Mar 222010

Matt Smith of CNN interviewed me extensively for a piece he was writing on the Georgia Guidestones.  Matt’s well written and balanced article was published today and he quotes me in it.  You can read that CNN article here.

I have also been working with award winning filmmakers Chris Pinto and Mike Bennett on a new Georgia Guidestones documentary.  The movie, planned for release this summer, is going to be absolutely fantastic.  I can’t divulge more, but it’s turning out better and more impactful than we had ever imagined.  The Guidestones are yielding their many sinister secrets.

You can read about my Georgia Guidestones research here.

  2 Responses to “I was interviewed for a CNN article on the Georgia Guidestones”

  1. Mr. Smith:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed becoming acquainted with the info you have shared through Dr. Stan and our brothers over at FutureQuake. I’m thrilled to hear of the documentary work, and Chris is the man for the job. They will certainly be trustworthy stewards of this project and your work. Thanks much for the solid, yet dangerous work you (all) have done. I hope you won’t mind me posting links to the blog and comments on my own site as well, with the hope of pointing folks to your findings. As the plot thickens, I’m sure we all here at RRN would love to have you on to discuss the details. You’re always welcome.

    Thanks again, very much for your faithful service.

    Mark Morrow
    Sojournal Podcast

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