Jan 262012

The talented Blue Grass group The Cleverlys covers the Bangles hit Walk Like an Egyptian and the result is comedic genius that sounds great.

The spastic, twitchy, hilarious and gifted drummer is “Digger Jr. Jr.” who has been missing from the band for nearly two years. Whatever happened to him, The Cleverlys need to bring him back because DJJ makes the band truly special.

Here’s a more recent video sans DJJ where The Clevelys truly improve upon the Black Eyed Peas hit I Gotta Feelin’.

The range of the Cleverlys is unlimited as demonstrated by their rendition of Hocus Pocus by the 70’s Dutch band Focus. Focus, strangely like The Cleverlys, dwarf contemporary pop bands in terms of raw musical abilities and have seen a rebirth in popularity in recent years.

The Cleverlys are a fictional band purportedly from the Arkansas hills. The lead of the band is Digger Cleverlys played by the comedian Paul Harris who really is from the Arkansas Ozarks.

As a final video, here is Owner of a Lonely Heart.