Jul 182012

After announcing shipping delays, Google’s first tablet computer began arriving in the hands of owners this week and anecdotal reports suggest that the defect rate for the Asus manufactured device is high.

On the XDA Developers website, 140 users have responded to a poll asking where their defective Nexus 7 came from.  That message board thread currently has 35 pages of responses.  Most of the reported defects involve problems with the 7-inch IPS display: poor image quality, light leaks, dead pixels, improperly seated display and image ghosting.  Many users report substandard manufacturing and quality control issues.

UPS delivered our 16GB Nexus 7 yesterday with an unworkable touch screen defect.  The tablet often does not register screen touches, but when it does, phantom touches occur constantly, often triggering an avalanche of unwanted actions.  After a great deal of effort, I was able to install Multitouch Tester, an application that will display all currently registering screen touches.  The application revealed that a ghost touch is being registered at a fixed location near the center of the screen.

When we attempted to contact Google to report our defective tablet, we were greeted with an automated response discouraging us from staying on the line due to current call volume.  We did not hang up, but it took 50 minutes before our call was answered by a customer service representative.  The lengthy hold times further suggest that Google is struggling through a rough product launch of the Nexus 7.

UPDATE: Our Nexus 7 touch screen problem has worsened enough so that we can no longer unlock the device from the initial Android lock screen.  Google’s device return procedures are somewhat Byzantine and buggy, but apparently a replacement device will eventually be sent to us.  However, we have not received a shipping notification yet.


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  1. I thought ASUS made better quality products than what seems to be with the Nexus 7. Maybe just maybe Google will learn a lesson from this experience and just stick with software and nit venture into the hardware business.

    Just my 2 cents..


    • I’m so sad. I purchase two tablets. One for my Daughter for her birthday which was 11-15 I gave her the table and 16 days later would you believe it I started having problems. Staples said I couldn’t return it because it was pass the 15 days. This is a joke. I have now returned the table to Asus. I was told the warranty only covers shipping one way “wow’ now it the waiting game. I’m not sure what to do because I brought another one as a christmas gift and I’m not sure this other tablet will be a bad tablet as well. I’m wondering should I just cut my lost’s and return it to staples before the 15 days and buy a mimi i pad. Yes it cost more but it’s also a sure product. I have about 8 days to make the call.

      • That’s a tough decision. If it works, the Nexus 7 is a pretty nice tablet. At this point in time, I think I also prefer Android to iPhoneOS. I have also noticed lately that my children usually reach for an Android device before picking up an iPad, which is a statement to the emerging maturity of the Android Market. The Nexus 7 has a GPS and iPads don’t yet (unless you buy one with a cellular modem). The Nexus 7 is less expensive than an iPad mini.

        On the other hand, the iPad has not been impacted with the same level of quality issues as the Nexus 7.

        As a general rule of thumb, electronics usually fail immediately or very soon if they are defective, so it might be worthwhile for you to test your second Nexus 7. I’d be surprised if both of your Google tablets turn out to be defective, but there are reports from other people of this happening.

      • Miya, i also bought a Nexus 7 from staples for my daughter for her b-day. I purchased it 10/24, gave it to her 10/27 and here it is 11/29 and it has been broken for about a week. She only came to me with the issue 2 nights ago as she left it “sit” for awhile thinking it needed a break. (She’s 11) We’ve had it 5 weeks. It doesn’t go past the initial colored x screen. It started the prob by freezing screens. It makes a buzzing noise followed by a pop than goes back to to the colored x screen…over and over. Something is seriously wrong. I spent an extra $50 for the 2 yr. extended warranty. I want my money back. I want to get her the ipad mini. Taking it back tomorrow. Wish me luck.

  2. I have the problem with bright lights bleeding from the left side of the display…. original order was placed on the 27th of June following the keynote, it took a full 3 weeks to arrive only to have my unit be broken. Now I get to wait on Google again to send a replacement and who knows how long that’s going to take… This is the worst internet purchasing experience I have ever had and I will think twice before ordering from Google play in the future

    • Of course it took three weeks. The device wasn’t released until July 15th. Which means you got it in two day’s.

  3. You dont need to install a separate app to tell you where the “ghost” touches are coming from.
    go to settings ->developer options, and turn this on
    once you do this, youll see a host of options
    there are two options which when checked displays on screen where touches are occuring:
    Under Input:
    -Show touches – shows a white circle wherever your fingers touch
    -Pointer location – shows a crosshair on your screen as well as a trace of the path of your swipes

  4. In the middle of left side rim,the plastic popped up a little bit,making annoying sound.

  5. Nexus 7 get frozen once a while.

  6. Returned my second Nexus7 and asked for refund. They received the second one on8-27-12. Now I am trying to get my refund and getting the run around. Today is 9-21 and I am not a happy consumer. I purchased a Galaxy 7″ pad and am very happy with it. I liked the Nexus when I could get them to come on.

  7. This issue has a video on it, as long as you don’t have your finger on the device when you come out of sleep its fine. The issue takes place when you have your finger on the Nexus 7 screen before coming out of sleep. Returning them will not fix this, its a software bug that needs to be addressed. Dont believe me try it for yourself. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BOTU75DBUA&feature=player_embedded

    This is the issue that is proven to be the problem. Some of you people crack me up. Its a bug in the software. Stop returning your device just keep your finger off the screen when turning it on and coming out of sleep mode until they fix it. If its to much for you to do then then return the device. Otherwise stop the madness.

    • The Nexus 7 has multiple touchscreen issues. The one I reported is a hardware problem and there are many other people who have encountered it. The replacement Nexus 7 I received does not have the issue. However, a similar touchscreen problem will occur if the charger is attached to the device.

      • Since its software update, if you watch that video and do the same you will replicate the problem. Every Nexus 7 can replicate this issue. I have unboxes boat loads of them. A patch must be released to fix this issue. Go head and give it a try :).

        • Are you talking about this video that you linked to above, with the comment that says:

          UPDATE 7/28/2012:

          I was finally able to get GameStop to replace my Nexus 7. My new Nexus 7 does not exhibit this issue or any of the other touchscreen responsiveness issues I was having. I believe my issue was hardware related and not something that will be fixed in a software update. Either way I am happy with my replacement and think that the Nexus 7 is an overall great device.

          I added the bold for emphasis.

  8. I understand the desire to mediate posts, however, why isn’t there desire to encourage discussion here? Shouldn’t you display most all posts? Knowledge (on both levels) springs from such, ya know?

    • Except for spam – and there is a lot of spam – I accept 99.9% of all posts. In fact, I’ve only rejected one or two comments ever and I can’t remember when I rejected the last comment.

      It’s possible that a few legit comments have been lost in the spam filters, but I’m pretty careful.

      However, I will reject or redact comments containing profanity or other material that is inappropriate for children.

  9. I got five thin horizontal lines on the screen. which is very disgusting which working on this google nexus 7 device…
    Is anybody have update or how can I go further with this. Any action suggested..


  10. Mine generates phantom touches if touched within a certain area. This makes typing really painful. I am going tro return the tablet.

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