Mar 092013

On our way home from the airport last night at around 3AM, my wife and I spotted a strange animal scurrying away from the road in a very rural area of the Ouachita Mountains. It was about the size of a small house cat or a skunk, but it was broad — almost square from above — with the corners of the square providing locomotion at about the speed of a slow human stroll. The animal was no more than six inches high and had no obvious head or tail. It was covered in black or dark brown fur which appeared to be short and dense; there were no markings. In other words, it appeared to be a black, furry, walking square. My wife, Kathy, said that it reminded her of a monstrous, four-legged caterpillar.

Unfortunately, we were unable to photograph the creature. My wife told me that she saw an identical animal earlier last night, but about fifteen miles away. I was born and raised in Arkansas and I have lived most of my nearly fifty years here. I have a lot of experience with local animal life. If fact, a few months ago I had a flying squirrel scamper up my bare leg in our backyard late at night. However, I have never seen anything like the creature we observed last night.

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  1. it was me 🙂

    • If you didn’t have a tail and identifiable head and you were black, then you’d match what we saw pretty closely.

      My children refer to the animal as a pillow pet, since it resembled the toy/pillow (albeit a headless version).

  2. You are right last week Thursday late night drive on I-65 hwy before about 15 miles before pine bluff ,ark from fla ivizit mom in okla I not expect that strange creature animal runcome pass close my front car and hard see face but I saw.
    Body low 32 inches to 4 feet andlong5 feet leg like fast run power with no tail and lightblueskin or light gray it real like 100 mph run I almost hit strange creatures animal. I know no one 100 mph animals. I know only cheetah75 mph. It itchin my head what that please help me.thank you so be it!

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