Feb 282012

I updated Skype recently to version and I have had three straight calls that were dropped after 30 minutes, 24 seconds. This did not happen with previous Skype versions where I could maintain calls for hours.

Microsoft purchased Skype last year for $8.5-billion and the service has been balky on several occasions since then.

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  1. the same thing has been happening to me, although sometimes the calls are dropped much faster than 30 mins…the older version seemed to work perfectly…why, do you think???

    • I’m not sure. I had a total of about 10-12 straight calls over the course of several days that were each dropped after 30 minutes, 24 seconds when suddenly the problem vanished right after I redialed the last dropped call.

      I read Skype’s terms of use and fair usage and although there are call restrictions for subscriptions (10,000/month, 6 hours/day, 50 numbers/day), they are far beyond what I ever achieve.


  2. Same things has happened 3 times in a rows just now

    • I eventually quit using Skype because of this problem and switched to Google Voice which is free for domestic calls, has more features and does not drop calls (at least not nearly as often as Skype).

  3. I have been experiencing the exact same thing. 30 minutes, 24 seconds and, “poof!” disconnected. This has happened several times in a row now. Very frustrating indeed. Too many people experiencing the exact same thing for it to be random. WHat’s up with this Skype?

  4. To be so lucky to get 30 minutes and 24 seconds my calls drop after 15 minutes. This only happens when i call a land line/cell phones. It’s really annoying because I work in an area with garbage cell reception so i use skype all the time for my business. I’ve started to have to warn clients that we’ll be disconnected after 15 minutes. I’ve used skype for a long time since before you were able to call phones and i really liked. But with this consistency of dropped calls i’m going to have to look for another service probably google talk.

  5. YOu’re lucky you calls last that long. Mine drops after 2-3 minutes. When you call the person back it goes straight to voicemail. Sometime you’d call someone and you can hear that person talk, but he cannot hear you.

  6. It happens to me too, and when the call is dropped, I am disconnected from the internet.

  7. I used to have this issue all the time with Skype. I think it has something to do with using the program over wifi, since there wasn’t an issue when I would hardwire my computer. But I hate hardwiring a laptop 🙁

    Sorry I cannot help you with Skype, but I wanted to reply, because I started using Kuvi and I love it. Rather than using an internet connection or wifi, it goes through the phone line. I have been using it for a few months now and have never recieved a dropped call or “lag”.

    Good luck, I hope your problem gets fixed. If not check Kuvi out: http://www.kuvicall.com/

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