Jun 292010

According to Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro, the United States and Israel will trigger a nuclear war before Friday that will cause the word’s richest countries to “suddenly disappear.”

Writing in his regular op-ed column “Reflections,” the former Cuban President states that missiles will fly as soon American and Israeli naval forces attempt to inspect Iranian merchant vessels.

I have absolutely no doubt that as soon as the American and Israeli warships are deployed –alongside the rest of the American military vessels positioned off the Iranian coasts– and they try to inspect the first merchant ship from that country, there will be a massive launching of missiles in both directions. At that moment exactly the terrible war will begin. It’s not possible to estimate how many vessels will be sunk or from what country.

The iconic Communist believes this conflagration will occur on or before July 2.

Obama has committed to attend the quarterfinals match on July 2, if his country’s team makes it to that stage. He supposedly knows better than anyone that the quarterfinals will not be contested because very serious developments will take place before that; or at least he should know.

Castro writes that the ensuing nuclear war might escalate to include Russia.

Nevertheless, there are still some uncertainties. Will the two mightiest nuclear powers, the United States and Russia, be able to refrain from using their nuclear weapons against each other?

There is no doubt, however, that from Europe the nuclear weapons of Great Britain and France, allied with the United States and Israel, –the same that enthusiastically imposed the resolution that will inevitably unleash the war, which for the abovementioned [sic] reasons will immediately become nuclear– are threatening the Russian territory even though this country and China have done everything within their capabilities to prevent the conflict.

Castro, the current First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba, describes a grim post-war world that seems to involve a global government similar to the one written about by R.C. Christian as we discussed in our Georgia Guidestones research.

It is possible to predict what will happen in the rest of the Portuguese and Spanish speaking Americas during the nuclear post crisis.

Under such circumstances, it will not be possible to talk of capitalism or socialism. A stage will open that will see the management of the available goods and services in this part of the continent.

Certainly, every country will continue being ruled by those who head the governments today, some very close to socialism and others euphoric over the opening of the world market to fuels, uranium, copper, lithium, aluminum, iron and other metals being sent to the developed and rich countries today that will suddenly disappear.

An abundance of food exported now to that world market will also disappear abruptly.

In these circumstances, the most basic products needed for life: food, water, fuels, and the resources found in the hemisphere south of the United States will suffice to preserve some of the civilization whose unbridled advance has led humanity into such a disaster.

America’s fate is perhaps most grave according to Castro.

The economy of the superpower will fall to pieces like a house of cards. The American society is the least prepared to endure a catastrophe like the one the empire has created in the same territory where it started.

Fidel Castro’s predictions are made more unsettling in light of the discoveries from our Georgia Guidestones research which strongly suggest 2010 will be a pivotal year for the cult behind that monument. Our research shows that this cult successfully completed their modern Tower of Babel, the Burj Khalifa, early this year. For this sinister cabal, the completion of the Burj Khalifa hearkened in their New Age where they believe man can now undergo apotheosis — for this small collection of powerful lunatics, they believe their elect can now become like God.

Their immediate plans appear to be:

  • Dramatically reduce the world’s population.
  • Introduce their messiah.
  • Establish a totalitarian global government, an abominable political creation they call a “New Rational World Order.”

Let’s pray Castro is wrong.  But if he is right, we know who is pulling the strings to Armageddon.

  11 Responses to “Fidel Castro: Nuclear War Before Friday”

  1. Hopefully he’s just lost whatever was left of his mind…

    • yes….HOPEFULLY….

    • I cannot believe that the majority of cuban nationals still take Fidel seriously.

      There is however, a very strong sense of paternaty where Fidel is concerned and out of respect for this, he remains.

      His last statement was more likely wishful thinking, of his part.

      The Saudi King also made a similar statement yesterday. When he said, those two countries, both Isael and Iran, should both be eliminated.

  2. Fidel Castro has been dead for over a year, so how can he have said this on the 29th of July 2010?

  3. Van,

    Were there any un-identified dates in your research that could point to a 7/2/2010 timeframe?

    – Rick

  4. Gee, it’s July 02, and all seems pretty quiet so far…

    • Yes, I wonder what Comrade Fidel is thinking right about now. However, no Iranian merchant ships have been threatened with inspection yet, but that action is so provocative that it might not ever happen.

  5. Well, its November 6th and still no global nuclear war. Fidel and all these other hacks who think they know everything can suck a…

    Nothing will happen any time soon.

  6. If one read what Comrade Fidel has written in the past or said, you would be more attentive. Just because he seems more fatalist now may be due to age or actual circumstances are THAT provocative. He was personally involved in the missile crisis. And survived many assassination attempts from the US. How does one think they will fair at age 80+ with a ¨normal¨ life.
    The Mayans say 2012 will be the year of great change.

  7. Now the whole middle east is falling apart

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