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Over the last decade, my wife, Kathy, and I have become increasingly cautious about exposing our children to the full government recommended battery of vaccinations. We understand and appreciate that inoculations can save lives, but we also recognize that each jab presents risks, so unnecessary vaccinations are to be avoided. Moreover, these risks are compounded when many different vaccinations are combined over a short period of time.

Several years ago, the mainstream media reported a measles outbreak in the U.S., so I asked Kathy to get the children vaccinated just to be safe. However, it was very difficult to obtain the measles vaccine outside of the potentially thimerosal-tainted MMR jab (thimerosal has since been removed from most MMR stocks).

Although I had contracted the measles as a child and, like most people, it was not a serious problem for me, I knew that complications could arise and I didn’t want to put our children at risk.

It took months, but we finally found a source of thimerosal-free measles vaccine and Kathy had our doctor vaccinate all five of our children.

Within days, all of them became ill simultaneously. It was immediately obvious that they had contracted the measles from the vaccine.

The measles vaccine is an attenuated live virus, so we had expected some degree of illness, but it was significantly worse than we had expected. Still, after several days the children began to recover, so we were relieved that none of them had become seriously ill.

However, something much worse then developed.

After tending our sick children for several days, Kathy suddenly became very sick with the measles. Within only a few hours, blood was pouring out of her right ear: her eardrum had ruptured, which is one of the more severe measles complications.

Kathy had contracted the measles from our children who had become ill from their vaccinations. This happened despite the fact that Kathy had taken the measles shot several times before.

Although Kathy recovered, I felt awful. She had not wanted to get the children vaccinated in the first place, but I insisted. The result of my persistence was that my entire family became sick — except for me, thanks to my natural immunity — and my wife’s eardrum burst.

Today, the media is promoting a new measles scare. What many reports fail to mention is that measles can be spread from those people recently vaccinated. The reports also fail to mention that you can contract measles from the measles vaccination and that some cases can be just as severe as naturally contracted measles.

If you are in a similar position as my wife and I were several years ago, I would strongly recommend avoiding the measles vaccination unless significant outbreaks are occurring in your area. And even then, you need to prepare for the potential ramifications from the vaccine, ramifications that can be quite severe. On top of the illness risk, the vaccine does not even provide lasting immunity, as Kathy’s experience illustrates.

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  1. So, let me see if I got this right: you delayed vaccinating your children, they caught one of the diseases you didn’t vaccinate them for in a timely fashion and now you consider this “proof” of… what, exactly? That all the governments of the world are trying to kill the human race? Aliens, maybe? I really don’t know, anymore.

    Your logic does not resemble our Earth logic, my man.

    I was a regular reader of your site back when it was a regular hardware news site. It was one of the better ones, I think. But then something happened (some family tragedy? Please forgive me for not recalling the details of what’s evidently been very cataclysmic to you) and I watched in fascinated horror as you descended into… well… this, really. This whole site, whatever it is supposed to be.

    I still drive by maybe once a year in the hope that you’re back to your old self. From the total lack of any responses on the site, I’m guessing I’m one of a few who do. But I guess you have server logs to tell you that in much more detail.

    Please come back.

  2. Thanks for your feedback.

    No, our children did not catch measles from anywhere except the vaccination. There was never a measles outbreak in our area.

    Our children contracted measles from the measles vaccination. My (vaccinated) wife’s eardrum burst because she caught the measles from our children, whom she tended while they were sick.

    Again, the measles inoculation is a live, attenuated virus. Its side effects are all of the commonly recognized symptoms of the measles and its complications.

    My account of our experience with the measles vaccine will hopefully allow others in our position to make appropriate and more informed choices than we did.

    Regarding our site I am not actively focusing on building traffic. I’m using it more as a true journal. However, site traffic is surprisingly strong. We used around 20GB of bandwidth in February and had between 800,000 and 900,000 hits.

    • THANK YOU for posting about your experience. I’m sorry your wife and children got so sick. I hope you (and your family) are wise enough to never get another vaccination EVER again. Please read why:

      Dr. Andrew Moulden (Interview): What You Were Never Told About Vaccines
      Jul 21st, 2009 | By Jeffry John Aufderheide

      6.) What is the basic information underlying your claims and what is the foundation of your beliefs?

      Germs simply are not the only root cause of death, disease, and disorder. I have now conclusively shown that ALL vaccines, from infancy to geriatric, are causing the exact same brain damages irrespective of what disease or disorder comes out. The damages are specific to end vascular “mini strokes” that are beneath the resolution of our neuroimaging, but measurable in a before/after vaccination protocol. They are also directly measurable in real time – however, this involves techniques and technology I have not disclosed to the public as yet.

      Remarkably, wild polio, pre-natal German measles, measles, tetanus, “Spanish flu”, etc.. all caused the exact same damages in the pre-vaccine era. We simply did not appreciate that a generic response in the human body was causing the paralysis and respiratory failure and more in from a non-specific immune response and instability of microscopic blood flow hemodynamics.

      We have weakened viruses and bacteria, injected them into all of us and caused chronic illness and disease in an attenuated form, this is how these pathogens have always caused harm. It is the bodies response to foreign things entering it, especially under hypersensitivity states, that is causing neurodevelopment disorders and chronic illness and much more.”

  3. Thanks for this article! People are so blind to the negativity of vaccines.

  4. I think the aggressive sarcasm and ad-hominum attacks that your first responder used to “discredit” your experience sum up the entire nature of this debate. In absence of concrete facts proving the safety of vaccination (which is not the same as concrete facts proving their lack of safety) people degenerate into a series of fear mongering analogies or, worse, personal attacks against those who express the slightest caution. At the heart of this, I think, is a simple truth: parents make choices for their children, and sometimes they make the wrong choice. Sometimes the “wrong” choice is to vaccinate, and sometimes it is to choose not to vaccinate. In a world with so much uncertainty and with unavoidable risk, it is our job to assess relative risks and make an informed and rationally based decision. I found your entry measured in its tone, reasonable in its approach (a choice to vaccinate when you perceived a risk) and logically sound (given that the vaccination caused the illness, you feel that more people should be aware of this risk and weigh it against the level of risk of a natural infection), and I am disheartened that the word “logic” would be perverted as I see it perverted in the mean-spirited and fundamentally irrational response seen above.

  5. Hi, really interested in your experience with the measles vacine. My 2 year old was given the measles vacine and 7 days later was extremely ill with full typical measles symptoms, the ears, the full body rash, this horrific hacking cough etc etc the doctors quarentined us believing it was true “wild” meaasles as they didn’t believe that such a strong reaction could be the result of the vacine. My husband was given an immunisation shot before he was allowed to return to work and both my children had nasal swabs taken for testing. We were told that my daughter tested positive for measles and that they were going to do further tests to see if it was wild measles or a reaction to the vaccine. Every day a nurse came to our rural house to see my daughter during her illness, but now its been 2 months and no one will talk to us about the outcome of this test. Every phone call from the Health board was restriced ID so I can’t call them and my local GP just changes the subject. I don’t think that its any kind of conspiracy but I do believe they like to keep these side effects quiet. I understand that vaccinations are good things and horrific diseases are now protected against, and I woul;d hate to think that our experience could stop someone imunising and that child gets ill, but what I don’t like is the fact that there is no warning for a reaction that is this serious.

    • Medical societies maintain secret financial ties to drug companies

      To expand upon this, we took our children into our Georgetown, Texas, doctor several years ago and told him that they had whooping cough and that we wanted to test them. He flatly refused. We told several of our friends who had come in contact with our children to check for whooping cough symptoms. One family’s children became sick at that time and were tested positive at a clinic for whooping cough.

      We believe that our children contracted whooping cough from a previous visit to our doctor; a poorly supervised child in the waiting room had whooping cough symptoms and he was literally climbing over everyone waiting to see the doctor.

      Furthermore, two of our children who became ill had already been vaccinated.

      It appears certain that our doctor was trying to cover up the whooping cough outbreak. We reported the outbreak on our site before any media organization in this area did.

      A few years later, several of our children developed what was obviously mumps. The doctor stated “if your children had not been vaccinated, I’d swear they have mumps, but this must be just another, harmless viral illness.” My wife then told him that the children had not been vaccinated for mumps, but the doctor refused to change his diagnoses.

      The drug companies have many doctors in their pockets. It’s hard to find a trustworthy doctor anymore.

  6. Hello,
    Our 12 month old received her MMR and exactly 11 days later came down with the measles. Including 106 fever, rash, cough, runny nose etc. It took the doctors quite a while to figure it out, even though I kept mentioning, “hey, couldn’t she have gotten the measles from her vaccine?” They all assured me that she could not but eventually had to concede that she did indeed have measles. They all were shocked as they thought this was too rare to even consider….but there she was…splotchy and feverish with respiratory issues. I’m not yelling “conspiracy” I just think this is more common than we are led to believe but is often misdiagnosed.
    This JUST happened, btw, so it is all very fresh in my memory.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience here. I hope your child has recovered fully.

      The measles vaccine contains live viruses and the jab is supposed to give the children it is administered to a weakened case of the measles. However, as my wife’s severe experience demonstrates, the infectious agent is potent enough to make someone just as ill as if they had contracted measles normally if that person is initially exposed to enough of the “attenuated” virus.

      As a rule of thumb, the severity of an infectious illness corresponds closely to amount of infectious agent the person initially encounters; however, the effects can be magnified if the person’s immune response has been suppressed through existing illness, fatigue, etc..

      Your experience with your doctors is not at all unusual. Several years ago, our children became sick with what was obviously the whooping cough. My wife took our children to the doctor to get tested for whooping cough and the doctor flatly refused. Despite this, we told all of the families who might have been exposed to our children while they were sick to get tested for whooping cough. Unfortunately, the children of one of the families soon became ill. They visited a public clinic that tested them positive for whooping cough.

      A few weeks afterwards, the local Austin media finally admitted a whooping cough outbreak in the area.

      Many doctors have a willful blind-spot to the negative effects of inoculations. It’s common knowledge that pharmaceutical companies give very generous rewards to doctors who dispense their drugs; perhaps this largess makes many doctors unwilling to rock the boat regarding the vaccinations they dispense.

      Regardless, never be fearful of your doctor. Educate yourself, speak your mind and carefully scrutinize the medical treatment you are paying for.

  7. What are your thoughts on the predictied Measels outbreak this year due to international travelers to sporting events occuring in the UK and the Ukraine this year? Areas currenty combating a Measels outbreak.
    I have a 3 year old who has had most of his vaccines via the alt schedue but I have not gotten him the MMR.
    We live in Austin, btw interesting coincidence, I happened upon ths site via a google search.

    I have been researching how to get him a measles only vaccine but have come up empty. He had a severe reaction to his last dose of DTaP and I stopped vaccinating.

    I want to make informed decisions not choices based on fear.

    • The summer after we got the measles vaccination, we got the mumps in the Austin area. During the time when we would have been exposed, I had been to two places in the Austin area, HEB and Target. We were clearly exposed and contracted the mumps from shopping at those 2 places. Of our 5 children, our youngest three had not had any mumps vaccinations. The two youngest children contracted mumps and had very few problems, our middle child, who was not vaccinated never showed symptoms and our two oldest children, partially vaccinated for mumps showed no symptoms. I contracted the mumps, as well. I was vaccinated against the mumps in the early 90’s prior to serving in the Peace Corps. My vaccination would have been 15 years old and I did not have the mumps as a child. Yes, I seemed to suffer most from the mumps at our house. There is a good book, “How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor” by Robert S. Mendelsohn, which talks about the most common reactions to diseases which are commonly vaccinated against today. The scare tactics that standard medicine uses are to tell you about the rare side effects to a disease. It’s not clear to me whether there is an equal trade off between the rare side effects of the disease and the “rare” side effects of the vaccinations; the well-documented cases of severe reactions to the vaccines.

      My personal feeling and opinion is that it is only a matter of time before the diseases will mutate so that the vaccinations are no longer protecting against what is going around. So, I do not believe that a measles vaccination necessarily protects against what you may be exposed to. The best protection is a healthy/strong immune system. When it has been compromised, then the vaccine can cause damage. If the immune system is strong, then the body fights the disease well.

      This is a site that I have found very useful in learning more about vaccinations.

      • Kathy, I wholeheartedly agree with your statement ‘The best protection is a healthy/strong immune system. When it has been compromised, then the vaccine can cause damage. If the immune system is strong, then the body fights the disease well.’

        Thank you for posting the link. Please read this one.

        Dr. Andrew Moulden (Interview): What You Were Never Told About Vaccines
        Jul 21st, 2009 | By Jeffry John Aufderheide

        “10.) In your opinion, what percentage of vaccines cause adverse effects?

        It is in my considered opinion, all of them. I can now show the evidence to back this up. The damages have been clinically silent, but we are all being harmed along the same continuum from clinically silent to terminal disorders and diseases, across all organ systems. However, my ability to measure and prove my point, for the moment, is locked in on the brain functions and neurobehavioral and neuropscyhiatric and neurological conditions primarily.”

    • Also, I was persistent in calling locally about finding a measles only vaccination. They are available. You would need to call pediatricians’ offices until you find one that is willing to work with you. Of course, we did this several years ago and it may be more difficult to find an office willing to do this. I started by calling pharmacies to find out whether they could order the measles only vaccine.

      I will say that we regret that our persistence resulted in being able to get the measles only vaccine. My eardrum is damaged.

      Hope that helps.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I haven’t had my 3 year old vaccinated at all. I googled “can my non vaccinated child catch measles from a vaccinated child” because we spent a day with my friend’s 12 month old the day he had the shots and now my boy has a temperature. It was just my intuition to research. Hopefully it’s just a bug but thanks so much all you guys for sharing your experiences. This is the kind of info we need to hear. Listening to personal stories will create a truer picture of the effects of vaccines.

  9. I’m a bit late in coming to this conversation–late in part because the self same thing happened to my third born back in 1996 when I allowed myself to be strong armed by a nurse at the health department into giving my son the MMR (long story–I was rarely this easy to manipulate) three months too early. I also allowed her to give him more than one vaccine at a time and I suspect this didn’t help. I’d run into problems with this nurse previously and this time she was determined to “win”. I was having one of those days in which I was off balance and didn’t feel like I could trust my own judgement for a variety of reasons (all of which later became much ado about nothing).

    He came down with a full-fledged case of the measles ten or so days later. It was a lousy couple of weeks, made worse by the fact that we didn’t have health insurance at the time. I called the health dept to let them know (it seemed like the right thing to do). The response–and I suspect it was the same nurse–was “Yep. That happens sometimes. Have a nice day.” And she hung up.

    I remember standing there with the phone in my hand, so angry I was shaking. For the first time it truly registered with me that they didn’t care about my son’s well-being–only in my compliance. While I had never been a conformist (Friends affectionately called me a free spirit) before that point, I promise you no one ever strong armed me into doing what they thought was best for my children after that. I was never that off-balance again.

    Anyway, thank you for posting this. I’ve told more than one person this story over the years and have seen the disbelief in their faces. It’s nice to know I’m not alone.

  10. My daughter also had this same reaction to MMR within 2 weeks.. Here are the details. I am wondering if her blood will test positive, since she received the vaccine.. But she has all the classic symptoms and signs. People need to be more aware of the this, specifically the doctors and people who stand so much behind this vaccine. They need to improve this system!

  11. “despite the fact that Kathy had taken the measles shot SEVERAL times before”
    Why Kathy?. Why?

  12. I too Caught the measles from my daughters vacine and suffered a ruptured ear drum, people do need to be aware and look at why the measles is spreading, when you have gone through what i have. having more vacinnated children and the measles is spreading worse !

  13. I had the measles, Had to get MMR twice through the years to show proof for school and work, now at 50 going to grad school had to show proof of 2 doses- only could find the proof for one dose years ago, so I did the titer- positive for mumps. rubella, and varicella, and guess what, not rubeola- which I had as achiled and hd been vacinated against at least twice. So have to retake the rubeola- so the proof of immunity or continuance of antibodies is not a guarantee- so does everyoe who has to take these for work purposes need to be continually tested for antibodies or given boosters regularly- if not then the prupose is defeated for having to take them in the first place. In other words the people working at an organization having me to take vaccines surely aren’t all now with antibodies at a postitive level- so they should be tested and required to take vaccines for those diseases where there is ngative antibody level-

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