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Chevrolet has uploaded to YouTube a 2012 Super Bowl advertisement for its popular Silverado line of pickup trucks. Based in a post-apocalyptic world foretold by the Maya, the ad shows a surviving Chevy Silverado emerging from the rubble and driving past a series of end-of-the-world disaster movie cliches while Barry Manilow’s Looks Like We Made It plays in the background. At first glance, the commercial appears to be clever and funny. However, it contains much more subtle and diabolical occult symbolism. The commercial can be viewed below. It is best watched in full screen, HD quality so that all of its details can be seen.

The white truck eventually meets with three other Chevy pickups. The Red and Black trucks appear to be the same year and model as the white pickup, while the fourth truck is a much older, beige Chevy. The four drivers represent the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the destructive forces of Conquest, War, Famine and finally Death, all unleashed by the Lamb, Jesus Christ, in John’s Book of Revelation.

The driver of the white truck has a dog in his backseat wearing a harness that resembles the clothing of the Rider of the White Horse in Victor Vasnetsov’s painting. The Rider of the White Horse represents Conquest. Some see him as the Antichrist, others as the Islamic Mahdi. Of course, some people consider the Mahdi and the Antichrist to be the same person.

The driver of the red truck represents War and he announces the death of “Dave” a possible reference to King David’s people, the Jews.

The driver of the black truck is a black man holding a box of Twinkies which he offers to the driver of the white truck. He is the Rider of the Black Horse and represents famine. Hostess, the maker of Twinkies, filed for bankruptcy last month (see here).

The slim man wearing a grey jacket who drove the old stepside Chevy (that resembles an aging, emaciated horse) is silent. He represents the Rider of the Pale Horse who is Death, the last of the Four Horsemen.

The scene switches to an overhead camera showing a seated fifth man, initially almost invisible, who is holding something that he has been reading. He represents Christ, the Lamb, who can be seen next to a book in the background of Vasnetsov’s painting. Christ unleashes the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse when he breaks four of the seven seals of God’s scroll initially held in God’s right hand. Near this seated man is a triangle, showing his relationship to the Trinity as Jesus.

At the end of the ad, frogs begin to rain from the sky yet the five men maintain their positions at the five points of a pentagram.

There are several other symbolic references in the advertisement, some serious and some not. For instance, the newspaper features a Mayan pyramid with an eye-like glow above it, recreating the famous Illuminati symbol found on the back of the U.S. one dollar bill. There are also homages to a few popular computer games. However, the occult meaning of the commercial clearly is the arrival of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and this message is not meant to be clever or funny, but is consistent with our research into the Georgia Guidestones and the arrival of the Mahdi.

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  1. Van Smith I respect your opinions on these sort of things but what if you are wrong about who R. C. Christian is and what the Georgia Guidestones are really about. I think people may have misinterpreted what R. C. Christian meant on the Guidestones and in his book. …it was never meant to be easy

    The fifth paragraph down on the first page says:

    “Like primitive farmers, I place these ideas on the threshing floor of the public forum where that which is useless or in error
    —the straw, if you will—can be separated by the flails of critical discussion. I am hopeful that when the residual chaff has been
    winnowed away there will remain a few kernels which can be added to the store of human wisdom in a manner that will con-
    tribute to the general welfare.”

    I think he purposefully put these bad ideas or “Chaff” in the book and on the Guidestones.

    It has always been easy for people to pick out the bad ideas from the good ones. They made the mistake in thinking the bad ideas were real and the good ideas were fake but it was the other way around. The book was always the key in figuring out the mystery of the Guidestones.

    If there really are secret groups that want to enslave humanity then maybe there are also secret groups with good intentions that would interfere.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

      Yes, there are two occult sides that oppose each other: Cosmos and Chaos. However, their ultimate goal is synthesis.

      Many Muslims view the West — particularly the U.S., Israel and Great Britain — as Chaos, sower of discord and under the control of the Freemasons, while they view themselves as Cosmos, harmonious order under Islam.

      It appears that the overall, master occult plan is for the Mahdi to emerge victorious and establish a global theocratic government with a new global religion that is a synthesis of Islam and Christianity. However, billions will die and the New World Order that is supposed to emerge will be an oppressive, totalitarian, theocratic technocracy.

      So, the point I’m trying to make is that while there are two occult sides opposed against each other, neither is good and both are working for the same final results.

  2. The super bowl itself is a major illuminati spectacle. Its site in Indianapolis the home city of the Eastern Star female branch of Freemasonry. But where is the proof thats its about that? Lets start with the MAdonna halftime show complete with a GIANT “M” and Nikki Menage wearing an “M” over her who ha with a STAR prominently beneath it.

    Madonna herself is a member of that order and also represents; Isis, Semi Ramis, Coronis, ASTARTE, Ishtar, Lillith. Thats why the whole intro was an ISIS spectacle and display. It also represents the age of aquarius since that revolves around those fems and doctrines.

    I dont really closely watch the superbowl anymore since I FIGURED OUT IT WAS RIGGED. I have not failed to not only pick the 2 participants for some 20 srtaight years, BUT THE OUTCOMES AS WELL all based on masonic and organized crime money schemes. Freinds wont watch the game with me because I always spoil it for them. Its the same with the BCS.

    I’ll give you this example: last years debacle with the Steelers & Packers aka: the MASONIC “G” (Lombardi was a very HIGH DEGREED MASON and so was Curly Lambeau) vs the team from the city (Pittsburg) that was the site of the 33rd masonic lodge established in the US. It was wholly masonic.

    I picked the winner based on racial bias as any team last year from a “black american” associated city was whacked. That started with the Atlanta Falcons who HAD THE BEST RECORD IN THE NFL being ASSINATED IN martin Luther Kings HOME CITY ON HIS ACTUAL BIRTHDAY. Then it was the New Orleans Saints who with a 4 game better record than the Seahawks were forced to travel accross country for that. Seattle is a very white people city. Green Bay is too.

    This year, 2012 the Mayan year of; THE RETURN OF THE WATCHERS (not end of the world). The watchers are the fathers of……THE GIANTS that Genesis 6 talks about. Boston was the city of the FIRST and OLDEST masonic lodge in the US. See how they do this. Watch how it ends. It will be revealing, look at the numbers of the final score just as the 21-0 was in the BCS. 21 is very occultic and a number of high majik.

    The number 9 had popped up by halftime. 9 is an ANAGRAM 6. They always tell it in numbers. The date for instance; 5th. 5 is the FEMALE NUMBER OF DEATH 6 is the male one. Since this is a female masonic celebration this year, it had to be on the 5th. ALSO, the Giants first aooearance in a superbowl was in 87 (8+7=15 aka 555 which is female for 666). Then that was superbowl 21. They hide nothing. WATCH THE SCORE. The numbers will total 33, 21, 31, 13 either appart or together. IT NEVER FAILS. You may have to get this by inverting the numbers (9 > 6) as the anagram thing will be big.

    • Thank you for your interesting post. Certainly, Madonna’s performance was saturated with Kabbalistic/Masonic symbolism and I agree with many of your observations.

    • Kevin,
      Thank you for a great post. I agree with all of it.
      I would only add that the Mad-Donna Half time show was pure ritual and the end of it seemed like it was a summoning ritual. So much could be said of it, but that would require that I watch it again which would make me vomit.

      I also predicted the Giants would win on the same basis, that it would be a Nephilim victory. LOL.

      Thanks Van also, for an insightful post.

      • Husband and I saw a program on The History Channel (I think) caelld something like, Templars in America could have been a different series. Anyway, they discussed these guidestones and the mystery surrounding them. One of the interesting aspects of the program was the possible reasons as to WHY they chose to place them in the particular spot they are in. Doomsday/end of the world enthusiasts have found that the guidestones are supposedly in one of the few safe zones in the United States you know when there’s all that fire and brimstone and floods, this will be high and dry ground. I wish I could remember the exact show because I am not really doing it any justice here!

  3. You guys are totally nuts. I know, personally, the art director and the team who did this ad. We are laughing our asses off at the stupidity of these suggestions. I mean, it’s just ridiculous. I can assure you that the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse were NEVER a focus of our team meetings. The trucks were chosen to represent Chevy’s primary current product line (a 3/4 ton, a 1/2 ton king cab, and a 1/2 ton extended cab) and a truck from the past (because even the oldest Chevy’s are still running) and in the colors which most of these trucks are ordered by customers today. Look, I know you guys won’t believe me. I don’t really care. But for everyone else like me who doesn’t want to fall down the rabbit-hole of PURE FANTASY, I thought it would be useful to bring forth these completely obvious facts that you have chosen to ignore. It is true that other references to “end of the world” MYTHOLOGY have been intentionally used, but THAT IS THE POINT OF THE SPOT! It’s a JOKE and you guys are too stupid to realize YOU are its BUTT.

    • Thank you for your post. However, symbolism for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse is very obvious and overt in the ad. You might want to ask your friends if any of those people who had creative control over the commercial are Masons, were members of Masonic college fraternities like Kappa Sigma or members of other related organizations or follow the Kaballah. However, they might lie to you. In any case, you’ll be surprised to find out that such people hold critical decision making positions everywhere in our society, but particularly so in the media and entertainment industries.

      Whether you want to believe it or not, the Chevy Silverado commercial was deliberately themed around the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Study it objectively and that conclusion is inevitable.

      • That conclusion is only “inevitable” if you choose to ignore that I am giving you information direct from our team meetings. And no, there wasn’t a single Mason in the creative group. But look, I see you sell advertising on this website. I know you have to pitch YOUR message the same as Chevrolet has to pitch theirs. Your readers expect this kind of thing, so I guess you have to supply it…

        • Although this website was once popular for our computer technology coverage and analysis, I make very little money from it. I own a business and, if anything, the material on this website over the last two years does not help my company. I’ve written many of my recent articles because of our important discoveries involving the Georgia Guidestones.

          I’m sorry that I can’t open your eyes to the obvious.

          BTW, aren’t you a lawyer in Texas? I don’t understand your claimed connections with the Chevy commercial.

          • Yes, I am a lawyer in Texas, creepo. Nice stalking. Try some more to see if you can figure out the connection. Everything I said about who I am and how I know these things is true.

  4. OK, Van, I have to tell you, this is EXACTLY the problem with the whole truther movement today. People like you, who inject conspiracy into EVERY place that you think there’s a connection.

    I’ve been a truther AND an ad agency guy for 20+ years.

    Truth finder before it was ever a movement, but I’m slowly shifting away because of people like you, all the morons from the other side are now here, infecting the truth like a cancerous tumor.

    And, me being a Creative Director at agencies just like the one who did this Chevy ad, I can tell you first-hand, how No Name described it, is EXACTLY how it works when they sit in creative briefs and brainstorming sessions. What you do is your creative team will sit and hammer out every idea that they can pertaining to a particular subject OFF THE TOP OF THEIR HEADS, then they injet PRODUCT SPECIFIC variables in there, that most people wouldn’t pick up on because it’s BRAND SPECIFIC information, but important to the brand itself in the subconscious mind of the consumer. Oftentimes in a big ad run like this, they’ll crossbrand or make jokes, kinda like easter eggs in games, music, etc…

    I can point out another one that you completely missed that exemplifies EXACTLY that point. Twinkies… but you’re too wrapped up in conspiracy to have picked up on that.


    It was a bunch of creatives sitting around have a great time, making light of a subject that many people are talking about in the world, they used it as a vehicle to get attention to their product.

    After-all, that’s the point of advertising, to get people TALKING and SPECULATING about ads, but not jumping into the ocean of insanity, which you clearly have.

    Oh, it’s sad, what the truth movement has come to, a big f-ing joke because of people like you who won’t accept TRUTH as TRUTH.


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