Feb 062011

One of the most popular Internet message boards in the world appears to have suddenly and unexpectedly shut down. GodLikeProductions, a nexus of Internet conspiracy discussion, has disappeared and in its place is a somewhat mysterious message:

The Kingdom of God is inside you, and all around you, not in mansions of wood and stone. Split a piece of wood and I am there; lift a stone and you will find me.

For the book has been closed, The names have been written, Judgement cometh.

And it was known to them in those days that there would come upon them the judgement of the children of God, who had lived among them as men and learned of their ways and tested their hearts.

While much of the material on “GLP,” as it is commonly called, borders on lunacy, the site has been invaluable for news because it is empowered by thousands of worried, obsessive and, ultimately, sharing people who constantly scour the Internet for substantive news, trying to find meaning and understanding within the many millions of digital voices that compose the Web.

The closure appears to be permanent because the current GLP message ends with a link to a “goodbye” recording.

If GLP is in fact gone, we lose one of the most important places on the Internet to gather and discuss current events anonymously.  GLP has been a much better place for news than CNN, MSNBC, FoxNews or any other mainstream news site.

On the other hand, the current, strange outage could be the result of hackers. GLP has built up many enemies over the years. It might even be a publicity stunt. There is no doubt that the site is crawling with paid disinformation agents including a number from within our own government.  Some critics even claim that GLP is an intelligence operation.  Nevertheless, discourse has remained mostly free and open there.

In any case, here’s hoping GLP’s farewell is only temporary.

In the meantime, it is safe to assume that thousands of paranoid GLP regulars are panicking right now.  End-of-the-world-doom was a favorite, obsessed upon topic of discussion there.

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  1. ~ Dear Van,

    ~ Thank you for your kind words concerning _SOME_ of the denizens of GodLikeProductions forums, as well as the unkind words towards others. And, yes, most likely other members like myself are bugging out as well, to be currently ‘cut off’ from our favorite ‘fix’. One of the unique things about that discussion forum is that you get to know your fellow posters and sometimes quite well. You come to care about them because they are your friends… because discussing current events or conspiracy topics that are never disclosed within mainstream media will LOSE you friends in the ‘real world’. The closing of the site, with the posted message that is up will more likely than not, signal to many of us that something terrible indeed has occurred, OR is ABOUT to occur… Life will go on… OR… _WILL_ IT??? lol 😉 Regardless, I thank you for posting this story, making others aware of the significance of it, and openly exploring the possibilities behind it’s sudden closure. Should other GLP’ers come across this message while seeking knowledge about GLP’s closing down, let us hope and pray together that we will soon be reunited on our beloved forum, but should it not, for _WHATEVER_ reason, let me take this time to say to you one and all, should none of us ever meet again, I LOVE YOU and I WISH YOU WELL… <3

    ~ Sincerely,
    ~ Heather, a.k.a "BloodRed" – GLP Member. February 6th, 2011

    • GLP is still down.

      It will be hard for another site to take its place. There are three things that made GLP special: anonymity, its simple format and its community. LunaticOutPost (LOP) provides the former two attributes, but not the last. AboveTopSecret (ATS) has a large community, but does not allow anonymous posting and does not have the Wild West atmosphere of GLP. I also find ATS less efficient to navigate.

      If GLP is truly history, we have to come up with an alternative quickly. World events are moving fast and GLP was the only place that i found that could begin to keep up with them.

      • As everyone from GLP is aware, the site was criticized by many who suspected that it was an intelligence operation.

        A scenario under the current conditions that would support this allegation is if a major planned “event” occurs today. With GLP down, many people who relied upon it for fast breaking news updates will be lost. Additionally, the equally important dialog that was carried on there often accelerated analysis.

        In other words and if this conjecture is true, GLP might be a honeypot to lure in all of the Internet’s busy bees of news gathering. Exploding this pot, at least temporarily, significantly disrupts news propagation and analysis. This would be very useful during a large “false flag” event in order to limit the chance of blown cover.

        I certainly hope this line of thinking is off-base.

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  3. i am lost and wandering aimlessly now at their demise. hopefully it is temporary.

  4. When you try to go to GLP/chat it asks for a password now…..

  5. Come on over to https://www.gunsgrubandgold.com/forum/index.php very informative and better than GLP!!!!!

  6. google “godlikeproductions tavistock”

    if it is gone, good riddance.

  7. I will miss the site. Sure there were some crazy things on there but for sure breaking news and discussion of it was great!

  8. glp is a division of fema via hls. It is funded by the tavistock institute. Jason Lucas aka “trinity” works for the military, there is much documentation of this, much has been removed from google,but still some is availible. The site is used as a honeypot as well as a social experiment, a thermometer if you will.

    The site in its quest to keep this secret, bans anyone who hints to the above fact. As of late the site was under “attack” ie. people who know what the site really is trying to warn the average user of just what “it” is. You can research this with Google aka IOA a darpa division.

    Seemingly several people were able to bypass their “security” repeatedly and it got to the point where the FEDS could no longer control the word being spread that the site is a government {ie. division under the central bank} controled site.

  9. Actually, for a short time before the current, final message was put up, Trinity said that it was bad enough when his life had been threatened, but when the lives of his family and relatives were threatened, it was the last straw for the Godlike Forums and that was why he was closing it for good…

    • There is also the possibility that the recent melodrama is a smokescreen to provide an excuse to close the site, either temporarily or permanently, in order to promote confusion and disrupt communication prior to a false flag attack.

      If this were the case, the wave of confusion could only be relied upon for a short time. If there is not an event by the end of Monday, then this line of thinking is probably invalid.

      Another consideration that diminishes the likelihood of this theory is that no other major website has closed and there hasn’t been any “Night of the Long Knives” style silencing either — at least if you don’t count the recent Wheeler murder.

      However, there has been an elevated level of “chatter” involving a Super Bowl related attack, so that sporting event bears watching closely.

    • trinity and most all of the moderators are “actors” if you will, all psyops fort bragg trained material…nothing that happens there happens by accident.He is trying to use typical schff/bernays psychology against “fearful” people in order to get them to narc on the “hackers”….these lies he tells are just that, tall tales.

  10. GLP, being an open forum that it was, not only focused on alternative subjects, but also allowed some pretty good grassroots coverage from its’ members when it came to current events. I was following Janey’s Egyptian uprising thread for the past week, and now nothing. Say what you will about GLP, I loved it as a jumping point for topical research.

  11. Have no fear.
    GLP will be up and running soon.


  12. Trindity was finally caught in his alianality. He pulled the wrong punches against the wrong people. Either you are for US or against US. RIP GLP

  13. their back, but constantly fighting to keep the ruse going… friends don’t let friends use glp unless they know what they are into

  14. IMHO
    glp / lop = one entity trying to make double the money. (possibly that other site as well.)
    Send the “refugees” to your other (less popular) website to get the money ball rolling in two (or three) directions.
    The drama = income.
    And what is up with cafetrinitysandpoint.co?????? promoting Janey, but supposedly banning her very name on the site?
    lop says it is a total coincidence that JL owns lop. com. (DON’T go there! red hot with something my virus protector didn’t like.)
    the definition of the word lop is a total coincidence as well. (as in lop off a branch)
    It is a conspiracy site people! It behooves them to create fabulous conspiracies. The whole cia/ tavistock/ government watching/tracing, the huge fighting and soap operas between mods and owners… it is to keep you coming back for more. And it works…. VERY well.
    The DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD YOU READ ON THIS WEBSITE is pretty obvious… it is not illegal if that is what they are doing … I haven’t decided yet whether it is unethical. There’s a sucker born every minute should be part of the disclaimer there, though! . AGAIN…only IMHO.
    P.S. I have NEVER posted on glp.

  15. Oh the drama.

    GLP was not a good place for news or truth, It was a place full of fantasists, liars and the delusional. Jason(Trinity) fuelled the drama on a daily basis by just making stuff up. The paranoia on GLP was shocking, I’m sure many there were seriously mentally ill.

    Essentially it was a place where a ‘tard could announce the Sun had turned lime green and have everyone agree and anyone that looked out of the window and declares all to be normal would be called a Gov’ shill and paid debunker. Then there would be 20 pages of how TPTB are hiding the lime green Sun from the masses. In other words horse shit.

    Good riddance.

  16. Hope it comes back up very informative. The enemy is busy,but with god
    all things are possible.

  17. How right some readers are, on the right track. ZetaTalk revealed the truth about what is going on at GLP and, not surprisingly, almost or all attempts to post this ZetaTalk answer there are doomed to fail, TrInItY is having none of that at his site, no truth.

    In a nutshell: TrInItY is in bed with the CIA and other intelligence agencies, doing their dirty work while pretending GLP is open to all. It is not. Just ask most ZetaTalk fans if they can post the below ZetaTalk without having their IP address banned. Most of them will tell you that yes, if they try to back up ZetaTalk they are banned!

    The DDOS attacks are being done by TrInItY himself! This is being done to justify his very sudden desire to sell the site. He is making about $200,000 by his own admission, easy money. So rather than just slink away, quietly, he is loudly making a big deal about attacks he is doing himself to give an excuse for selling!

    Are various conspiracy sites on the Internet actually run by persons or entities working directly or indirectly for the CIA or other government intel agencies for the purpose of spreading disinformation or implanting spyware? Absolutely. The establishment, who has utilized the CIA and other intel arms for decades to serve the ultra-wealthy or corporate interests, wants these sites at its disposal for various reasons. They wish to test disinformation campaigns on the gullible public. What flies, and what meets ridicule, is determined. They wish to counter the truth with their disinformation. The truth, and its messengers, are ridiculed by paid individuals who cloak themselves in many different internet personas, so it seems the ridicule is coming from a broad base.

    GodLikeProduction was purchased from Elaine after it had already established itself as a dynamo of intelligent discussion on breaking news. It was the site to go to at the time. Reshaping it only slightly, Trinity allowed GodLikeProduction to retain its status and reputation, while simultaneously instituting the new agenda. He was already expert at both hosting disinformation and distributing spyware, both in a manner transparent to the user. Competing conspiracy discussion forums were not allowed to be mentioned, nor was any site that discussed the known history of the new GodLikeProduction owner. But while hosting weekly live ZetaTalk chats, and giving Nancy moderator rights so she could police her chats, extensive ridicule of the ZetaTalk message was, however, allowed. Meanwhile, those who were identified as fans of ZetaTalk were banned from posting.

    What happens when such discussion boards must change their focus? The election of Obama brought new marching orders. Harsh treatment of ZetaTalk fans, and the message, was no longer a priority. Those with one foot in the past, those who were sympatico with the Bush administration’s agenda, simply failed to institute a change. Their excuse was that the public would notice, and be suspicious. Warned that they would have to change or die, Trinity adopted a stalker, known as Stevie. That this man was then arrested by the FBI on January 19, 2009 for statements against Obama is not surprising, as Trinity learned via his CIA contacts that the FBI was seeking Stevie and simply made claims that Stevie was also stalking Trinity. All this would have allowed Trinity to sell GodLikeProduction at that time, if it proved necessary.

    But the Obama administration was busy trying to keep the nation from flushing down the toilet after the Bush Wall Street crash and tarp bailout in the fall of 2008. Trinity went back to business as usual, until Obama’s plans to announce the truth about the presence of Planet X, aka Nibiru, in the inner solar system. Intense DDOS attacks that brought GodLikeProduction to its knees were invented as the excuse for why Trinity would have to sell and move on. Someone hated him, or so it seemed, but the attacks were perpetrated by Trinity himself. Obama set out to make the announcement in September, 2012, and the first DDOS attack was in December, 2012. Once again, the apparent success of the cover-up crowd to prevail over Obama allowed Trinity to return to business as usual.

    Now the DDOS attacks are back. What relationship does this have to recent cover-up supporters such as General Allen being flushed out and removed from influence? Clearly Trinity is keeping his options open, giving the impression that the FBI will arrest the perpetrator, who is again someone who hates him – a competitor. Watch the progress of these ongoing attacks to see which way the announcement barometer sways. Or will GodLikeProduction manage to change its tune when the announcement proves the ZetaTalk message correct, all these years? Can something that dirty become clean? Trinity and his handlers frankly doubt it, and are likely to arrange a quick sale to a reformer. http://zetatalk.com/ning/09mr2013.htm

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