Mar 112011

One of the strongest earthquakes ever recorded struck 230 miles east off the coast of Tokyo earlier today. The most powerful quake to hit Japan in over 100 years, the massive shock has triggered tidal waves that are racing across the Pacific and that have already wrecked devastation onto many areas of Japan.

At least 32 people have been killed and destruction is widespread. The earthquake struck at 2:46 PM local time.

The earthquake’s timing so soon after the sun’s recent bought of volatility may suggest a connection between the two.

The catastrophic 8.8 earthquake that struck Chile around this same time last year was predicted based upon incoming solar coronal mass ejections (CME’s).

The sun’s recent activity triggered rampant speculation among sun watchers that a large earthquake was imminent. A direct prediction of a Japanese earthquake made about two weeks ago can be found here.

  3 Responses to “8.9 magnitude earthquake strikes Japan; CME’s involved?”

  1. Hi Van, I think Paul Laviolette made a similar correlation comment about the 2004 Asian tsunami and a star that went supernova… Galactic Superwave Theory.

  2. CMEs definitely can put a strain on the earth and make earthquakes or volcanic eruption more likely. Not a great deal of time to prepare from the time a CME happens and it strikes earth though. And predicting where on earth and how soon after it may cause a reaction is no simple task. If NASA put out a warning after each observance I wonder how many people move to high ground or away from a volcanoe for a few days.

  3. […] writer believes a CME could be responsible for the massive earthquake that hit Japan in March. This person […]

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