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Dr. Stan Monteih interviewed me for two hours on his Radio Liberty program last night.  You can now listen to MP3 archives of the broadcast.  Part 1 is here.  Part 2 is here.

Dr. Monteith has scheduled to interview me again tonight at 11PM Central / 9PM Pacific.  You can listen to that interview live here.

I will also be interviewed on his afternoon show tomorrow at 5PM Central and at 9AM on his morning show on February 8th.

  7 Responses to “Listen to my new 2-hour radio interview”

  1. Thank you for your brave research and putting the light of truth on this dark subject. And, I am grateful for Dr. Stan and his work of helping to broadcast the information of brave researchers such as yourself.

    Godspeed to you!

    Jim in Duluth, MN On the western tip of Lake Superior

  2. I lived in Elberton. I met a pastor who pastored a Methodist church right past Guidestones on the left hand side of road. My son lives there and wil ask him to get name of church.The pastorwas asked to leave the church because he spoke against the Guidestones. He said members of this church maintained the site. So doyou know from whom they purchased the property? Thanks for the very informative show. I heard you several months back on Dr.Stan.

    • Thanks for the kind words.

      I spoke with a pastor of a large Elberton church and he was unambiguously against the Guidestones, but found out that the Freemasons in his congregation would not let him speak against them. He was anxious to leave town.

      He impressed me as being a very intelligent, honest and godly man.

    • Regarding who previously owned the property, it was Wayne Mullenix, a close friend of powerful granite magnate B.F. Coggins.

      BTW, I think that B.F. stands for Benjamin Franklin who many believe was a Rosicrucian like the designer of the Georgia Guidestones monument.

  3. Who was the female Methodist Minister that was interviewed on the Decoded show? I could have sworn she was identified as the senior pastor at First United Methodist in Elberton. Thanks

    • A Rev. Benner. I dont know if that is the correct spelling. But it is the same First United Methodish Church on the website. She is not listed though. I have it recorded and took down all the info for further research.

      • Visit ngumc.org to do a clergy search of united Methodist pastors and you will not finder that person as a UMC clergy. Why did they film that on the steps is the UMC church.

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