May 022011

Sixty-six years after the official announcement of Adolf Hitler’s death, the President of the United States celebrated the successful assassination of Osama bin Laden on the Pagan holiday of Maypole day.

Ignoring the guilt or innocence of Osama bin Laden or whether or not he actually died years ago as some allege, deliberately slaying a man without a trial for a crime that he officially denied is wrong.

America, your heart has been turned. Not only do we officially accept the common application of torture, but now we celebrate when our government deliberately kills a specific person only on a suspicion of guilt.

Dear reader, God forbid that our government should ever suspect you similarly.

God, please forgive our nation’s people. We have turned away from Christ.

  17 Responses to “State Sponsored Assassination is Wrong”

  1. God sponsers nor gives the right to any man, nation to kill.

  2. Guilty if the government says so? Think twice about what you celebrate.

  3. bin Laden was not a ‘head of state’ so the assassination argument falls flat. bin Laden was more like a general which makes him a legal target of the military.

    • Osama bin Laden disclaimed any responsibility for the 9/11 attacks. Indeed, he suggested that the attacks were carried out as a false flag operation.

      • And of course being a just and admirable man, he is to believed whole-heartedly.

        • *to be believed.

          • And who gets to decide if you are “just and whole-heartedly” and, ultimately, whether you deserve to live or not?

          • I see your point. The SEAL team should have just presented bin Laden with boquets of flowers and an engraved invitation to visit the Whitehouse. And maybe give him a comittee seat on a panel exploring religious tolerance. Even better, put him in charge of our foreign policy and relations with Israel. That’s the ticket.

          • He was an old, sick, unarmed man executed in front of his family. He posed no threat. He could have been easily subdued by any single member of the American team.

            If he indeed was responsible for the 9/11 attacks (despite his denial) and other violent acts against innocent civilian targets, killing him was illogical because he surely possessed valuable intel.

            Again, you are arguing for a precedence that you do not apparently understand. The same treatment given to ObL could be given to you despite your guilt of innocence.

          • None of us were there that night. None of us really know what happened and we won’t unless vid/photos are released. There were many stories of the account released different that the first. To believe any of them as the absolute truth is fallacious. Stating an opinion on something that isn’t an absolute fact doesn’t say much of your opinion. Oh, and the next time a SEAL team busts through my door and leaves me living, I’ll be the first to tell you.

  4. Hi van,

    Did you notice how the western media is trying to connect OBL with Pakistan, and how he (OBL) was plotting another attack in his Pakistan hideout? Gerald Celente was spot on, the US military is itching to start an all out aerial bombing campaign of Pakistan… These people are a bunch of sick psychopathic murderers. It really baffles me what in God’s name are they trying to achieve?!?!?!

  5. Are any of you American? Have you forgotten how many died at the hands of him? Have you or someone you know die on account of him?

    GO to hell you fuckers.

    • Anonymous, While I share your sentiment on bin Laden, calling people names is poor form. I suggest you apologize to Van and the rest of us.


      NOT Anonymous

  6. Are any of you American? Have you forgotten how many died at the hands of him? Have you or someone you know die on account of him?

    GO to hell you fuckers.

    • It would have been nice to see ObL stand trial.

    • Additionally, assassinating Osama bin Laden establishes a dangerous precedent in that the U.S. Government could have you killed without a trail simply on a suspicion of guilt.

      9/11 was terrible for all Americans, but certain people have used that tragic event to expand their powers in constitutionally (and morally) undermining ways.

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