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1.Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
2.Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity.
3.Unite humanity with a living new language.
4.Rule passion – faith – tradition – and all things with tempered reason.
5.Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
6.Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
7.Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
8.Balance personal rights with social duties.
9.Prize truth – beauty – love – seeking harmony with the infinite.
10.Be not a cancer on the earth – Leave room for nature – Leave room for nature.

— The Georgia Guidestones

This evening I will appear on the season finale of the History Channel’s new series Brad Meltzer’s Decoded. I was interviewed for that program to discuss my findings on the Georgia Guidestones monument located in Elbert County, Georgia.

I will briefly summarize my research in this article. For more background information on the Georgia Guidestones, see my original piece here.

In November, 2009, I uncovered incontrovertible evidence linking the Georgia Guidestones to the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world completed last year and nearly 30 years after the Guidestones were erected.  This secret foreshadowing of the remarkable tower in Dubai stunned me and led me to dig much deeper into the meaning of the strange Georgia monument modeled after Stonehenge.

The Georgia Guidestones

The Georgia Guidestones

It is immediately evident to even the most casual observer possessing only rudimentary understanding of modern occult beliefs that the Georgia Guidestones is the product of theosophy, a term that encompasses the Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Alice Bailey’s New Age movement and overtly Satanic cults inspired by Aleister Crowley.

It is written hieroglyphically with numbers and images; and the Apostle often appeals to the intelligence of the Initiated. “Let him who hath knowledge, understand! Let him who understands, calculate!” he often says, after an allegory or the mention of a number.
– Albert Pike, Morals and dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry

Recognizing the theosophical inspiration for the Georgia Guidestones, I knew that numerological messages might be hidden within the design of the monument since numerology is very important to theosophists. Given that much of the monument was built by proxy – the mysterious designer, “R.C. Christian,” provided the metric dimensions for the monument, the specifications of its astrological features, a model and a list of his ten guidelines for a post-apocalyptic world – it was most likely that messages would be encoded into the dimensions or raw proportions of the Georgia Guidestones component stone slabs.

The stories surrounding the origins of the Georgia Guidestones are murky and inconsistent, but one thing that is not in dispute is that R.C. Christian specified the dimensions of the Guidestone slabs in meters, which was an oddity in Georgia back in 1979 when he met with Joe Fendley, Sr., the 32-degree Freemason who owned the granite finishing company that eventually built the monument. The diagram below illustrates the metric dimensions (and resulting proportions) specified by R.C. Christian for each of the monument’s three component groups.

Georgia Guidestones measurements

Georgia Guidestones measurements

Note that taking measurements of the slabs by hand is tricky due to their rough-hewn, rock-pitched surfaces formed by men bashing them into shape with sledgehammers. R.C. Christian specified this primitive finish to provide the monument with an ancient appearance. Fortunately, R.C. Christian disclosed the two primary metric dimensions of the four Guidestones in his book Common Sense Renewed. Each Guidestone was designed to be two meters wide by five meters tall. The remaining metric dimensions of the various Georgia Guidestones components are then evident by examination of the English unit measurements provided at the site. Additionally, we carefully measured the thickness of the English language Guidestone by hand and it was precisely 0.5 meters from finished edge to finished edge.

The metric measurements specified by R.C. Christian are then:

Capstone: 0.5m x 2m x 3m
Center “Gnomen” stone: 0.5m x 1m x 5m
Each of the four Guidestones: 0.5m x 2m x 5m

The corresponding proportions then become:

Capstone: 1 : 4 : 6
Center “Gnomen” stone: 1 : 2 : 10
Each of the four Guidestones: 1 : 4 : 10

If any component would have an encoded numerological message then it would be the four Guidestones. Each of the Guidestones has the proportion of 1:4:10, which immediately brought to mind the date January 4, 2010. I then discovered that the Burj Dubai would be opened on that date.  The Burj Dubai, now called the Burj Khalifa, is by far the tallest building in the world and it strongly resembles Babylonian ziggurats, the building style that many believe was used for the Tower of Babel.

The Burj Khalifa

The Burj Dubai (now called the Burj Khalifa)

We also discovered that the former emir of Dubai, Sheik Maktoum bin Rashad al Maktoum, died unexpected during an Australian trip on January 4, 2006 (1/4/6) which corresponds to the proportions of the Capstone of the Georgia Guidestones (1:4:6). The death of Sheik Maktoum led to the ascendency of his brother, Sheik Mohammed, to become ruler of Dubai. Sheik Mohammed is directly responsible for the construction of the Burj Dubai, now called the Burj Khalifa. Sheik Mohammed’s building spree was a pursuit that nearly drove Dubai into receivership before being bailed out by Sheik Khalifa, the leader of neighboring Abu Dhabi.

Still, while those two connections were extraordinary, they were not beyond chance, so I looked for an indisputable connection between the two constructions. The most significant aspect of the Burj Dubai, the tallest building in the world by over 1,000 feet, was its soaring height, so I tried to see if the height of the tower were also encoded into the Georgia Guidestones.

For numerology to carry any weight, the messages have to be encoded in obvious ways. The most obvious way to encode the height of the Burj Khalifa is by combining the proportions of the three component groups. I did this as follows:

Capstone: 1 + 4 + 6 = 11
Center “Gnomen” stone: 1 + 2 + 10 = 13
Each Guidestone: 1 + 4 + 10 = 15, but there are four Guidestones so taking this into account: 1 + 4 + 10 + 4 = 19

Oddly enough, the three derived numbers are all prime. Multiplying them together, I got:

11 x 13 x 19 = 2,717

I initially derived this number in November, 2009, and all sources at that time claimed the height of the Burj Dubai was only 2,684 feet. Most damningly, the 2010 Guinness Book of World Records, which we purchased in late November, also listed the tower’s height at 2,684 feet, some ten meters short of the number I derived.

Because any encoded numerological message had to be “hidden in plain sight” for it to have any meaning, I resolved myself at that time to the fact that the height of the Burj Dubai was not encoded into the Georgia Guidestones and that any connection between that strange monument and the Burj Dubai was tenuous.

However, on January 4, 2010, Sheik Mohammed had a surprise for the world: the actual height of the tower, renamed on that day as the “Burj Khalifa” in honor of the sheik who bailed out Dubai from bankruptcy only a few days earlier, was not 2,684 feet as had been widely believed, but was actually 2,717 feet, the exact value I had derived from the Georgia Guidestones over a month earlier!

Moreover, 11, 13 and 19 are the prime factors of 2,717, a very special set of numbers that simply constitute another way of writing “2,717.”

Combined with the two other connections to the Burj Khalifa mentioned earlier, there is no doubt that the Georgia Guidestones was designed with specific numerological links pointing directly to the Burj Khalifa. Again, those three links are as follows:

1. The capstone points to the unexpected death of Dubai’s Emir, Sheik Maktoum, on January 4, 2006.
2. The Guidestones contain the encoded date, January 4, 2010, the completion date of the Burj Khalifa.
3. The exact height of the Burj Khalifa, 2,717 feet, is encoded in an obvious fashion within the proportions of the Georgia Guidestone components.

The now indisputable connection between the two enigmatic structures provided me with motivation to understand their symbolic meaning along with the intentions of the powerful people who built them.

You might have noticed that I did not provide the significance of the proportions of the Gnomen Stone, the tall, thin central slab of the monument. Its proportions are 1:2:10 which sum to be 13. The number “13” is specifically significant when combined with the fact that the pseudonym for the monument’s designer was “R.C. Christian,” a transparent claim by him to be a follower or even an incarnation of Christian Rosenkreuz (Rosy Cross), the founder of Rosicrucianism who some claim has appeared throughout the centuries, perhaps most notably as the Count of St. Germaine, one of the fomenters of the French Revolution.

The central pillar of the Georgia Guidestones is a representation in granite of the number “13,” the number that signifies the “Hidden Hand” of the Rosicrucians. The Rosicrucians identify with this number because, they claim, it takes 12 identical spheres to completely conceal a thirteenth. The 12 outer spheres represent the visible world, while the inner thirteenth sphere signifies the “Hidden Hand” of the Rosicrucians working in secret to manipulate events in our history.

So the “13” encoded into the central Gnomen Stone is a calling card of the Rosicrucians.

A Rosicrucian Emblem

A Rosicrucian Emblem

The symbolic meaning of the Burj Khalifa is unambiguous: it is the completion of the second Tower of Babel, a pursuit the Rosicrucians, Freemasons and their ilk have sought for millennia.

Understand at this point that Rosicrucians are an ill defined group. They are very secretive and it is unclear which formal organization, if any, is the legitimate heir to the Rosicrucian legacy.

Most people today who identify themselves as Rosicrucians are not much more than avid Dungeons & Dragons role-playing fans who like pretending to be modern-day wizards as grownups. Moreover, the various groups and chapters snipe at each other, refuting the legitimacy of other Rosicrucians.

However, one person who was apparently a bona fide Rosicrucian initiate was Sirhan Sirhan, the deranged man who was convicted for killing U.S. Senator and Presidential candidate Robert Kennedy. Today, Sirhan Sirhan is the poster child for “mind control,” a concept explored in the infamous CIA MK-Ultra experiments and an idea popularized in the 1959 motion picture The Manchurian Candidate (and remade in 2004).

A Rosicrucian: the convicted murderer Sirhan Sirhan

A Rosicrucian: the convicted murderer Sirhan Sirhan

I have spent time researching the Rosicrucians in an attempt to better understand their connection to the Georgia Guidestones. While I do not believe all of these ideas, I share them with you so that you have in your hands some of the more well-known ideas surrounding this mysterious cult.

Interestingly, the Rosicrucians have been accused of practicing a form of mind control called “assumption” where members of the order are told to take over the minds of world leaders and other people to further Rosicrucian goals and obtain personal objectives.

More openly, Rosicrucians claim to practice magic.  They brag that they can travel outside their bodies through a process called “astral projection.” In fact, they claim to not only travel to other planets through astral projection, but also to view the subatomic realm with this occult practice. However, they incorrectly maintained for years that all bodies in both domains were perfect spheres.

Historically, the Rosicrucians were probably formed in Germany by the remnants of the enigmatic and immensely powerful Knights Templar. The Rosicrucians are suspected in later establishing speculative Freemasonry in Scotland.

Francis Bacon and his wizard-like progenitor, John Dee, are both widely believed to have been Rosicrucians. Some accuse Bacon of formulating a vision of the New World as the “New Atlantis,” the reestablishment of the antiquarian society that holds an important position in theosophy.

The Rosicrucians are the preeminent theosophists, predating and directly influencing other modern occult groups.  Theosophists claim that civilized mankind stretches much further back into antiquity than conventional archeologists and anthropologists accept. Before the Babylonians and Egyptians, a powerful country held sway over the world called Atlantis. With its destruction (described in various fantastic ways), survivors fled to the four corners of the globe and formed the Babylonian and Egyptian civilizations along with establishing civilizations eastwards into Iran and the Indus valley. These founders are called the “Aryans.”

Many people today still believe the Aryans existed.  In fact, “Iran” essentially means “Land of the Aryans.”  There is even some linguistic evidence supporting the existence of a mother “Aryan” language that gave birth to many different languages from Europe to the Indian Subcontinent.

They were white men, as we are, the superior race in intellect, in manliness, the governing race of the world, the conquering race of all other races. They called themselves Arya, the Aryans, the Warlike, or, some think, the Noble… we owe not one single truth, not one idea, in philosophy or religion to the Semitic race… it is a fact indisputable.
– Albert Pike, Lectures of the Arya

Hitler believed that Aryan decedents were still alive in his time.  He and his Nazi brethren claimed the Aryans were the blond-haired, blue-eyed Europeans of Germany and Nordic countries who migrated westwardly from India and Iran. This is why Nazism has the strange confluence of Druidic and Hindu influences. In fact, the swastika was partially important to the Nazis because it was a symbol that connected the Druids, Hindu, Iranian and other ancient, purportedly Aryan cultures.

Ancient Iranian necklace featuring swastikas

Ancient Iranian necklace featuring swastikas

Central to theosophy is the belief that all modern religions are remnants of the true Aryan religion. Theosophists try to find analogues to Biblical figures in other religions. For some of them, God is Zeus, Satan or Lucifer is Poseidon, and particularly important, Enoch is Thoth or Hermes. In fact, this last relation is the foundation of Hermeticism, a particularly incisive angle on Theosophy that serves as the heart of Rosicrucianism.

LUCIFER, the Light-bearer! Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darkness! Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the Light, and with its splendors intolerable blinds feeble, sensual, or selfish Souls? Doubt it not!
– Albert Pike, Morals and dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry

Most theosophists are harmless, but the highest orders of Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism take a sinister position opposing Christianity. For them, God is an oppressive being who attempted to keep Adam and Eve ignorant and subservient in the Garden of Eden. Satan or Lucifer is viewed by them as a liberator and bringer of knowledge. These are the Luciferians.

Stand in awe of him, and sin not, speak his name with trembling … It is Satan who is the god of our planet and the only god…
– Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society

This veneration for Lucifer is captured in the number 322 used by the Masonic “Skull and Bones” command and control order. The Georgia Guidestones monument was officially completed on March 22 (3/22), 1980. “322” is important to the highest orders of Rosicrucians and Freemasons because it points to Genesis 3:22. Genesis 3:22-3:24 states:

22 And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever:
23 Therefore the LORD God sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from whence he was taken.
24 So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life.

This is seen by Luciferians as an admission by God that man can become a god himself. It also demonstrates for them that God is unfair, cruel and jealous.

Skull and Bones emblem featuring 322

Skull and Bones emblem featuring 322

Accordingly, Luciferians have worked to overcome God for many centuries. Yet another passage in Genesis important for them is 11:6 where God remarks about King Nimrod’s attempt to construct the Tower of Babel:

And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.

Genesis 11:6 is particularly important because it not only confirms for Luciferians yet again that man can become like God, but it also gives them a blueprint for doing so.

And this is where the Burj Khalifa comes in. Given its indisputable connection with the Georgia Guidestones, the Burj Khalifa is a modern Tower of Babel.

The Tower of Babel

The Tower of Babel

The Burj Khalifa not only signifies a supreme Luciferian attempt to defy and defeat God, but the completion of the Tower is, for them, the beginning of a new age where man can become like God.

It should also be remarked that the 9/11 tragedies may have been carried out on that date for its occult significance. Note that 9/11 is an inversion of 11:6, denoting a destructive or chaotic event. In the occult, an upright symbol like a five-pointed star or pentagram represents order or constructive white magic while an inverted pentagram denotes chaos or black magic. Similarly, an upright cross indicates Christ while an inverted cross is associated with Satan (although diluted by its relationship with Peter’s crucifixion).

A Rosicrucian Inverted Pentagram

A Rosicrucian inverted pentagram featuring Baphomet

While it might sound fun to wield God’s powers, apotheosis, the transformation of man to god, is reserved for the chosen few while the rest of humanity is left in absolute bondage to worship and serve their new gods.

This new state of affairs is explicitly described in R.C. Christian’s Common Sense Renewed, a tome written to accompany and clarify the Georgia Guidestones.  The book was delivered to every member of the U.S. Congress.

Robert Christian elaborates upon his Georgia Guidestones messages in his book Common Sense Renewed

Robert Christian elaborates upon his Georgia Guidestones messages in his book Common Sense Renewed

R.C. Christian describes a “New Rational World Order” where an extraordinarily invasive form of eugenics is enforced by the State. Eugenics is the practice of human selective breeding.  In Common Sense Renewed, eugenics is more than a tool to improve human stock, it is for shaping behavior and breaking the human spirit for serving the purposes of the State. The State will chose your mate and decide whether or not you can have children. Human breeding programs will ensure that behavior is favorably modified for the State. R.C. Christian compares this to dog breeding.

Health care is apportioned according to a person’s value to the State.  The State’s godlike leaders receive the best life preserving, enhancing and extending technologies and techniques available, while the common man must make do with whatever the State sees fit for his lowly existence.

Employment is driven by the State’s need. Refusal of your job assignment or relocation will result in starvation and denial of health care.

The “New Rational World Order,” a term that R.C. Christian uses, is a global government composed of regional fiefdoms, but all working under the same, nightmarish, totalitarian rules.

And worst of all, R.C. Christian wants nearly everyone on the planet dead. With his global population target of only 500-million, nearly 6.5-billion of us will have to go.

And given the disturbing history of R.C. Christian’s cult, that population reduction will not be gradual, but sudden and orchestrated.

Some have maintained that the Georgia Guidestones were built to withstand an impending cataclysmic event that will decimate humanity. Given the decidedly unbenevolent attitude of Luciferian cultists, this is unlikely, but there is some evidence to support this belief.

Supposedly, B.F. Coggins, an extremely wealthy and powerful granite and real estate magnate in Elberton, Georgia, has in his company’s possession a Rosicrucian document describing the Georgia Guidestones monument as some sort of portal. The document admits that the monument contains hidden messages, but that only the enlightened will understand them. Moreover, the monument was designed for an activation event that will indicate the immediate threat of a global catastrophe so horrific that humanity will come close to losing all hope. The document reassures the survivors that they are loved and will be cared for. The tenor is such to evoke the impression that intercession will occur either supernaturally or by space aliens.

I deeply doubt the veracity of these claims, but if there is any possibility that they are true, the “activation event” can only mean that Polaris, the North Star, will drift out of the sighting hole drilled into the Gnomen stone. When I was last at the Guidestones this fall, Polaris was barely visible within the sighting hole. I had always assumed that this poor alignment was a result of workmanship flaws or settling of the monument over time. However, Wayne Mullenix, the man from whom R.C. Christian bought the land for the monument before deeding the parcel to Elbert County, told me that the foundation for the monument was spectacularly overbuilt, extending 20 feet in all directions away from the Georgia Guidestones and reaching all the way down to bedrock. Mr. Mullenix would know these construction details because he was responsible for building the steel reinforced foundation.

Given that the Guidestones foundation is so incredibly robust, it is unlikely that the misalignment of the Polaris Sighting Hole is due to settling. It also seems unlikely that the sighting hole would be improperly drilled given the remarkable care taken to ensure that the monument’s position would not change over time.

This benevolent account of the Georgia Guidestones also closely follows Hopi legends of a similar construction that their ancestors built in order to track polar alignment to warn of the coming Day of Purification, a very similar catastrophe used as fodder for 2012 hysteria.

However, there is no reputable scientific evidence supporting the notion of an impending 2012 cataclysm. On the other hand, there are good reasons to believe that the Georgia Guidestones is an arrogant advertisement for the demented plans of a deranged but powerful cult to overthrow national governments and install a totalitarian global government.

If anything, 2012 hysteria will be used as a smokescreen for manmade chaos leading up to that event.

So who is R.C. Christian? In my first article I mentioned that we suspected that Ted Turner was at least partially responsible for the Georgia Guidestones. Our motivation for believing this originated during our interview of Wyatt C. Martin, the banker who is purportedly the only man who knows R.C. Christian’s true identity.

The Georgia Guidestones monument was constructed by Freemasons

The Georgia Guidestones monument was constructed by Freemasons

Prior to our interview, I had composed a list of three candidates for R.C. Christian. Mr. Martin flatly denied that either Joe Fendley, Sr., or Dr. Francis Merchant were behind the monument, but then he detoured unexpectedly into his story of the origins of the Georgia Guidestones. Many minutes later, I tried to bring the conversation back on topic by asking Mr. Martin if he knew who Ted Turner is.

Surprisingly, Mr. Martin erupted enthusiastically stating that he personally knew Ted Turner and had sat behind him for years in box seats at Atlanta Brave games at a time when Ted Turner owned the Braves. It was clear that Ted Turner’s relationship was meaningful for Mr. Martin.

When I then asked him if Ted Turner was R.C. Christian, Mr. Martin appeared stunned and then denied Turner’s involvement.

A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.
– Ted Turner, founder of CNN in Atlanta, Georgia, Kappa Sigma alumnus and donor of $1-billion to the United Nations

However, there is at least one other reason to believe that Ted Turner was connected in some way to the Georgia Guidestones. When I spoke with B.F. Coggins, who had boasted that nothing gets done in Elbert County without his approval, I asked him if he knew Ted Turner. Mr. Coggins volunteered that he was friends with both Turner and even better friends with former U.S. President Jimmy Carter. Carter was President at the time that the Georgia Guidestones monument was commissioned.

An achievable goal for anyone investigating the Georgia Guidestones who has moderate resources at their disposal is to identify the author of Common Sense Renewed. Here is the publisher information for that book:

19 8th St. SE
Mason City, IA 50401
Phone: 641.424.4341
Toll Free: 800.247.5986
Fax: 641.424.9687
E-mail: stoyles@stoyles.com



The Georgia Guidestones have been an unwelcome detour from my career as a successful computer benchmarking expert and industry analyst. However, I have persisted in this investigation despite the potential risks to my career and growing business because the stakes involved for humanity are so grave.

The Georgia Guidestones monument contains irrefutable evidence demonstrating that a small group of secretive cultists are extremely wealthy and powerful and able to control and manipulate significant world events. This cabal formulated a plan for the construction of the tallest building in the world on the opposite side of the planet in Dubai more than 30 years after their intentions were encoded into the granite of the Georgia Guidestones.  In addition to costing at least $1.5-billion, it appears that this plan required the assassination of Dubai’s ruler.

Moreover, this group’s actions have historically been sinister. The Burj Khalifa symbolizes the completion of a second Tower of Babel as their long sought victory over God. And with it, the beginnings of a New Age where they can now become like God. Their plans for a “New Rational World Order,” as outlined in R.C. Christian’s Common Sense Renewed, involve the establishment of a horrific totalitarian world government enforcing human breeding programs to ensure “docility and loyalty” as has been done with dogs. R.C. Christian’s world state will control every aspect of the common man’s life including choosing his mate and deciding whether or not he can have children.

Attempts to explain the Georgia Guidestones as an effort from a group of “enlightened beings” to warn humanity of an upcoming 2012 apocalypse are hogwash. There is no credible scientific evidence for an impending global catastrophe late next year.

More likely, 2012 hysteria might be leveraged as cover for disguised acts of manmade chaos used to bring down the sovereignty of nations and orchestrate war as a prelude for a global government constructed upon the ashes of civilization.  Its capitol may very well be in Dubai.  In fact, soon after the Burj Khalifa was formally opened, Dubai invited the United Nations to move its headquarters there.

In addition to constructing a new Tower of Babel, the same cultists have also sought to rebuild Solomon’s Temple so that they can simultaneously introduce their messiah, the first person to undergo apotheosis. Their completion of the Burj Khalifa indicates that this person is alive today and will be introduced soon, probably amidst a catharsis of global war.

The producers and investigators for Brad Meltzer’s Decoded interviewed me for several hours.  I told them all of this and more. Of course, I also explained alternative theories so that they could understand the complete picture of the Georgia Guidestones.

I am not sure which angle they will take with my testimonials – I understand that they are a business involved with “edutainment” and can’t court much controversy – but I am hopeful that at least a few people who view that program will become interested enough in the topic to conduct their own investigations.  A good place to start is here.

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  1. Hello,

    Very nice read, I have been interested in the guidestones for about 2 years now and this is the most complete telling I have seen. I look forward to the show tonight and hope they portray you in a positive light.

    • L. Ron Hubbard. The Church Of Scientology. Hubbard commisioned it. Source: Josh Reeves. Citing Steve Fishman.

  2. The Guidestones were built by The Free Masons. Look At the Flowers on the cross on the Guidestones and the Flowers on the Cross of The Free Masons. Check back further in the records. The names come together.

    • The Georgia Guidestones monument was absolutely built by Freemasons. Virtually every hand that touched the monument during construction belonged to a Freemason and that fact is common knowledge in the Elberton granite industry.

      Additionally, the Freemasons and the Rosecrucians are intertwined, a point I did not underscore enough in this article. For instance, the 18th Degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry is the Knight of the Rose Croix, or Order of the Rosy Cross.

      So the Freemasons might be the most legitimate holders of the Rosecrucian legacies. Decoded completely ignored this fact that I pointed out to them several times. But, of course, the show was scripted.

  3. The number of people is the profocey of the amt of humans left after the collaspe of humanity in 2012. Think about it a little longer. you are close. Trust

  4. Hi Van,

    I have a question why did you add 4 instead of multiply by 4 for the 4 guidestones?

    Each Guidestone: 1 + 4 + 10 = 15, but there are four Guidestones so taking this into account: 1 + 4 + 10 + 4 = 19

    • By definition, the resulting product would not have been prime.

      • So you conveniently decided to add 4 (representing the number of pillars) instead of multiplying by 4 so the number would remain prime? Seems like you’ve manipulated the data to suit your own theory.

        And based on your reasoning to add the 4, why didn’t you add 1 to your calculations for the cap stone and center stone? There were one of each, why were they conveniently left out when you felt it reasonable to add 4 to your calculations for the guide stones?

        “Moreover, 11, 13 and 19 are the prime factors of 2,717, a very special set of numbers that simply constitute another way of writing “2,717.””

        The fact that 11,13, and 19 are factors 2717 shouldn’t imply any special meaning. Multiply any groups of numbers together and they will all be a factor of the product. Its one of the most elementary rules in math taught in grade school algebra.

        Furthermore, the official height of the building varies depending on how its measured. 2717ft does not include the tip which is an additional 6ft. The official measurement is often listed as 2723ft which includes the tip of the spire.

        • Followers of the occult often conceal secret, hidden information within the proportions of structures they design. This is well documented and Isaac Newton devoted a significant portion of his life to decoding the proportions of Solomon’s Temple. The Georgia Guidestones were designed (and built) by followers of the occult, as I have explained in my articles.

          I have explained how the numbers were derived in several radio interviews. And I derived the height of the tower several months before the official height was known.

          The height of a building is not fixed, but varies constantly due to thermal expansion and contraction. I quoted the official height of the tower, the number the UAE wanted associated with the tower during the opening ceremonies. 828m / 2,717 feet remains the official architectural height of the Burj Khalifa.

          Regarding the significance of prime factors, they are a unique set of prime numbers whose product yields a specific number. There is only one set for any whole number, hence the prime factors of a number is essentially another way of writing that number.

  5. […] -The native Mayans MAY have been infiltrated by the Illuminati that influenced their behavior as stated in the comments…as well as other civilizations. Great video on HAARP and DARPA. http://www.youtube.com -I know, I know…Hopi does not have an E. I’m far from perfect. -Notice how the Tower of Babel depicted near the beginning of the video was a model for the UN Parliament building in the picture at the end. -More information about these calendars. There are 4 basic calendars that are popular of the 22 known Mayan calendars. Haab (tax schedule/solar year), Tzolkin (personal calendar), the creation cycle or “Divine Calendar,” and the Long Count. Time is assigned to the creation cycle so we know where we are in it. The more popular long count calendar is a depiction of time and predictions based on astrological and “time” based events. Some people don’t acknowledge the Universal cycle in the creation cycle OR say it STARTS on 11/11/11 and try to time it to end with the long count calendar on Dec, 21st 2012. That is just not true. They are two totally independent ideas on the passage of time and description of the process of creation. The creation cycle ENDS on 10/28/11 then the ascension process ENDS 13 days after on 11/11/11. People seem to forget those 13 days when the process of CREATION ends but ASCENSION follows. In some accounts, these 13 days are considered the last cycle or Cosmic Cycle that follows the Universal Cycle. Call it what you want. It’s still going to … Video Rating: 4 / 5 Nice related topic here: http://theindependenthotel.com/philadelphia/2011/01/28/all-you-need-is-loveand-a-way-to-celebrate-it/ Additionally you can check out this related post: http://vanshardware.com/2011/02/a-georgia-guidestones-update/ […]

  6. amazing material – so open for us to see but we occupied with sports and entertainmemt.
    do you connect this Georgia Guidestones monument, in Elbert County, Georgia, USA with
    the wall to wall decorations at the Denver, Colorado, USA airport ?? as you shared, Dubai
    may be the new world’s Capitol. might Denver be North America’s new capitol ?? we read
    there is a disguised super highway at Denver, extending to a multi level underground complex.

    • Yes, the evidence is clear and unquestionable, but you have to be brave enough to understand it and accept it. That was not easy for me because the consequences to my world view were so profound.

      Almost certainly, the weird Denver airport and associated construction are connected with the groups involved here, but I need to study Denver in detail in order to develop firm conclusions.

      However, I can say with confidence that the Muslim Brotherhood and the revolutions they are spreading throughout the Middle East are being controlled by the same occult groups responsible for the Georgia Guidestones and the Burj Dubai.

      This chaos is almost certainly a prelude for a confrontation with Israel and World War III.

      I want to make it clear that both sides of that brewing conflict are being manipulated by the same forces.


    • You claim that SYMBOLIC SIGNS & WRITINGS ARE WORTHLESS…..but it’s quite apparent that they have a lot of significance to the people and groups that use them. I consider myself a Christian and I firmly believe that certain symbols carry powers that can be used to manifest certain actions. And you can see that the masons believe it too as they placed many symbols in their architecture. Not to mention the Skull & Bones, the Catholic Church, WICCAN’S and other occultists groups. Even Christians use symbols as they place the mark of the cross during baptism. So I really think there is definitely something substantial to them…………..Just my observation.

  8. Perhaps item 1 is simply a suggestion that we contain our urges to over-reproduce and to naturally reduce our population. It does not, after all, give a time frame in which we should reduce our population. Such a reduction could be done quite naturally over a few generations if we cared to do so.

    Consider the benefits: Most of the driving factors of anthropogenic global warming would diminish to negligibility. Our population-driven environmental destruction would subside, as well. There would be jobs enough to go around for all. Heck, you’d even be able to go off and be alone for a while if you wanted to.

  9. […] astrological events – but other researchers have made far more in-depth connections. Van Smith breaks down the statistics of the structure’s construction, noting that “the Gnomen […]

  10. […] Smith offers an interesting link between cataclysmic events, astronomy and structures such as the Guidestones: […]

  11. […] Smith offers an interesting link between cataclysmic events, astronomy and structures such as the Guidestones: […]

  12. Dear Van,

    I just watched the history channel and saw you and your insight on the georgia guidestones. Extraordinary!
    I was wondering if you had any thoughts about the coincidence in regards to the year 1979….the year the georgia guidestones ideas were set into motion and the possibility that if the antichrist were born in 1979, that would make him 33 in the year 2012.
    33 being the age that Jesus came into public view also the age at which the antichrist is to come into view?

    • Hi Andrea,

      Thanks for the kind words. Yes, I believe the Guidestones were initiated 33 years ago come this summer to specifically allude to 2012 events involving the Mahdi/Antichrist. I hope we are wrong.



  13. if already mentioned I apologize. per wiki “It was established in 1732, the last of the original Thirteen Colonies.” 1 7 3 2 = 13. and its the last of the 13 colony, thus it is the 13th colony. (Hence why this state was picked to put this monument ? youtube channel gizziiusa

    • Very interesting observation! I wondered ‘why Georgia’ as well. And I wouldn’t doubt for a moment that your idea is accurate!

  14. if already mentioned I apologize. per wiki “It was established in 1732, the last of the original Thirteen Colonies.” 1 7 3 2 = 13. and its the last of the 13 colony, thus it is the 13th colony. (Hence why this state was picked to put this monument ? youtube channel gizziiusa

  15. […] has been discovered that the Georgia Guidestones has somehow been aligned with the North Star Polaris. And we know for […]

  16. 11 x 13 x 19 = 2,717
    but there are 4 guidestones (19)

    4 x 2,717 = 10868
    1 + 0 + 8 + 6 + 8 = 23

    here they are agian!

  17. An ex-Scientology member claims RC Christian was L. Ron Hubbard, the science fiction writer and founder of Scientology.

    from http://fishman.home.xs4all.nl/ls/ls06.html:

    “Ron came here some years before Xenu started dumping his undesirables here. Ron’s landing party touched down in what is now Elbert County, Georgia. In fact, last June, I went there with Ron to see the place, and he decided to construct a monument commemorating the original landing site. He wants it to be completed by his next birthday, this March 13th.”

    “Can I go see it?”, I questioned.

    “It’s not finished yet”, Wolly stated. “All I can tell you about it is that it’s one of Ron’s personal projects that he has become involved with. He is not planning it as a dissemination program for Scientology. The name of it will be the Georgia Guidestones, and he’s planning to turn it over to the State of Georgia when it is completed, so that it can be preserved as a state landmark and never be torn down. Ron just wants to commemorate the first landing site on Earth, that’s all. He is very sentimental and nostalgic when it comes to history, although few people know it.”

    “Where is this place located?”, I asked.

    “It’s in the center of a farm on a hill on Route 77, between Elberton and Hartwell, Georgia”, he disclosed. “Right in the middle of nowhere. Ron always liked to go to Stonehenge, In England, and it’s going to look something like that, but more modern.”

    “Won’t his name be on it as the sponsor?”, I inquired.

    “He doesn’t want that!”, Wolly sneered. “When we went there, he told everybody that he was a former concrete worker named Robert C. Christian whose great-grandmother was from Georgia. It was a marvelous mock-up. Of course, he did tell Joe Fendley, the man at the Elberton Granite Finishing Company who is building it, that he was a war hero in World War Two, which certainly is true.”

    “There is only one thing that puzzles me”, I said. “Why did he select the name Robert C. Christian?”

    “Ha, ha, ha!”, Wolly laughed. “You’re pretty smart, picking up on that, without having done OT Seven yet.”

    “Well, now that I asked, why did he?”

    “It was just Ron’s way of getting back at Emperor Xenu for what he did to all of us. Ron has a very good sense of humor, as well as the capacity to use a a little sarcasm whenever he has to make a point about something.”

    “I don’t understand. What does Xenu have to do with the name Robert C. Christian?”, I asked, very puzzled.

    “Xenu, like all the rest of us, picked up other bodies in his subsequent life cycles, and is far better known for one of his more recent identities.”

    “Why?”, I asked. “Was he Hitler?”

    Wolly looked at me as if I had just arrived from another world and didn’t know a *ing thing. He shook his head from side to side as he gulped down his drink.

    “No, Xenu wasn’t Hitler!”, he answered. “He was Christ!”

  18. While watching Brad Meltzer’s Decoded story about the Georgia Guidestones, I noticed a reference to several other guidestone locations. Denver Colorado, Phoenix Arizona, Orlando Florida, Chicago Illinois, Dallas Texas, and Washington DC. When I tried to google these… nothing. The only information available was for the Georgia Guidestones. How can I find any information about the other locations?

  19. Hello, I’ve watched the show Decode about the GA Guide Stones a couple of times. I do think you we’re set up to be the local conspiracy theory nut. I don’t think of the show as true investigative journalism but more as just informational entertainment. I’ve briefly looked over your website and bookmarked it so I can return to it later. I do wish they had left some of your other theories in the interview, although it was obvious from the start the had a script to stick to. The main thing I take from shows like decoded is a curiosity to investigate different subjects. And the shows interview with you is what brought me to your site.

  20. I am Joe Fendley’s Brother– Joe would never discuss the Georgia Guidestones with me-

    • Hi William,

      If you would like to discuss your experiences about the Georgia Guidestones — and perhaps talk about your late brother as well — I am interested.



  21. […] mit Ambitionen, die Welt zu beherrschen. Rosenkreuzer werden vermutet,  hinter den finsteren  Georgia Guidestones zu stehen, die eine Katastrophe, die die Menschheit auf maximal 500 Mio. in einem Eine-Welt-Staat […]

  22. […] mit Ambitionen, die Welt zu beherrschen. Rosenkreuzer werden vermutet,  hinter den finsteren  Georgia Guidestones zu stehen, die eine Katastrophe, die die Menschheit auf maximal 500 Mio. in einem Eine-Welt- Staat […]

  23. […] Ambitionen, die Welt zu beherrschen.Rosenkreuzer werden vermutet,  hinter den finsteren  Georgia Guidestones zu stehen, die eine Katastrophe, die die Menschheit auf maximal 500 Mio. in einem Eine-Welt- […]

  24. I’m just curious, There is an obvious agenda at play here. Nobody can deny there is a clear pyramid structure in control and always has been. If one took a simple bar graph of mankind’s growth in comforting technologies, and SOME medical advancements, we would see it continually rise since mankind’s start. But a clear straight upwards trend in the last 200 years. If we took a bar graph of mankind’s spiritual, intellectual, and cognitive growth one would see that the graph continually fluctuates up and down, but for the most part, has remained the same throughout history. It is an interesting speculation to note that ONLY during the downward spikes in the morality aspect of the graph does the “technology graph shoot up”. Look at ancient Rome and Greece. They threw babies in wells and practiced Eugenics. The Romans were no better. Yet technology in both shot up. Same thing in Egypt and Sumeria. We don’t even have to bring up ancient Asia and ancient South America. The last 100 years amazes me because people do not take the time to look at history along with their idea that going to church will make them good people. The stoic’s were obviously wrong because their societies are immoral and fail. When one rely s on their own intellect “ONLY” one will eventually do what one feels is right. That leaves circumstance to make their choices. When one has too much FAITH, we burn people as witches and do not prosper at all. I think the healthy FAITH based Knowledge that society needs to properly function has been hidden in secrecy and lies by the people in control for a long time. weather or not people have faith, or not, the people in control do. The people who are now starting to understand all this are either labeled as crazy, or conspiracy theorists. No one wants to talk about the growth of the T.S.A. or executive powers. No one wants to point out the fact that the word profit and CORPORATION have usurped goodness and quality. The fact that they put the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill and no one since our grandparents has given a second look to it amazes me. Like I said earlier, EVEN if one does not have faith what does that tell you about THEM? They and Some of us know that there can only be one capstone on the pyramid. We also know the pyramid represents the structure of control in our society. There is no ” ONE MAN”ever in control. There never could be, man fights each other too much for that position. No,.not man,…but there is ONE in control and you and I both know whom that is. My question out of curiosity is then is the purpose of the show and Alex Jones to put people who watch and listen on a list, and also to keep them listening to bullshit? They seem to not care that we know about de-population, but I don’t ever see anyone talk about the fact that all movies push for revolution now. AND half of them are against aliens. The fact that they took GOD and scripture out of people’s lives and now filled it with alien crap amazes me too. IF the book of revelations is NOT TRUE, im curious as to why they are making such an effort to fulfill everything to a T!!!!!! Even if one speculated that it still is not true but they want us to think it is so they can make some false flag attack and implement a new leader with new rules,..does that not go right along with it? If they fake an alien invasion it will be to either get us to fight them because it really is the creator coming back, or,.it will be to get us to think we are being invaded, be in fear, and look to a new leader for help. Either way,.its the same thing.

  25. […] want people like you and me reduced to 500 mio. slaves (Georgia Guidestonesn – which are possibly erected by CNN founder Ted Turner , who in 1996 wanted the world´s population reduced to 500 mio., at most. Now he is more modest […]

  26. […] is to be reduced and here  to 500 mio. people as written on  Georgia Guidestones,.which were  possibly erected by CNN founder Ted Turner , who in 1996 wanted the world´s population reduced to 500 mio., at most. Now he is for one child […]

  27. […] reduziert werden und hier – wie an den Georgia Guidestones geschrieben, die möglicherweise vom CNN-Stifter, Ted Turner, der im Jahr 1996 eine Weltbevölkerung auf 500 Mio. oder weniger reduziert sehen wollte, errichtet […]

  28. […] Mio reduziert werden und hier – wie an den Georgia Guidestones geschrieben, die möglicherweise vom CNN-Stifter, Ted Turner, der im Jahr 1996 eine Weltbevölkerung auf 500 Mio. oder weniger reduziert sehen wollte, errichtet […]

  29. Rc christian is the clue…. The symbolism is backwards. Under this is the the misspelling of (a pseudonyn)…. Under this is the date without a date.

    Again this is symbolism…. You are looking at the clue from the wrong direction…. Think backwards or opposite of Christian.

    Maybe the clue to the time capsule isn’t buried 6 geet under the ground… Maybe the measurement is actually from the top… What words are exactly at 6 feet below the top most stone? If there are numbers, would they also not be backwards…. What about any words?

    Something to think about.


    2717-2684 = 33

  31. Jacob Rothschild was the rabbi of “The Temple” in Atlanta when it was bombed in 1958 due to his outspoken support and involvement in the civil rights movement. He teamed up with many Christian leaders during this period and became a political activist. This alias could be a reference to this Jacob Roths Child (R.C.) since he played such a key role in Atlanta’s and Georgia’s history?

    Before Atlanta he served as a rabbi for a congregation in Davenport, IA. I believe Mason City, IA is where Van traced the book written by R. C. Christian? May have been published in IA again as a reference to Jacob? Jacob died on 12/31/1973 so this alias would have only been a reference to him as he would not have been alive when the stones were created.

    Could even have a double meaning being connected to this Jacob Rothschild and “THE” Jacob Rothschild that we all know as the 4th Baron of the ultra wealthy Rothschild family who many believe IS the illuminati.

    Just thoughts…

  32. It is nothing that you are suggesting it is. It’s an honorary marker to Layla and Majnun.

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