Mar 062011

A NASA scientist claims to have discovered fossil evidence of microscopic extraterrestrial lifeforms. Like earlier, similar claims from NASA involving Martian life, this evidence originates within rare types of meteorites.

The evidential image below is taken from a report by NASA’s Richard B. Hoover.

Photograph of purported microscopic Martians

Photograph of purported microscopic extraterrestrial life

  2 Responses to “NASA claims evidence for extraterrestrial life again”

  1. It has been amply demonstrated time and time again that Life above and beyond the human exists.
    However because of the multi-TRILLION dollar/ruble/pound/shekle/franc/mark/yen make-work projects and wastage by NASA and the Pentagon and their foreign allied counterparts, such life forms and their role to play in Earth’s evolution are continually and conveniently neglected and negated, even through death and murder at times.
    For manual on meeting such life forms please read:
    How To Contact Space People
    Ted Owens PK Man

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