Jan 282010

I heard on the radio that people have been trying to contact me, but I know that I’ve not received any messages from them.  If you need to send me an email, send it to van@vanshardware.com.

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    • Chris Pinto and Mike Bennett have know the identity of R.C. Christian for several years. It was the manner in which they uncovered this that led to my falling out with them and to my withdrawal from the documentary. I made a brief announcement regarding my departure from the project at the time.

      Chris contacted me a little over a year ago asking me if I would allow them to use footage with me. He vowed not to leverage the ill gotten information from our key witness, whom I felt strongly that they betrayed. I agreed.

      Some of the footage we captured for the documentary is amazing. I hope Chris maintains his word. We shall see. The documentary has big potential.

      • I just listened to Mike’s interview and it sounds like they did in fact use the footage that identified R.C. Christian, footage they obtained under dubious circumstances during their interview with Wyatt Martin, an interview I set up. I also told them to be sure to ask Mr. Martin to show them his IBM typewriter case full of correspondence with R.C. Christian. I won’t go into more details right now. However, I felt responsible for their betrayal of Mr. Martin’s good will and hospitality. I called Mr. Martin, who had suffered a debilitating stroke only a couple of months prior to the interview, and I told him what Chris and Mike did and I apologized for vouching for them. Sometime after this, Mr. Martin reportedly burned all of the correspondence and dumped the ashes into a lake.

  1. I see … I had a hunch when I posted the link to Corbett’s interview of J. Michael Bennett, above, that you would know more of what I spoke than I did.

    dang …

  2. Please explain to me how someone can be so smart like yourself but at the same time so completely out of your mind? Where did you come up with the Bull Shit that you posted on here? CRAZY is what this mumble jumble is CRAZY.

    • I believe your confusion is a result of the faulty assumption that I am smart. Once you dispel with that misconception, then everything now looks rather silly, doesn’t it?

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