clearly profound effect that Elberton’s most mysterious monument had on at least one man.

  11. After reading the article, I am more confident that this was not written by the author of Common Sense Renewed which is more or less the official book to accompany the monument.

    The author of the “The Georgia Guidestones Guides the Stone” writes like a pop-Rosicrucian or Alice Bailey disciple, with flowery words, religious symbolism and heavy use of analogy and metaphor.

    Robert C. Christian does not appear to be very religious and his writing is much plainer and pragmatic.

    I would not be surprised if the two people knew each other, however. Quite a few people met “R.C. Christian” and he oversaw the construction of the monument, in direct contradiction to the romanticized official story. Additionally, B.F. Coggins, a local business leader in the area, claims that he selected the spot for the monument and the spot was chosen for financial and promotional reasons.

  12. Ya,

    I think it was written by one of the members of the group “who seek the Age of Reason”.

    In the future we’ll see if any more stones get erected. They aren’t finished.

    We’ll see if they were what people thought.


  13. Its still coming. The dribble about the “mysterious, evil, destructive” features of the Georgia Guidestones. What a pile of bovine dodo passed in parrot-like fashion by a bunch of self appointed would be conspiracy hunters who present their unfounded epiphanies as their prophecies for the benefit of their own kind. What a pile, what a pile.

    Those who know better are laughing at their stupidity.

  14. Speaking on The Mind’s Eye podcast on the 35th anniversary of the Guidestones’ unveiling, in March 2015, the builders of the monument reveals the true origin of the mysterious 2014 cube and never heard before information about the original installation process. Chris Kubas, Vice President of the Elberton Granite Association dispels some of the rumors, myths, and conspiracies.

  15. […] a tenuous connection to Islam. of which connection seems somewhat less dubious when reading blogger reported what appeared at the time … >>> on September 11, 2014, I was contacted by a reader, Brian, who he had recently […]

  16. […] connexion semble un peu moins douteuse quand vous lisez ce que ce blogueur a dit à l’époque […]

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