Mar 272010

I have been remiss to report that in January sometime after I published my first two articles on the Georgia Guidestones, Wyatt C. Martin, the 80-year old banker I interviewed who has historically been considered the only man who knew Robert C. Christian’s real identity, suffered a second stroke.

I’ve spoken to him a few times since then and he has recovered well enough to walk. He still refutes my conclusions about Ted Turner and he is now telling all interviewers that he will not accept any more questions about the identity of R.C. Christian.

Mr. Martin is a good man and I have the utmost respect for him. I pray he recovers to full health soon.

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  1. Hey my Name is Clayton Rice and this man is my grandfather on my mothers side. And, I’m veryu proud and thankful to call him my grandfather. Contact me sometime at [redacted]


  2. Clayton, how do I contact Wyatt, or you?

  3. Van could you get this message to Mr. Martin- it would be greatly appreciated?

    In the world we live in, a hand shake or a promise should define a person. But we have created a huge lack of distrust and left our values behind. Mr. Martin, Mr. Christian put his trust in you and your a great man for keeping that promise. I wish the world was full of people like you, but it’s not and that is why places like the Georgia Guidestones exist. I would look at the promise as a great strength, not a curse. Take care of yourself.

    Sincerely, Robert Sharkey

  4. Who cares why the man keeps the secret. If all but 500,000,000 die one should rather tell the identity of Mr. Christian than live in an empty soul for helping to kill .

  5. Hi,
    I think Christian knew he could trust Martin so he gave his true identity to him. I know that it may shock the world to discover who Christian was. Most important is that Christian does not want to destroy the world’s population. Our politicians are doing it for us. The awaited pole reverse is going to do the rest. The Georgia Guidestones are truly guidelines for future earth inhabitants. They will need orientation and Christian and his group hope that they will find it in these simple instructions. Death is truly only a change of reality, nothing more, nothing less. Important is how well we are equipped to deal with that new reality.

    • There is not going to be any pole reverse or calamity caused by the sun or the earth! Man only has to fear itself. That will be our only destruction.

      The monuments were made to show people how to live life, just in case humankind doesn’t make it through this barbaric, superstitious and paranoid phase.

      We have so many paranoid people on earth

      Christian Eschatologists who believe the world is going to end and are trying to live a self fulfilled prophecy.
      Governments who feel the need to secure oil instead of feeding people and helping the homeless.
      Governments that are also abusing the people they are supposed to protect.
      Paranoid delusional people who see conspiracies inside of everything and everyone.
      Greedy people living directly opposite to the conservation of the planet.
      People who believe that aliens are abducting us and controlling us.
      Muslims who believe that infidels must be controlled and converted.

      All of these people were why the monuments were created. If we are to pass from this paranoid delusional world on the planet of the apes, we must come together with morality, honor and conservation if we want to enter an age of reason!

      We have a small window in between large natural space disasters to become “intelligent” and to develop good morales as we move in our space age and this age of reason.

      Some intelligent people realize this and are trying so hard, to help us get there.

  6. Only God knows all.

  7. Yet one more conspiracy theorists dream scenario! People LOVE a conspiracy.

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